Riversweeps Casino Bonus Codes February 2023


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Jan 31, 2023

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Riversweeps Bonus Codes

In the US, sweepstakes casinos are all the rage. Though while some like WOW Vegas and Fortune Coins lead the way with their awesome bonuses, great customer support, and terrific selection of games β€” other sweepstakes sites tend to lag behind. In this guide, we’ll be reviewing Riversweeps to see where they stack up with the big names.

Riversweeps is weird. If you’ve read any of our guides before, this is usually the part where we’d give you a quick breakdown of the casino site, and a glimpse into the bonuses you can look forward to. But with Riversweeps, everything is kept on the down-low. Bonuses are hidden in private groups, signing up is bizarrely done through Facebook messenger, and with customer support β€” it’s a real lottery as to whether or not they will be able to help. So if you just want to know if Riversweeps is worth your time, the answer is a resounding “No”.

However, for those still interested, this guide will take you through Riversweeps bonuses.

πŸ“œRiversweeps Casino Promo Codes
🎁No-Deposit BonusNone
πŸ’΅First Purchase BonusVaries From Vendor To Vendor
🎰Free Spins BonusNone

Bonus Codes to get free spins, free credits, and sweepstakes no deposit bonuses on registration are listed below. You can consider these sites as alternatives to Riversweeps, with better bonuses and more games.

573 ratings
No Deposit 5,000 WOW coins & 1 SC
  • No purchase required for players that register
  • Massive first purchase bonus
  • Games from reputable developers
1150 ratings
Play For Fun, With 200% Bonus
  • Play roulette, blackjack & slots
  • Win amazing Gold Coin jackpots
1271 ratings
Play Slots For Fun, With 800+ Free Fortune Coins!
  • Real cash redemptions
  • Huge array of free slots
754 ratings
10GC & 1 Stake Cash No Deposit Bonus
  • Only legal crypto gambling site in the US
  • Stellar range of slots, including Stake Originals
  • RNG and Provably Fair Games

Riversweeps Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Due to sweeps cash casinos in the US operating under the “sweepstakes model”, all sites must abide by the “no purchase necessary” requirement. This means no deposit bonuses are offered by all legitimate sweepstakes casinos giving new users free money.

RiverSweeps New Year is Coming

Riversweeps claims to follow this; however, there’s no evidence to support their claim. While through my research I did find numerous mentions of a free $10 play for Riversweeps, I didn’t find any of the official Riversweeps pages confirming this information β€” as such, it’s unlikely that they still offer this. So while you may be on the hunt for a “free $10 play for riversweeps” the reality of finding a working offer such as this will be slim,

So what does that mean for players looking for free credits at Riversweeps? Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that there is a Riversweeps no-deposit promo code. And while we did find some users on Facebook claiming that they offered some sort of Riversweeps no deposit bonus code, the comments of these posts were filled with people claiming that it was a scam.

What is the Riversweeps First Purchase Bonus?

First purchase bonuses at sweepstakes sites are commonplace, with virtually all reputable online casinos offering a bonus when you make an initial deposit. We expect Riversweeps to be the same.

However, there’s no evidence of this on any of their official pages. The Riversweeps’ official Facebook page does run a separate private group where they claim to offer bonuses.

River Sweepstakes Promo Group

However, three days after I submitted a request to join it, they still haven’t gotten back to me. So while I’m sure they do offer some sort of first purchase bonus, I can’t say for sure what it is.

How to use the Riversweeps Free Bonus Money Codes

Due to the inactivity of the Riversweeps’ Facebook page as well as the general shadiness of their brand, I personally decided not to sign up with Riversweeps.

But speaking to members that did, I have confirmed that there is a welcome bonus for bonus credit and bonus play when you make your first deposit at Riversweeps. So in this section, we’ll go step by step through how to sign up and get your bonus.

