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BetMGM Progressive Jackpot Slots Guide

Learn which BetMGM games have the largest prizes, and how you can play them. Here, we look at the different types of jackpot games that you can play at BetMGM Casino.

BetMGM Casino is the go-to choice for many sports betting and casino gaming enthusiasts. BetMGM is a legitimate online casino operator licensed and regulated in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia.

The casino packs an impressive game library, and jackpot slots are at the top of the ladder among US players. Playing slots at BetMGM gives you a chance to unlock jackpot prizes, with some games paying out up to the seven-figure range. In 2022 alone, the operator awarded players a whopping $100 million in jackpots. Keep in mind that progressives can vary from state to state.

We’ll look at the different types of jackpots available at the BetMGM online casino and highlight some of the biggest jackpot payouts Americans have scooped while playing on this gambling platform.

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Types of Jackpots at BetMGM Casino

BetMGM Jackpots

BetMGM Casino has an immense range of jackpot slots that offer US players large prizes when they hit winning combinations. We discovered that some jackpot slots are only available in specific states, and the prize pool of each game may vary from state to state.

Below, you’ll find information on the type of jackpots available when playing slot games at BetMGM online casino:

BetMGM Fixed Jackpot Slots

As the name suggests, BetMGM fixed jackpot slots pay a specific amount when a player lands the winning combinations. The fixed amount of prize does not grow, and external factors don’t influence it.

Once you hit the jackpot, the prize will be filled and available immediately. That means you can hit the jackpot on these slot games multiple times consecutively if you are lucky.

BetMGM Casino has between 26 and 34 fixed jackpot slots, depending on the state from which you access the casino. Notable BetMGM fixed jackpot slots include Foxpot, Amazon Kingdom, and Kings of Crystals.

BetMGM Progressive Jackpot Slots

BetMGM Progressive Slots

BetMGM Progressive jackpot slot games have a jackpot that increases every time players place a bet and spin the reels. The jackpot prize will progress until someone wins it. You can win this jackpot by navigating a bonus game or at random. Let’s look at the types of progressive jackpots available at BetMGM slots:

  • Stand-alone progressive jackpots: These jackpots gradually increase with every bet. The prize amount in this type of jackpot only originates from a specific BetMGM slot.
  • Local progressive jackpots: These jackpots work like regular progressive jackpots but are exclusive to BetMGM. That means the jackpot at stake will only increase through the bets players place on specific slots found at BetMGM.
  • Network-progressive jackpots: BetMGM’s jackpot network has more than 20 game titles. These progressive jackpots result from the total percentages taken from the bets players placed across a range of slot games that work in a network of online casinos like Borgata Casino.

You’ll also find BetMGM network-progressive jackpots and megaways slots across several titles from the same game saga or series. Those after the colossal jackpot will be glad to hear that BetMGM has twelve slot games linked to the IGT Mega Jackpot progressive system with a prize pool of over $519,028. You will need a set of at least five of the special symbols to activate the progressive jackpot prize.

With the Mega Drop series, you’ll have a shot at hitting three progressive jackpots: EpicMajor, and Minor jackpot. The prize pool for the Mega Drop slots was $6156.16 when doing this review.

BetMGM Exclusive Progressive Jackpot Slots

When it comes to exclusive jackpot slots, BetMGM Casino is the top online casino operator in PA, NJ, MI, and WV. The chances of activating BetMGM exclusive jackpots are higher than network progressive jackpots. The company reported that 50% of the $104.4 million they awarded players in progressive jackpot payouts in 2022 came from their exclusive games.

There are currently 30 BetMGM exclusive jackpots. WMS Gaming, Book of Myth Slot, Mango Madness, Spin Bandit, and Steelers are some of the titles we suggest you should give a spin in this category.

5 Best Progressive Slots on BetMGM Casino

Because they offer players life-changing prizes, progressives are the most popular types of slots on BetMGM Casino. Every progressive game features a jackpot indicator on its screen that allows players to see the prize pool as it grows. Here are the top BetMGM progressive slots and their payouts.

🎰Jackpot Slot💰Top Prize🇺🇸 State
Bison Fury$1,776,577.62NJ
MGM Grand Millions$1,777, 006.35NJ
Mirage Mega Magma$1,777,885.60NJ
Divine Fortune$77,141.56WV
Loot'EnKhamun and the Dead Sea Scrolls$1,779,032.92NJ

#1 Bison Fury

Bison Fury Slot

Running on the GVC software, Bison Fury is an All Always slot with a whopping 1024 ways to win. This five-reel, western-themed game is one of the most popular BetMGM progressive slots because it often awards seven-figure jackpots.

