Google Pay Betting Sites & US Sportsbooks

As more bettors in the US move online, operators are always looking at new ways for players to make deposits & withdrawals. There are now a growing number of sportsbooks and betting sites that accept Google Pay in the US.

As online sports betting in the US grows, players have the option of funding their betting account with new and modern methods. If you are a user of online betting sites, you will undoubtedly have come across Venmo sports betting and Skrill among the payment method options available. However, one of the options that has become prominent is Google Pay. A lot of bettors are now searching for sportsbooks accepting Google Pay or Google play betting sites. Ensuring your betting payments are processed quickly and efficiently is crucial, and using Google Pay achieves this.

Google Pay (formerly Android Pay) is an extremely fast and straightforward way to make payments using a mobile device, which people use every day for a wide range of purchases. There are many websites that take Google Pay. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly available as a way to add funds to your wagering account at your favorite online sportsbook. That’s right, Google betting sites and Google pay casinos are now becoming more common.

Google Pay Betting Sites

We cover all of the critical information on this page, including what you can expect from using Google Pay at online sportsbooks. This includes betting sites that accept Google Pay, Google Pay deposits, how to gamble with Google Play credit, Google Pay processing fees, advantages and disadvantages, and more.

If you have ever tapped your phone to grab some snacks in your local store, you’ll know how beneficial Google Pay is. This article covers why Google Pay payments are convenient for online sports betting.

Sportsbooks that accept Google Pay

Although it is growing in popularity, Google Pay betting sites are still not widespread. Suppose your favorite betting site supports Google Pay – fantastic. But if you are looking for new Google Pay sites, you should be aware that you will not have as much choice compared with other payment options.

That being said, there are multiple betting sites in the United States and globally that do let you deposit using Google Pay, and if you already use the service, it makes sense.

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The above sites all accept Google Pay. Each Google Pay betting site will list the cashier section of the platform. Then you simply select Google Play as your chosen payment method, and away you go. As we have mentioned, Google Pay bookmakers are not as common as you might think, but that is changing. For example, you may soon discover Betway Google Pay and other well-known operators accepting the payment option soon.

If you are an existing Google Pay user, you won’t take any convincing. Your Google Pay account will already be created, and no doubt you use it frequently. Additionally, you will already be aware that using the Google Pay app is speedy, secure, and private, all critical factors for your sportsbook banking method. If you have never used it, think of Google Pay as a type of e-wallet, like PayPal, and Neteller. Available on Android phones, it acts and an intermediary between the retailer and your bank card. It is the same as Apple Pay for iPhone users. You can download the Google Pay app from the Google Play Store, which gives you fast access to your Google wallet via your phone.

Sportsbooks accepting Google Pay

Making a deposit or other payments with Google Pay is simple, both to online betting sites and just in everyday life in general. As we will discuss in this article, however, there are a couple of potential drawbacks you should be aware of, too.

Depositing with Google Pay

If you are already an experienced user of Google Pay, you’ll know how easy it is to use. Although some may associate it with tapping your phone to pay for something in a shop, Google Pay is just an excellent all-around option to pay for things online.

If you have already created a Google Pay account, all you need to do is visit the cashier section of your betting site and choose Google Pay from the available deposit options. You will need to enter how much you want to deposit, then confirm your choice.

There are a few ways you can do this. If you are using a mobile device and you have the feature set up, you might be able to use the fingerprint sensor option on your phone, which is great for security. Alternatively, you could enter a confirmation code received via text or email. Once you have completed the confirmation, your funds are added instantly. The whole process usually takes under a minute, making Google Pay one of the fastest deposit options. If you have never used Google Pay before, you will need to complete a couple of extra steps.

You don’t even need to sign up if you are already a Google user with an active Gmail account. You download the app on your mobile and sign in using your Google credentials or search for Google Pay. You will notice the option to “Add a payment method.” Choose this, and then enter your card or card details to save your information for fast access. Whenever you pay for something using Google Pay, it is essentially a card payment through the conduit of Google.

Adding your Visa or Mastercard is really straightforward. Even if you haven’t used Google Pay before, creating your account and funding your sportsbook only takes a few minutes.

Withdrawing with Google Pay

Currently, withdrawals via Google Pay are not available. Consequently, if you use Google Pay to deposit funds, you will need to find a suitable alternative payout method. This could be a bank transfer, a mailed paper check, or via an e-wallet.

It is certainly not ideal that you can’t withdraw using Google Pay. However, this shouldn’t put you off as if there is a convenient alternative method; there is no reason you can’t use it to deposit. It would be beneficial to check out the alternative withdrawal options in advance. This stops the potential issues of not being able to access your cash if you win big and remove any possible anxiety of getting hold of your cash.

Google Pay processing fees

Google Pay is cheap and convenient. Indeed, it’s entirely free for punters to fund their sportsbook accounts using the service most of the time. Betting with Google Pay is like using your debit card or online banking, in that the money comes straight out of your bank account. The big difference is that it comes via Google Pay, so there are no direct transactions between your bank and the operator.

Think of Google Pay as a hub to access your various bank cards or online banking accounts, with the added benefit of it being free to use.

The only scenario in which you may have to pay is if you make a payment via credit card (instead of a debit card or transfer). In that instance, you could pay a commission on the payment of a couple of percent.

Most online sportsbooks don’t charge for Google Pay deposits, which means you can get your account topped up entirely without cost.

Advantages of Google Pay

Using Google Pay to fund your online sports betting account comes with many benefits.

The first and most obvious perk is that it is fast. If it is available, you can guarantee it will be the quickest deposit method at the sportsbook. Topping your account up only takes a couple of clicks, and if you are already signed in to your Google account, it takes seconds to make a deposit.

The next perk is that it’s cheap. Google Pay doesn’t charge anything for using the service or online card payments, and neither do most bookmakers. It is among the cheapest ways to deposit.

Google Pay is also highly safe and secure. Although you are effectively using your bank card to deposit, the transaction is not directly between your bank and the betting site. Instead, Google Pay is the  added layer of security in the middle, and the betting site will never appear on your bank statement. You will always need your passcode to hand to make a Google Pay deposit on your phone.

Finally, Google Pay is very convenient and versatile. There are several sportsbook payment methods that are only used for betting accounts, whereas Google Pay can be used for many things. This includes wireless payments in shops, bars, and restaurants across the world. Additionally, it is well designed and easy to use, thanks to features such as fingerprint identification.

Disadvantages of Google Pay

Every product and service has positives and negatives, which is true of Google Pay. First, it is not available with iPhones or Apple products. The alternatives for those products are Apple Pay. To be honest, most of the drawbacks of Google Pay are around availability, and the fact it is a direct competitor of Apple means a lot of people can’t use it.

Along the same lines, Google Pay is not widely available at online gambling sites. Although it is versatile in terms of where you can use it, you are still more likely to see e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller as options than Google Pay.

Also, you cannot use Google Pay to withdraw. When people sign up to betting sites and claim their free bets offer or set their bet credits stake, they like to use the same method to deposit and withdraw. If you use Google Pay to deposit, you must choose another method to withdraw.


Can you use Google Pay for gambling?

Yes, using Google Pay to deposit at your favorite betting site is safe, easy, and convenient. When you have found a site that accepts Google Pay, head to the cashier section and select Google Pay from the list of options. Then enter the amount you wish to deposit and confirm.

Does FanDuel accept Google Pay?

Currently, FanDuel does not accept Google Pay as a payment option. This may change in the future so check back on this page for the latest updates.