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Betway Parlay Club

What is the Betway Parlay Club and how can it benefit you as a sports bettor? On this page, we will look at what the Betway Parlay Club can offer you and why it is worth snapping up any promotions offered through the club.

Since first launching in 2006, Betway has become a giant of the gambling industry. Commonly recognized as a household name within the UK betting scene and across many different parts of the world, Betway is now available to bettors in eight states across America and has a presence in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

By providing a fantastic variety of bonus bets and daily offers, Betway has developed a fantastic reputation for value. One of Betway’s best incentives is the Betway Parlay Club. The Betway Parlay Club provides customers with the opportunity to receive $10 in bonus bets each week. Easy to use and register for, we reveal everything you need to know about the Betway Parlay Club below.

Bet $50 Get a $200 Bonus Bet

How Does the Betway Parlay Club Work?

The Betway Parlay Club is a free incentive open to both new and existing Betway customers.

A weekly promotion, participating Betway Parlay Club bettors can win a weekly free $10 if they stake a minimum of $25 on Parlay bets containing three or more selections.

The parlay bets that are placed can consist of selections from the same sport or include selections from across the entire Betway sportsbook.

Do I Need to Enter a Betway Promo Code?

There is no need to enter a promotion code to take advantage of the Betway Parlay Club.

Heavily promoted across the Betway homepage on both desktop and mobiles, the Parlay Club can be accessed via both the main banners at the top of the page as well as via the navigation bar on the left hand side.

Once you have opened up the Betway Parlay Club, you will be prompted to provide an opt in. Once you have decided to opt in, your registration will be completed. It literally takes seconds to join!

Although the Betway Parlay Club refreshes weekly, the single opt in will ensure that you can take advantage of the promotion each week. There is no need to complete a separate opt in each and every week.

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Betway Parlay Club Promo Details

As mentioned at the top of the article, The Betway Parlay Club is so simple to take advantage of.

All that is needed for the $10 bonus bet to be won is for $25 to be staked each week on either one parlay bet or a combination of smaller parlay bets.

In order for bets to count towards the Betway Parlay Club, there must be at least three selections staked – the betting odds for the parlay bet must equate to +200. Any bets involving less than three teams / players won’t be counted or any bets less than +200 won’t qualify.

The incentive runs weekly from Saturday to Saturday with the $25 minimum needing to be placed within this period.

The Betway Parlay Club has a brilliant tracking system that allows you to see how much you have staked and how close to the $25 limit you are. The tracker will clearly tell you how much time you have left to hit the goal. If you meet the $25 limit, your bonus bet will be awarded the following Monday and will comprise of two separate $5 bets on the house.

How to Qualify

There are no limitations or exclusions as to who can take advantage of the Betway Parlay club. As long as you are registered with Betway you can opt in and become a member of the Betway Parlay club.

Not sure how to place a parlay bet on Betway? We have you covered.

How to Place a Parlay Bet on Betway?

Placing a parlay bet on Betway couldn’t be easier.

  1. Find the sport that you would like to bet on. In this example we will make selections from the next Women’s World Cup.
  2. When locating the soccer section, you will see a list of all of the valid matches that you can bet on. As the Betway Parlay Club requires at least three selections, we know we need to pick at least three outcomes.
  3. For the purpose of this bet we will back Norway to beat New Zealand, Canada to beat Nigeria and Australia and Ireland to draw.
  4. Once the odds have been selected you will see these three teams will be added to your bet slip. Select the ‘Parlay’ option at the top of your bet slip and you will then see your odds.
  5. Once happy with your odds, you need to select your stake. Any value up to $25 will contribute towards meeting the $25 requirement as long as the odds are bigger than +200.
  6. When your bet is placed, the amount staked will be added to the Betway Parlay Club total. You can view your progress in the Betway Parlay Club tracker.

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Betway Parlay Club Restrictions & Rules

Below is a breakdown of the restrictions and rules that you need to be aware of when participating in the Betway Parlay Club.

  • The only way the $10 in bonus bets can be won is if you stake $25 on parlay bets. These bets must have been placed and settled within a weekly time period running from Saturday 00:00 ET and the following Friday 23:59 ET. The Betway Parlay Club will reset weekly every Saturday.
  • A parlay bet must contain at least three selections in your bet slip. Three is the minimum amount of selections required, you can add more than three teams to your bet if you so wish.
  • There is no limit on the amount of qualifying bets you can place in order to meet the $25 limit. You can place one parlay bet covering the $25 requirement, or place several different parlay bets that when added up contribute towards the $25 total.
  • Regardless of the amount of bets you place – your parlay odds must be more than +200. If the combined odds are smaller, your bet won’t qualify towards the Betway Parlay Club.
  • A parlay bet can consist of teams from the same sport or include teams from other different sports. If your parlay bet has four selections – three teams from the NFL and one team from the Premier League, this is completely fine. It is also fine if the selections just come from the same sport or competition.
  • Same game parlays, or live betting parlays won’t qualify for the Betway Parlay Club.
  • If the $25 minimum is achieved, the $10 bonus bet will be awarded on the Monday after the qualifying week has ended. The $10 will consist of two $5 smaller bets.

Other Betway Bonuses

As well as the Betway Parlay Club, Betway offers many other different promotions and bonuses.

New customers can take advantage of Betways welcome bonus that will see up to $250 returned if the first bet placed loses. There is no Betway promo code required for this welcome bonus to be activated.

Betway boosts and daily odds boosts are often applied to some of their most popular outright and spread markets. Betway will also run promotional features related to particular MLB and NFL games, where insurance bets will be awarded if a particular player scores a homerun or touchdown.

Keep an eye out for all of the latest promotions and offers by clicking the link at the top of the Berway homepage.

Betway Bonuses

Bet $50 Get a $200 Bonus Bet


What is the Betway Parlay Club?

The Betway Parlay Club is a free weekly promotion where customers can win a $10 bonus bet if $25 is wagered on parlay betting markets throughout the week. Open to both new and existing customers, a single opt in is required to become a Betway Parlay Club member.

How do you place parlay bets on Betway?

Open across Betway’s entire sportsbook, you can place a parlay bet by adding more than two selections into a bet. Doing this will unlock the parlay section within the Betway bet slip. By clicking the parlay section at the top of the bet slip you will see your selections and the odds that your parlay bet will return.