  1. Navigate to the official Riversweeps Facebook page, one of their online vendors, or one of their physical vendors, and message/tell them that you wish to sign up.
  2. Give them all the requested information and wait for them to manually verify your ID. After which, they’ll give you a 12-digit pin to log on the Riversweeps Casino app.
  3. After confirming your account, you’ll be able to look for a promo. The best way to get a first purchase promo or discount is to speak with your vendor or try and join the River Sweepstakes Promo group on Facebook. From my research, it doesn’t appear that Riversweeps has a reward code system, so regardless of how you get your promo, you’ll need to message either Riversweeps or your vendor to claim it.
  4. Since there isn’t a confirmed no deposit/no purchase sign-up promo code, you’ll now need to deposit funds (likely via Cash App). After which, your first purchase bonus should appear in your account.

An important thing to remember is that while the above has worked for some people, Facebook is littered with many users claiming that they deposited and either didn’t receive their bonus or any of their funds. Our advice is to not play at Riversweeps. However, if you decide to go ahead, we recommend you only deposit a few bucks at the start so that you confirm whether or not your vendor is legitimate.

Further, a published terms & conditions page for bonuses doesn’t exist as far as I can tell. So when claiming a bonus, you should always speak to your vendor to try and get as much information as possible regarding the terms of your bonus.

In Which States is the Riversweeps Bonus Code Valid?

Traditionally Washington and Idaho are the two states that don’t allow sweepstakes casinos. This should be true with Riversweeps. But with the shadiness of this casino, it wouldn’t shock me if this isn’t the case. Like most things about Riversweeps, this information isn’t easily accessible. I found an FAQ section that included the question, “Are sweepstakes software games legal in my state?”

But the answer was the unhelpful “Almost every state in the United States allows Sweepstakes Promotions.” To better understand specific promotions, your best bet would be to speak with your vendor.

Riversweeps Casino Reward Codes and Free Credits for Existing Players

If you’re an existing customer at Riversweeps, there are a couple of loyalty rewards that you can look forward to. Some of these will vary based on who and where you signed up, but others are universal and will apply to any existing player who has made a deposit.

While different RSweeps vendors may claim they offer things like referral programs, in this section, we’ll only cover bonuses that are listed on the Riversweeps site.

Daily Free Entries Wheel Spin

The daily wheel spin gives existing users the chance to spin the wheel and win up to 5,000 free entries ($50). It sounds good. But unsurprisingly, there are some caveats. First, you must have wagered at least $100; secondly, the wheel spin is only available if you have deposited in the last three days.

RiverSweeps Daily Free Entry Wheel

That still sounds pretty good. However, reports from existing players indicate that the wheel is rigged, and while it’s commonplace for people who lose when they play online casino games to complain that it’s rigged β€” with Riversweeps Casino, these claims may be true.

Cashback Wheel Spin

The cashback wheel spin is only available when you reach zero entries. Once that happens, you’ll be prompted to spin the cashback wheel, where you’ll have the chance to win 5-25% of your lost balance.

RiverSweeps Cashback Wheel

Casino cashback offers are always good. So credit where credit’s due β€” I’m quite the fan of this promo, and with significantly fewer people claiming that this wheel is rigged, it’s one of the few legitimate highlights of Riversweeps free money bonus codes.

Personal Promotional Bonuses

While the personal promotional bonus might not sound that interesting on the surface, what it suggests is very interesting. While vendors may claim that they are unable to offer promo bonuses, the official Riversweeps site states that all vendors are able to create tailor-made promotions for individual players whenever the vendor chooses. So if you do decide to play at Riversweeps, it might be worth haggling for bigger promotions.

Of course it’s important to keep in mind that anything too good to be true probably is β€” and there’s nothing stopping a vendor from promising a 100% deposit bonus, and then running away with your money.

Our team has reviewed several sweepstakes casinos, and quite a few are associated with Riversweeps. This means you can play RSweeps casino games on any gaming vendor and rip their bonus codes and free credit bonuses. It’s important to note that most of these are also shady. Check our dedicated pages to learn more (although the alternatives we have listed in the beginning of this page are legit and far better):

Free Spins Promo Codes

All research suggests that Riversweeps do not offer a free spins promotion. As mentioned in the above section, bonuses are decided on the vendor level, with Riversweeps themselves having no control. Though while vendors can offer deposit bonuses, there is no evidence to suggest that they have the ability to offer a free spins bonus.

