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Best Casino Games for Beginners

Learning new casino games can be daunting, especially if you are nervous about losing money when playing unfamiliar games for the first time. However, on this page we will run you through the top casino games for newbies and how you can ease into them at the top online casinos.

New to playing casino games online? You are probably wondering where to start. We have put this guide together on the best casino games for beginners specifically for you!

When choosing casino games and sportsbook bets, some people choose more risky ones like horse racing and bonus buy slots, while others prefer a more slow-paced strategy-like game such as blackjack or poker. Casinos have several fascinating games, with a lot of money to win and plenty of fun. Both factors require an in-depth understanding of the game you are betting on; otherwise, losing and feeling disappointed and confused is more likely.

If you will soon pass through a casino’s doors for the first time or plan to play casino games online, feeling overwhelmed is understandable.

We live and breathe casino games, so we have prepared some tips to help you choose the best casino games for beginners. With some basic understanding of every gambling option, this page will help you choose between the easiest casino games and the ones to avoid. As a bonus, we will also provide you with the games that come with the best and worst odds, so you can see how much value for money and risk is associated with each type of game.

Online Slot Machines

selection of online slots

One of the most popular casino games for beginners is slots. They are the easiest game to start with, being random and requiring no actual player skill, with a few simple steps standing between you and winning.

Players must begin the game, bet the desired amount, and hit the spin button. The slot machine does the rest. When the reels stop spinning after a short animation, you will know whether you won or lost.

TipUnderstanding how much you bet each spin (Total Bet) is essential. Particularly, the overall stake size may be considerably more than anticipated if you don’t understand the paylines and bet per payline amounts. The reels will be spinning several times every minute, so an overall stake size that might initially appear minor could eventually count up to a considerable amount. As a rough guide, never bet more than 1% of your initial bankroll per spin or even lower when playing the newer, riskier slots.

Online slot machines are luck-based, and each round is determined by a random software called RNG (Random Number Generator). As a new player, you must repeat the above steps; set your bet, hit the play button, wait for the outcome, and repeat.

Playing free slots at an online casino is an excellent way to get started, as it will help you understand why and how you have won on a particular spin. Some games payout for matching three symbols on a line, while others are more complicated. Beginners should take baby steps, starting with the simplest form of slot games, the 3-reelers. Understand paylines, how they work, and the unique bonus symbols and features that are key elements to these machines.

Slot machines date back to the 1890s, and modern games look more like video games than slot machines. Each game follows distinct winning patterns with varying payouts. Regarding winning probabilities, slots are the tightest online casino game (house edge), but modern-day online slots still have very competitive RTP (Return To Player) values. Reading the rules and betting cautiously is the best way to start as a newbie.

Despite their drawbacks and simplicity, the winning potential in online slots cannot be matched by any other simple or advanced casino game, slots in general have a much higher variance and volatility than traditional table games such as roulette and blackjack.

Video Roulette

video roulette netent

You must have heard the term roulette at least once in your life. The most exciting and older wheel-based game has inspired several modern variations. Some countries have even produced their own versions of roulette, with European, American, and French Roulette being the most popular.

Although many players would disagree with our premise that roulette suits casino rookies, we have a case to make.

At first glance, the roulette table provides a lot of information to digest – so many numbers, colors, columns, and rows. This shouldn’t discourage you. The actual game is pretty simple, so we rate it among the best casino games for beginners. Video Roulette also has one of the best house edges of any game at the casino, meaning that your return is consistent over time, given the low volatility of this game.

Players must try to predict the number the ball will eventually land after the wheel stops spinning and the ball settles. In most variants of this game, there are 36 numbers and a zero or a double zero. Players can either bet on a single number or more, guessing the exact spot. This bet is the easiest to make but the hardest to win. A better alternative is to bet on the color (red or black), number quality (evens or odds), or value (small or high numbers). These bets are easier to win, with near 50/50 odds.

TipThe zeros in the video roulette game highlight the casino’s edge over the players. If you bet $5 on red and there were no zeros – your winning chances would be 50/50. The presence of one zero in European Roulette and two zeroes in American Roulette illustrate the casino’s edge over players.

The less likely a bet will be realized, the higher its payout. However, as a beginner, you should avoid risky bets, such as betting on straight numbers. Follow the below steps to get started and get a feeel of the game:

  1. Enter the virtual or move towards the actual roulette table.
  2. Exchange your money for chips; online, this happens automatically.
  3. Decide the value of each chip; if you are betting outside of the table (red/black, even/odds, small/high), a minimum of $5 is required.
  4. Wait for the next round to start. Then, you will have approximately 30 seconds to move the chips to the desired betting spot. The dealer will close any additional bets when the counter is down to 10.
  5. Now, you wait for the outcome of the round. And repeat.

If it doesn’t sound complicated or complex, it is because it’s not. Playing roulette as a beginner is simple, just don’t get carried away and bet too much. You can employ many strategies and tactics once you have a firm understanding of the game, but when starting out, keep the strategy basic and learn all the various bets on offer in this classic table game.

