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DraftKings Sportsbooks is one of the easiest betting sites and apps to withdraw your winnings from. If you have never done it before, you may be wondering how do you make a withdrawal?

DraftKings is well-known globally for its daily fantasy sports (DFS) competitions. Customers regularly sign up with the DraftKings sportsbook so they can bet on their favorite sports and take part in the famous daily fantasy sports contests. However, what happens when you win, and it’s time to access some of your excess money, and you wish to make a DraftKings withdrawal? You may be wondering ‘how does DraftKings payout?DraftKings icon

You will be pleased to discover that making a DraftKings sportsbook withdrawal is a straightforward process. Indeed, a DraftKings withdrawal at the sportsbook is as simple as making a deposit. Creating a DraftKings account, funding that account, and then making a withdrawal request is an efficient process that is crucial for any sports betting site in the United States. You will need to make sure you verify your account before being able to make a withdrawal, and this may require you to send in documents.

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So, you have entered your DraftKings promo code, used your deposit bonus, and now you want to cash out your winnings. This article covers the DraftKings payout structure, how you can access your winnings, and the runs you through the DraftKings withdrawal times.

How To Make Your First DraftKings Withdrawal

The nice part of betting is that moment when you have won, and you come to access the spoils of victory. Making a withdrawal at DraftKings sportsbook is straightforward; you can be set up and make a request with just a few clicks from the ‘my account’ page. Below is a rundown of how this process works.

  1. Log in to your DraftKings account at sportsbook.draftkings.com
  2. Select My Account from the dropdown menu
  3. Select which account to withdraw from (Sports & Casino or DFS)
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, then press continue
  5. Select how you want to receive your winnings
  6. Press the Request Withdrawal button

It’s very easy to withdraw using the above method and this is the same on the mobile app or full site. Please note that the minimum withdrawal amount on the DraftKings sportsbook is $20. The first part of your withdrawal will be paid to the original source used for the deposit, with any surplus funds paid to a method of your choice, such as PayPal or Neteller.

DraftKings sportsbook withdrawal

When your request has been made, DraftKings will send you an official withdrawal confirmation. If you have entered the wrong amount or done something wrong, you can cancel the process. In this instance, make sure you cancel as soon as possible, so the withdrawal does not go through.

DraftKings offers help on its website via a frequently asked questions section. Alternatively, you can email their customer service team via support@draftkings.com.

If you continually face withdrawal problems from the sportsbook at DraftKings, you may also want to read our guide to DraftKings sportsbook alternatives.

DraftKings sportsbook mobile withdrawal

Withdrawal Payment Methods Available at DraftKings Sportsbook

When you would like to begin the process of making a withdrawal from your account, DraftKings will automatically select the payment method that was used when you made your first deposit up to the amount of previous withdrawals. Any funds that are left are then paid via PayPal or Check. DraftKings requests that customers notify them if there have been any changes made to your original credit or debit card, which was initially used to fund your account.

Full list of available deposit options:

  • Bank account
  • Credit & Debit cards
  • Prepaid DraftKings card (Play+)
  • PayPal
  • E-Check
  • Casino cage

You can also check out our guide on using prepaid cards at DraftKings sportsbook. There is no stated DraftKings withdrawal limit; however, make sure you know documentation is needed for large withdrawals.

DraftKings is a very trustworthy and reputable daily fantasy sports website and sportsbook based in the United States. Consequently, players can be safe in the knowledge that they will receive their winnings quickly when it is time to make a withdrawal.

Withdrawal times

DraftKings states on their website that they can process withdrawals Monday to Friday between 9 AM to 5 PM ET. Once the withdrawal request has been processed, it can take anywhere from two to seven business days for the player to receive their money, depending on which payment option was selected. Checks can take longer to send out, typically taking approximately one week to be delivered in the post. Numerous DraftKings players have said they often get their money in a matter of days and sometimes within hours.

We have found it is best to request a withdrawal on a Monday morning. As you can imagine there are a lot of players winning and trying to withdraw over the weekend. If we opted to withdraw on a Monday, funds were normally with us in a couple of banking days.

Withdrawal Method Typical Processing Time
PayPal 3-5 Days
Check See list below
Play+ 2-4 Days
Online Banking 3-5 Days
ACH 3-5 Days
Wire Withdrawal 24-48 Hours
Cage 1 Hour

DraftKings Withdrawal Hold

Once you have put in a request to withdraw your winnings, sometimes this can be placed on hold. Why does DraftKings put a withdrawal on hold? Well, this could be for a number of reasons. It may be that you have recently changed your address, bank details, email or something similar that has triggered a security flag. You may have requested a larger sum that what you normally do, or it may be that your account hasn’t been fully verified.

Always make sure you sign up using the correct details, especially the last 4 digits from your SSN. If there is any details that aren’t correct, this can flag your account and any withdrawals will be placed on hold until the details are confirmed and your account has been successfully verified. This is the case with all operators, not just DK.

Whatever the reason, a hold is normally only temporary, unless you have anything that would give DraftKings a reason to suspend your account. You may need to complete and send in a W9 to the operator for tax purposes and until this has been received, this can also be one of the reasons your withdrawal is on hold.

Paying Taxes On Your Winnings

If you have won big on a daily fantasy sports contest or big bet, and the total money generated is above what has been deposited, these funds are subject to federal taxes in the United States. When you reach $600 in net profit during a calendar year, DraftKings Sportsbook and DFS site is required to issue a 1099 and will be reported to the IRS. Any net profit that falls below the figure of $600 will not be reported.

However, players are still legally required to report this extra income on their taxes. You can use our gambling tax calculator to work out how much tax you will need to pay.


How long does DraftKings withdrawal take?

The DraftKings sportsbook states that once their accounts department has processed your withdrawal, it can take between 2-8 business days for the funds to appear in your PayPal or bank account. Checks can take longer, sometimes up to three weeks. You could do a FanDuel Vs. DraftKings comparison on banking methods if you are unsure of which sportsbook to use.

Why does DraftKings refund my money for withdrawal?

Where possible, DraftKings will first refund any deposits made within the last 90 days. Contact the operator directly if there is a DraftKings sportsbook withdrawal hold.

How Long does DraftKings PayPal withdrawal take?

If you use e-wallets such as PayPal or Neteller, you should receive your money within 2-8 days. Players have reported receiving their funds in a shorter period, sometimes within hours. If there are any DraftKings withdrawal issues in 2021, you can contact the sportsbook directly.