So even if you’re a regular β€” don’t expect any sort of Riversweeps free spins existing customers bonus or be fooled by Facebook images announcing special bonus codes.

Riversweeps Free Money & Cheat Codes Reddit

While Facebook is the primary site to find a vendor, there are some Reddit users who claim to offer free money bonuses and Riversweeps cheat codes. Reddit is notoriously unreliable regarding promo codes, with many of their codes expiring regularly. And with Riversweeps, it’s the same case. I wouldn’t suggest signing up via any vendors that you find on Reddit. Though then again, I wouldn’t suggest you sign up with Riversweeps at all.

An important point to note is that there are no Riversweeps cheat codes, and if a vendor claims that they’ll offer you a cheat code if you deposit with them, it’s definitely a scam.

Riversweeps Casino Standout Features

As already mentioned, finding information on Riversweeps is difficult. But in this section, we’ll be giving an overview of three of the most important categories of any sweepstakes casino.

🎰Riversweeps Overview
πŸ›οΈParent CompanyUnknown
🎲Gaming Library70+
πŸ“±Compatible On Mobile Devices?Yes
πŸ“±Riversweeps AppsAPK for Android
🎰Alternative CasinosWOW Vegas
Fortune Coins

Sweepstake Casino Games

riversweeps casino games

When judging casino games at a sweepstakes site, there are three things we look for. Variety of game types, number of games, and quality of games.

With Riversweeps, we know they have 70+ games available, mainly in the form of slotsΒ and keno and fish table games β€” which are further separated into three categories. No-Chance Games, Skill Games, and Class II Bingo. If these terms are unfamiliar to you, you’re not alone. But to give a brief summary, Skill Games work similar to traditional slot games, No-Chance Games allow you to know the results of your next spin before you do it, and Class II Bingo works the same as normal slots β€” though with different math going on behind the scenes.

None of the above is a problem as it doesn’t affect the overall profitability of a game. What does affect the profitability of a game though is its RTP (Return To Player). And in this area, Riversweeps again falls behind as this information is unknown. Usually, in this case, we’d send a few members of our expert team to play the games so that they could come up with their own estimates, but due to the shadiness of Riversweeps Casino, we can’t do that.

However, given that the Cashback Wheel Spin can award up to 25% of your losses back to you, it’s very difficult to imagine that the collective RTP of their games is above 75%.

Accessibility & Software

Typically when reviewing a casino for accessibility and software, what we’re looking for is how accessible it is on mobile devices. Here, Riversweeps does a good job.

RiverSweeps Slot

Available on both Android and iOS devices, Riversweeps works well on pretty much all devices, with the only main issue being that Android won’t be able to find it on the Google Play Store and will instead need to download the .apk file to install it manually. Though while Riversweeps may be accessible for mobile devices compared to computers and laptops β€” it’s still important to remember that Riversweeps in general, isn’t very accessible.

Legitimate RSweeps vendors are difficult to find. And even if you do find one, registration is needlessly complicated, taking over 24 hours to complete on average. Customer support is poor, with the FAQ section being broken and full of dead links.

Finally, rather than having a singular site β€” Riversweeps spreads out its limited information across four different sites. So while the mobile app is good, everything else is below par.

Banking Options

With Riversweeps not offering a no-deposit bonus, the only way to claim a potential bonus will be to deposit. Since Riversweeps operates off the vendor model, banking options will vary based on your vendor.

Cash App is the preferred method for redemption and depositing. Though I did see some vendors claiming that they would accept Bitcoin. Ultimately, banking options will vary from vendor to vendor. For those who decide to go ahead, here is a guide on how Cash App gambling works on Riversweeps.

Alternative Online Sweepstakes Casino Bonuses to Riversweeps

573 ratings
No Deposit 5,000 WOW coins & 1 SC
  • No purchase required for players that register
  • Massive first purchase bonus
  • Games from reputable developers
1150 ratings
Play For Fun, With 200% Bonus
  • Play roulette, blackjack & slots
  • Win amazing Gold Coin jackpots
1271 ratings
Play Slots For Fun, With 800+ Free Fortune Coins!
  • Real cash redemptions
  • Huge array of free slots
754 ratings
10GC & 1 Stake Cash No Deposit Bonus
  • Only legal crypto gambling site in the US
  • Stellar range of slots, including Stake Originals
  • RNG and Provably Fair Games

While I disagree with many people who say that Riversweeps is an outright scam, I do believe that the vendor business model they use makes it very easy for scammers to trick players. Further, even if you find a legit vendor and get through the difficult registration, the casino just isn’t that good.