Video Poker Games

video poker game all aces poker

You might have seen the casino card game at your local casino or at the popular TV shows where players wear sunglasses and try to keep a straight face.

The World Series of Poker and movies like The Gambler popularized online poker. As a result, many players enjoy it today, although it is not the primary option for beginners.

DisclaimerBy no means are we suggesting you should sign up for the next poker tournament as a beginner. Poker is a less luck-based and more skilled-based game. However, there are simple versions of poker that any casino rookie could learn and play as a beginner.

Before you start betting on online or mobile video poker, it is crucial to understand the values and rankings of each hand. If you are playing three-card poker, you will be dealt three cards. In five-card poker, the dealer will provide you with five cards, etc. In each round, you aim to make the best card combination by leaving cards on the table and drawing new cards. Hitting two jacks or a better score is enough to get you a payout.

Players can bet all sorts of amounts in video poker, starting from as low as $0.50 per round. The odds are near even for the casino and players, setting online video poker as one of the best table games for beginners.

TipPlaying poker sounds and is simple, but there are many versions of the games available. A perfect card combination in one version might not mean much in another. To be safe, try the demo version and read the rules of your selected variants. After a few free hands, you should be set for success.

Video Baccarat

online baccarat netent

One of the oldest games in casino history that has roots in the aristocratic France of the late 15th century was first called Baccarat en Banque and Chemin de fer. Today, it has been simplified to baccarat.

It’s a relatively easy casino game with a low house edge, which means the player has a better chance of winning. Players can bet on three outcomes, the player, the dealer, and a tie. These three options are clearly illustrated in the baccarat table.

Two hands are dealt at the start of each round, one for the banker and the dealer. The bets are placed before the action unfolds, so there is not much to do except wait and watch for the follow-up cards. The side that comes closer to 9 wins and the payouts are handled by the dealer. If both hands are of equal value, the outcome is a tie.

Note: Unlike other games for beginners, aces count as one in baccarat, and the tens and picture cards count as zero; only the single-digit cards count normally.

The baccarat rules are very straightforward and shouldn’t discourage you. It is a simple card game once you get a grip on it. The combination of simple bets, little action, and fair odds set baccarat as an excellent choice for every beginner.

As most other games highlighted, there are different online baccarat app versions. If you have mini-baccarat and midi-baccarat to choose from, select the latter. It is slower-paced and more suited for rookies.

Video Blackjack

classic video blackjack

Blackjack is, for many, the favorite casino game. It has no complicated rules to start with, so players often choose this table game to start their gambling journey.

At the start of every round, each player is dealt one card and the dealer two cards (the one hidden); The goal is to draw a total of 21 in your hand without exceeding that number.

Picture cards count as 10, and single-digit cards count at face value. Aces act like jokers and can be valued as either 1 or 11. This game involves continuous action based on the active cards, with the following options being available during each round:

  1. Start by summing up your cards; if the number is low, you can ask for a hit, and the dealer will hand you another card.
  2. The goal is for the sum of your hand to be greater than the dealer’s without going over 21; if this happens, you lose the round.
  3. Every player can draw additional cards or pass. When all players go bust, hit 21, or pass, the dealer will unveil their hidden card and either win or take additional cards until the outcome is settled.

What makes blackjack appealing to most gamblers is its extremely low house edge. Online casinos do not depend on this game to profit in the short run. On top of that, when you get the hang of it, you will be able to make more informed decisions at each round and increase your winning chances. Luck remains central to the card game but can only take you so far.

RememberThe outlined process applies to classic blackjack. There are games like Android Blackjack Dragon Bonus that provide alternative payouts, more bets, and varying winning odds. As a new player, stick with the original version since it is the simplest to play.

Casino Games with the Lowest House Edge

The odds of each casino game will vary according to the selected variant and bet placed. Even some online slots come with varying RTP depending on the betting options or stake value. When playing the safest bets, which is always advised as a beginner, these are the odds on all outlined games:

🏠Casino Games House Edge
Slot Machines8% - 1% / 4% (Average)
Baccarat1.06% (Banker Bet) – 1.24% (Player Bet)
Craps0% - 16.67%
Roulette2.70% (European) – 5.26% (American)
Pai Gow Poker1.46%
Progressive Jackpot12% (Average)
Live Game Shows5% (Average)

TipCasino bonuses are regularly offered to new players. These can help you increase your available balance and therefore reduce the edge or even turn the odds in your favor! Do not get discouraged that the value is always negative. No online casino is in the business of losing money, but the edge will mainly apply when betting for extended periods.

Casino Games to Avoid as a Beginner

There is nothing wrong with going to a casino with a low budget and playing the game that you enjoy the most. After all, you are there for the thrill, and if you lose, you can see it as the price you paid for one incredible night out!

Above, we highlighted the better games for beginners and those with the lowest house edges. However, it’s also important to point out the most intimidating ones with the worst odds, so you are not impressed by the flashy and crowded tables and make the wrong choice.


Craps - Worst Game for Beginners

Craps is a game that can raise adrenaline levels high; from the streets of London and New Orleans, where the game first appeared, you can now find it in every casino.

