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Playing poker has always been a great experience, especially when you end up winning the pot. But, the fun could turn out wild if you’re playing strip poker.

Here, clothes become currency. So whether it’s winter or summer, having more clothes on you only means you’ll be starting the game with hundreds of chips. It’s a great party game and can be bags of fun. No matter if you are a guy, or a woman, just make sure you are good!

At least, you’ll have more to lose before you start losing the most exciting garments. With a flirty game like strip poker, all participants must understand the rules. With the rules, you don’t have to worry about getting entirely naked. Moreover, players should be comfortable among themselves.

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What Is Strip Poker?

Strip poker is a poker variation requiring players to remove their clothes as a forfeit. The variant is about stripping and not outplaying your opponents. Here, you don’t have to carry your bluffing face to the event as you won’t need it. Though, you might need it to hide your discomfort when you’re left with only your underwear.

Strip Poker

One of the problems you’ll encounter is picking the variation to play during the strip poker game. But you shouldn’t overthink it. Remember, any format can work, but it’s best if you choose a variation without so many betting streets. Also, adjusting rules to make them even simpler could help. Overall, your goal of playing SP is to get your friend to remove as many clothes as possible as you remain as many. Also, rules have to be laid down before the game begins, as different people have unique opinions on nudity.

Adult strip poker is a fun and exciting way to spice up a night with friends, your partner, or even strangers given the right environment.

Getting Ready for a Strip Poker Game

Strip poker is all about personalizing the game. Luckily, there are uncountable ways to do so. However, before you dive into personalization, you’ll need:

  • Poker chips
  • Deck of cards
  • Open-minded friend
  • Sense of humor
  • Be in clean underwear to avoid embarrassment
  • Drinks (optional)

Once you have the above, you can dive into evaluating what is acceptable and what not. This may include identifying the value of each apparel. For example, a dress could be worth three chips while a shirt could be worth one chip. If you are brand new to playing, you may want to try some online poker to get used to playing before committing to play. No one wants to be the loser in this game.

6 Steps of How to Play Strip Poker

Now that you have all the information ironed out above, it’s time to rearrange the cards and deal. You can play SP with the Texas Hold ’em rules. It will be slow and gloomy, which is counterproductive to what strip poker should feel like; light-hearted fun. Bearing that in mind, below are the steps of how to play a fun-filled, fast, paced strip poker game, whether you have little or no experience. Here are the basic rules to play.

  1. Establish the Play Area

Ensure each player has the same quantity of chips. Then give each clothing piece to various chips. Clarify the game rules and go over the format so that all of you are on the same page. Once you’re through, you might need to put a warning on the door to prevent others from interrupting your intimate game time.

  1. Mix and Deal

The other step is to shuffle and deal. Start by spreading the cards on the table facing down and mix them like you see a dealer in the casino do. Once done, deal each player participating with two cards each. The players can check the cards they have. Deal two more cards to each player; these they can’t look at yet.

  1. Deal the Flop

To deal a flop, throw/burn a card into the discarded cards. Deal three more cards at the center of the table (flop) face up. The cards facing up are called communal or shared cared, and thus everyone can see them.

  1. Allow Changes

After dealing the flop, players can choose whether to blind exchange one or both of their face down cards. If you allow a change, players can’t view their new cards until they change them. Also, once the cards are thrown out, they can’t be taken back.

  1. Deal Other Communal Board

Now, you can deal the other shared board. Throw another card and deal one more card facing up after the flop. Repeat the process for the fifth shared card, also referred to as the river. At this time, you have five shared cards at the center of the table. Players can use these flop cards with their cards to create a 5-card poker hand. You can decide when you want to expose your cards.

  1. Show Time

The last stage of playing strip poker is to see who triumphs or loses. Players show their hand, and the one with the worst hand lose a chip, which is equivalent to specific clothing. The used chips will be put on one side of the table from the remaining until the upcoming game begins. This process continues until one player doesn’t have lives, chips, or clothing left with him/her.

Strip Poker Rules

Fortunately, you don’t have t be an MIT graduate to understand strip poker rules. In fact, the rules focus on two things:

  • When you lose a hand, you remove one cloth
  • If you win a hand, you retain your clothes or put back one on.

With strip poker, there is no benchmark of how far the game can go. So if you want to play the game with your romantic partner or several more friends, it’s up to you. However, most people stop when they are remaining with only underwear. Sometimes, people go all the way to being completely naked. As long as everyone agrees with the rules and stops when things get uncomfortable, you can begin to play.

Strip Poker Rules

Yet, the above two rules may vary depending on how you want. Most strip poker enthusiasts such as Silberstang insist on no putting the clothes back on. For example, if you hold the most hand, you’re supposed to get your clothes back. But you can’t wear them. Instead, you can place them in front of you as a betting medium or chips.

More Strip Poker Guidelines

Everyone insists strip poker is a free, fun game. But, it is so if all the rules are clear from the beginning. For example, you need to decide what constitutes clothes. Otherwise, you might be playing with someone with 20 bobby pins on the hair while you have just your sunglasses, belt, shirt, and trouser. Ideally, you have to draw a line. List all the items that will be included in the game. Some people may consist of watches, cuff links, ties, and shoes beside everyday clothes such as a shirt, trousers, vest, and dress.

Another thing to consider is the order of removing clothes. Overall, the outer garments must come off before the inner attires. You can decide to remove clothes from the bottom: the shoe and head up to the neck. This way, you don’t have to slow the game while a player takes minutes before deciding which item to remove first.

You also have to consider ending the game. How? Players remove and return clothes on which means the game can take forever before it ends. But, with a rake or formula to finish the game, you get closer to finishing the game. For example, you can decide that every player has to strip to the house after every round. That way, players will ultimately run out of clothes and end the game.

How to play strip poker without chips

If you really want to play naked poker but have no chips to play with, then don’t panic. Luckily, there are lots of other household items and objects you can use to see your friends partake in some erotic poker games. Here are some ideas for alternatives to poker chips:

  • You can use play money, fake money, or if you are feeling really flush, then you can use real money. Just make sure you have enough that everyone can potentially lose their items of clothing.
  • Another great alternative to chips is using board games or chessboard pieces.
  • If you have no plastic poker chips, consider using food and bags of chips. You can also use candy, chocolate bars, beans, rice, or any other food that you can assign a value to.
  • No chips no problem. Raid the office draws. You can use pens, pencils, erasers, paper clips, or any other small items that you can find.

Mobile strip poker

In this day and age we can do everything on our mobile so why wouldn’t we be able to play strip poker from it? There are now some pretty cool strip poker apps for iPhone and also Android mobiles. If you look on Google Play for a strip poker app there aren’t many strip poker android free apps available. The one we have used a few times is this Two Player one.

If you don’t want to play on your mobile and want to use a site, there are several strip poker online sites you can visit. One of the best is racypoker.com/strip-poker who offers a free strip poker platform.

If the night finishes and you want the fun to continue, you can always try a game of strip Texas Holdem. If you are in NJ, you can practice your skills online with one of the several legal NJ poker sites that are now available.

If you want to share some of your strip poker ideas or have any other games like strip poker, then let us know, we would love to hear your ideas. Look at playing as character building :). Do you dare to play and test your skills?

Strip Poker FAQs

How to play girls at work strip poker?

Playing strip poker with work colleagues is always a bit risky, but could also be well worth it depending on who you work with. The easiest way to ask if anyone wants to play is to make a light-hearted suggestion. We don’t recommend you do this via email.

Can I do a strip poker tournament?

Sure, why not! The more people the merrier!

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