We checked the Bison Fury main screen and found that progressive jackpots change every time players spin the reels. The current Bison Fury’s pool prize pool for each state is as follows:

  • New Jersey: $1,776,577.62
  • Michigan: 503, 228.45
  • Pennsylvania: $224,886.86
  • West Virginia: $242, 087,66

Bison Fury has five jackpots, each having a unique color. You’ll have to unlock one of the available jackpot games to walk away with the progressive money. The more you bet, the higher your probability of hitting the jackpot.

Let’s look at the available jackpots:

  • You can randomly trigger the Big One jackpot anytime when spinning the reels
  • The Quick Cash Jackpot – blue
  • The Mega Cash Jackpot – violet
  • The Super Cash Jackpot- pink
  • The Colossal Cash Jackpot – lavender

When you activate the Jackpot feature, your screen will transform from the base game to the Jackpot screen. The wheel will then spin until it lands on a jackpot.

#2 MGM Grand Millions

MGM Grand Millions is a luxury-and-money-themed slot with 243 ways to win during the base game. And this is upped to 1024 ways to win during the free spins feature, which you can activate when three scatter symbols land on your reels.

You can trigger the progressive jackpot feature anytime while playing. Any bet amount is eligible for the grand prize. Keep spinning the reels to increase your chances of winning the jackpot.

The game has five jackpots, each linked to a distinct color. You’ll see all five colors on the wheel. Let’s look at the colors and the jackpot each one represents:

  • Orange color – the Blitz Cash Jackpot
  • Red color – the Quick Cash Jackpot
  • Blue color – the Super Cash Jackpot.
  • Green color – the Mega Cash Jackpot.
  • Lavender color – the Colossal Cash Jackpot.

The prize pool of MGM Grand Millions varies from state to state. The current top prize sits at:

  • NJ – $1,777, 006.35
  • PA – $225, 276. 73
  • WV – $242,136.86
  • MI – $504,708

Keep in mind that the jackpot grows every time players place their bets.

#3 Mirage Mega Magma

Mirage Mega Magma Slot

Developed by Entain’s in-house game studio with BetMGM and MGM Resorts International, Mirage Mega Magma is a progressive slot with five reels and 243 ways to win. Classic slot fans will love this no-frills Jackpot slot game with life-changing prizes up for grabs.

You can randomly hit the jackpot when you have wagered at least $1.35. In 2022, Mirage Mega Magma paid a player $3.2 million on a $2 wager.

At the time of this writing, the top prize on Mirage Mega Magma progressive slot was as follows:

  • New Jersey – $1,777,885.60
  • Michigan – $507, 587.50
  • West Virginia – $242,336.86
  • Pennsylvania – $226,867.31

If you want to play Mirage Mega Magma and increase your chances of winning the top prize, you can try the game in demo and learn details on how to win the progressive via the paytable.

#4 Divine Fortune

Powered by NetEnt, Divine Fortune is an ancient Greek mythology-themed progressive slot with five reels, three rows, and 20 paylines. To trigger the Jackpot Bonus round, collect at least three Bonus symbols in the main game; this includes the Falling Wilds Re-Spins feature, which you’ll activate when the wild appears anywhere on your reels.

Before the Jackpot Bonus game begins, the bonus symbols you gathered will be randomly placed on your reels. Each bonus symbol comes with a random coin win value ranging from x10 to x200 your bet. Your probability of hitting the Mega progressive jackpot increases with your bet size.

Check out current Divine Fortune’s prize pool that players from different states where BetMGM online casino is available can win:

  • WV -$77,141.56
  • MI – $41,210.62
  • PA – $24,744.86
  • NJ – $13,907.23

Remember, you can win a jackpot in the Jackpot Bonus game. You’ll hit the Mega progressive jackpot if you fill three rows with Bonus symbols. Filling an entire row will award you with the Minor, fixed jackpot, where you’ll receive 20x the bet you placed when you triggered the Jackpot Bonus game.

#5 Loot’EnKhamun and the Dead Sea Scrolls Jackpot Slot

Loot'EnKhamun and the Dead Sea Scrolls Jackpot Slot

Take a trip to ancient Egypt with WIN Studios’ Loot’EnKhamun and the Dead Sea Scrolls, a five-reel, no-payline slot with 243 ways to win. The five hieroglyphic scatter symbols are the key to unlocking the best bonus feature in the game, including one of the five progressive jackpots. The five progressive jackpot levels in the game run off a raffle system.