The are several reasons to skip the craps table. Firstly, there are too few craps tables in land-based casinos, which are always packed. Placing your bets is a challenge in itself.

People cheering and watching your bet and roll the dice might appear exciting in the movies, but you will recall our tip when you first lay your eyes on the craps table. There is nothing more intimidating than the craps board, filled with countless different bets.

To learn how to play this table game, you will need weeks or even months of practice, so it is better to avoid it altogether as a newcomer to the casino.

Live Game Shows

Live dealer games

Although live casino games are exciting and provide you a real casino feel from home, live game shows are better to be avoided. As a new player, of course, they have a lot to offer if you know how they work.

At first glance, a live game show might resemble an actual TV show you know and love. Do not rush to join, though. They look the same, but they involve a lot of actions, side bets, different outcomes, and additional bets as the game progresses. Read our Sweet Bonanza CandyLand review, and you will get the idea.

Most players do not even know what they are betting, draining their balance without actually enjoying the rounds. It is better to stick with the more straightforward games covered above until you fully understand how casino games work.

Progressive Jackpots

Jackpot Slots - Terrible game for beginners

A lot of gamblers are seduced by the idea of progressive jackpots. These games have a grand prize that grows in value with every bet made, making it an attractive dream for anyone lucky enough to win it. Players have scored over $30 million from a single spin, betting less than $10 per round.

As tempting as winning those massive jackpots sounds, their edge is even lower than standard slot machines. In some cases, players will even be required to bet the maximum to qualify. If you are already aware of RTP and how it works, then make sure to read through the game instructions to discover how much of the stated RTP is when the jackpot is included, along with how much of a contribution you are making to the jackpot values too. RTP contributions towards the jackpot can be in the region of 6-10%, which is a sizeable portion of a slot’s overall RTP which, in reality, most players will never win.

We will not be there to stop you, but we suggest listening to our advice and leaving these games for later on.

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We have you covered if you feel ready to begin with, any of the outlined gaming options for beginners.

Going to the casino can be fun, but it is not really convenient. Online casinos were only recently legalized in the USA, making betting easier for anyone. As a beginner, you will feel much safer playing from your living room, spending time reading the rules, and getting slowly into action.

To get started, you can tap on any of the above casino links and join one of the safest online casino apps in the US. These operators should sound familiar, as they run the most prominent land-based casinos in the country. You can follow the below steps to create an account and get started.

Getting Started with Real Money Casino Games

Joining and playing at an online casino is very easy. The above links will take you where you should be. Then, you must create an account using the registration area. A few personal details will be required, and a verification link will then be sent to your email. The whole process will not last over a few minutes.

New players will also qualify for promotions when they sign up on selected operators. This is what the above banners highlight, so you can either read our reviews of each operator or use these as a way to make up your mind.

After going through the above, you will be met with all the casino games covered on this page and more.

Signing up as a new player

Casino Games Tips and Beginners Strategies

The outlined gaming options and casino apps are ideal for players of all levels. By making the proper game selection and placing straightforward bets, playing at the casino should be easy. Before you begin, let us reveal some essential tips we have come up with during our long-standing casino experience:

Practice in Demo Mode

Online casinos that are legally operating in the US must provide a demo version of their games. Using this feature is essential as a beginner to help you learn the rules and familiarize yourself with the available betting options, bonus rounds, and extra features.

Select Casino Games with the Best Odds

Although the odds might take a long time to play out in practice, selecting games with the highest winning possibilities is always smart. Even when playing slots, you should select games with higher RTPs. For instance, beginners should avoid 92% RTP slots and select titles with better value; Mega Joker, Ugga Bugga, and Blood Suckers are among the highest RTP slots in any online casino.

Read the Payouts and Rules

Table games require some basic knowledge to start playing. We have done our best to highlight the first steps you must take to bet on each game as a beginner, but there is nothing wrong with reading their rule books. After you launch the game, they can be accessed using the ‘i’ function.

Set a Bankroll Management Strategy

Online casinos cater to players of all bankroll levels. Many choose to go to the casino with $20 and win, while others bet thousands during every round. As a beginner, you should not spend more than you are comfortable losing.

However, to get the most out of each gaming session, you should also avoid betting over 1% of your total starting bankroll. Using this strategy, you will be playing your favorite game for longer and gaining hands-on experience.

Avoid Offshore Casino Sites

With so much information to digest, beginners often disregard the importance of joining a legit and licensed online casino. However, we cannot emphasize this point enough. Unregulated online casinos often provide rigged games, robbing you and the fun out of gambling. On top of that, they often refuse to payout winners.

Selecting an online casino from this page will ensure you will be playing fair games in a secure online environment.

avoid offshore sites as a beginner

Final Thoughts

The easiest and best casino games for beginners are slots, roulette, poker, baccarat, and blackjack. Players just entering the gambling sphere should select one of these options and start playing the most basic form of each.

Remember that the casino always has an edge, so using any available resources (i.e., a no-deposit casino USA bonus) is a great way to even the playfield. The tips and strategies shared above could help you enjoy casino games and have better chances even if you are only starting.