Instead, I recommend the following sites, which all offer free money just for signing up.

  • WOW Vegas β€” Despite having only launched in 2022, WOW Vegas has already cemented itself as a favorite among serious sweepstakes casino players. With over 300 games, great customer support, and a welcome bonus 0f 5,000 WOW coins and 1 SC for free just for signing up, WOW Vegas embodies everything great about sweepstakes casinos. But what really makes WOW Vegas stand above other sites on this list is with its giveaways. Because WOW Vegas is still relatively unknown to the average player, their near-daily social media giveaways are noncompetitive β€” and for smart players, you can look forward to winning them pretty regularly. This is time sensitive though. As WOW Vegas inevitably becomes more mainstream, these competitions will become harder to win β€” so it’s crucial that you sign up quickly to get maximum value.
  • Fortune Coins β€” While WOW Vegas is more suited towards more serious players, Fortune Coins has found a home with its recreational player base that’s more interested in playing fun and unique games. Emily’s Treasure stands alone as the number one real money fish game. And if you’ve never tried multiplayer fish, this is one game you must try out for yourself. Even better β€” for new players who sign up via our links, you can look forward to a free no deposit bonus of 140,000 gold coins and 500 Fortune Coins.
  • Pulsz Casino β€” A mainstay on pretty much everyone’s list of their favorite sweepstakes sites, Pulsz has earned its place at the pinnacle of sweepstakes casinos. And it’s no wonder why. While casinos like WOW Vegas and Stake.us both offer slots from mainstream developers, the very first sweepstakes casino to do it was Pulsz. Plus, with over 150,000 followers on Facebook β€” you know you can trust them. Even better though, if you sign up via our links, you’ll get a welcome bonus of 2 free SC, plus 5,000 gold coins.


Is Riversweeps a Scam?

Probably not. While the vendor system used by Riversweeps makes it very easy for scammers to steal your money, the site itself isn't a scam. And while the lack of transparency shown in all areas by Riversweeps is shady, there isn't enough evidence to suggest that they're a scam. With that being said, we strongly recommend that you don't play at Riversweeps or deposit money to redeem bonus codes.

How Long Do Bonus Funds Take to Arrive on Riversweeps?

They should appear instantly. Unfortunately though, this isn't always the case β€” and many users have reported significant delays, with others reporting that they never received their bonus funds.

How to Redeem the Riversweeps Promo Code?

Since Riversweeps bonuses are handed out by individual vendors, you'll need to contact your vendor and follow whatever steps they provide to redeem them.

How to Win Free Spins on Riversweeps Casino?

Riversweeps does not offer any sort of free spins or free games bonus. As such, the only way to play slots at Riversweeps is to deposit and spin with your own money. A few reports suggest free credits become available in their Riversweeps account daily, but this is not universal.

Is There a Way to Get Riversweeps Free Credits?

No. Riversweeps does not offer any way for users to get free credit or free play in any form. Any vendors suggesting otherwise on Facebook are most likely scammers, and as such, you should take what they're saying with a grain of salt.

Are There Alternatives to Riversweeps?

Yes. There are many sweepstakes casinos that are fully transparent and offer great no deposit bonuses. Our favorite is WOW Vegas, though sites like Fortune Coins and sites like Pulsz are also very good.

How Often Does Riversweeps Offer Coupon Codes?

Riversweeps themself do not offer coupon codes. Instead promos are decided by individual vendors and are handed out whenever they want. While this does mean that legitimate vendors can offer regular promotions, it also means that scammers can come up with better promos to try and trick you β€” and since there's no way to tell the two apart, it'll be a crap shoot as to whether you get a bonus or scammed.

No Deposit 5,000 WOW coins & 1 SC

No Deposit 5,000 WOW coins & 1 SC

Get Bonus