You can randomly trigger the Big One jackpot during the game. The game will then take you to another screen to spin a color wheel, with each color matching one of the jackpots. Landing on lavender thrice will trigger the Big One Colossal Cash Jackpot.

The top prize of this slot game at BetMGM NJ, MI, WV, and PA currently sits at $1,779,032.92, $509,222.75, $242,473.26, and $227,729.02, respectively.

Pros and Cons of BetMGM Progressive Slots

Many players are drawn to BetMGM Casino because of their progressive jackpot slots. But are progressive slot games worth the hype? To answer this question, let’s look at their pros and cons:

Pros of Progressive Jackpot Slots

Mega Jackpots

One of the advantages of playing progressive jackpot games is the life-changing prizes that players can win randomly or if they hit the right combination. They also come with different, exciting themes and bonus features, meaning there is something for every slot fan.

Progressive slot games often feature multiple paylines, allowing you to pick several lines and place your wager with different price ranges. Additionally, most progressive slots are easy to play and come with instant payouts.

Cons of Progressive Jackpot Slots

Most progressive jackpots tend to be more volatile slotsThat means you’ll go long periods without winning. However, you can randomly pull in a big win. So, progressive jackpot slots are ideal for patient people with enough bankroll to continue playing, as this increases their chances of hitting the jackpot.

Biggest Jackpot Payouts at BetMGM Casino

BetMGM Winner Tweet

Just as BetMGM’s director of VIP casino Alexander Limesand had stated: BetMGM continually awards US players life-changing prizes through their network. No other operator has an impressive jackpot track record like that of BetMGM. Last year, BetMGM awarded its players more than $100 million in progressive jackpot casino payouts.

Michigan ranked first in BetMGM progressive jackpot payouts with $38.3 million. New Jersey was second with $30.2 million, while Pennsylvania took the third position with $28.9 million.

Here are the top five jackpots that players won in 2022 at BetMGM:

🎰Jackpot Slot💰Amount won📅Date🇺🇸 State
Bison Fury$2.8 millionApril 16New Jersey
Bison Fury$2.5 millionMarchMichigan
MGM Grand Millions$2.3 MillionSeptember 9Michigan
Bison Fury$2.2 millionAugust 4New Jersey
MGM Grand Millions$2.1 millionDecember 23Michigan

As you can see, three of the biggest jackpot payout at BetMGM stemmed from the western-themed online slot, Bison Fury; this explains why this is one of BetMGM’s most popular titles.

New Jersey DGE tracks the jackpot payouts for casinos in the state, and they have already updated their 2023 list. One BetMGM player won $103,800 while playing Gold Volcano. Another lucky player hit a $142,780 jackpot while playing Cleopatra Meg on BetMGM Casino.

Another big winner in NJ hit a $2.8 million jackpot on a $2 wager while playing MGM Grand Millions in January 2023. That means you could be the next winner if you play jackpot slots at BetMGM.

BetMGM Online Casino in Pennsylvania Biggest Jackpots

BetMGM leads PA online casinos in market share; it is also the top online casino operator in Garden State (NJ), Michigan, and West Virginia. BetMGM has around 29% national online casino market share in the four states it is legal.

By July 2022, BetMGM Casino PA had awarded more than $5.1 million in progressive jackpot payouts. Let’s look at the top five biggest winners:

  • $615,793,26 / Divine Fortune Touch
  • $471,187.87 / LootEnKhamun And Dead Sea Scrolls
  • $386,190.23 / Bison Fury
  • $372,646.90 / Luck O’ The Jackpot
  • $335,502.02 / Bison Fury

Because the outcomes of all spins of BetMGM jackpot slots are random, anyone playing can land a win. But we advise that you always play BetMGM online casino slots within your means.

$25 On The House + $1,000 Matched Bonus


BetMGM jackpot slots have been massively popular in Las Vegas and now are also available to play online from several US states. Players can choose from fixed, network, local, and progressive jackpot slots. Because the jackpot prize of progressive slots increases every time players place a wager, many players flock to BetMGM to spin the reels of these games.

We recommend you head to BetMGM and take a shot at their exclusive progressive jackpots. If your bankroll allows it, and luck is on your side, the high volatile nature of these slots can truly shake your world. There is no better way to start, other than our BetMGM Casino bonus code.