2020 Summer Olympics Officially Postponed

2020 Olympics


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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) made the tough and unprecedented decision on Monday to postpone the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The Olympic Games were set to take place in Tokyo, Japan, but the games will have to wait at least a year.

This is the first time that the Olympics have ever been canceled for something other than the outbreak of war. The Olympics were canceled in 1916, 1940, and 1944, but that was due to World War I and World War II taking place.

The opening ceremony of the 2020 Summer Olympics was scheduled to take place on July 24, and the IOC and the leaders of Japan were hoping that the games could still go through. The reason that the 2020 Summer Olympics is being postponed is due to the coronavirus pandemic that is continuing to affect major countries around the world.

It is unclear when the spread of the virus would slow down, and the IOC felt it was necessary to make an announcement now.

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Despite sports being shut down throughout the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, the IOC announced just last week that there were no discussions around canceling the 2020 Summer Olympics. Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was also adamant that the country could still host the games, and that all of the athletes would be safe.

Peer Pressure

Other countries around the world started to take matters into their own hands, and they put a ton of pressure on the International Olympic Committee. The Canada Olympic Committee announced on Sunday that they would not send their athletes to Tokyo if the games were to be held in July.

Australia told its Olympic athletes to prepare for the games to be held in 2021, a few days before this announcement was made.

The United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee has not made an official announcement, but they have been surveying potential American Olympians over the past few weeks.

The committee surveyed over 4,000 Olympic hopefuls, and close to 70 percent of the athletes supported pushing the games to 2021.

Likely Back In 2021

The International Olympic Committee did not set a new date for the games to take place, but they did say that it would be hosted no later than summer 2021. Early reports have the games taking place almost a year after the original date.

This would allow professional sports leagues from around the world a chance to keep their normal calendars.

The games might be taking place a year later, but they will still be called the 2020 Summer Olympics. The Olympic flame is already in the country of Japan, and it will remain displayed in the city of Fukushima until next year’s opening ceremony.

It wasn’t until on Sunday that the thought of postponing the Summer Olympics was even mentioned by the IOC. The IOC said that they would make a decision in the next four weeks, but they came to their conclusion just one day later.

Prime Minister Abe also played a role in the final decision as he sent an official request to the IOC to postpone the event. Abe felt that the games would not be complete without all of the nations from around the world participating.

Television networks and corporate sponsors are set to lose out on millions of dollars with the postponement of the Olympic Games. None of that compares to the financial impact that will be felt in the country of Japan.

Japan has reportedly spent close to $13 billion on the 2020 Summer Olympics, and they will have to spend more money over the next year to keep their new stadiums ready to go.

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