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Created in the casinos of Paris in the 1790s, roulette quickly grew to become one of the world’s favored casino games. Fast forward a few hundred years and we now get to play Video Roulette online in a range of exciting casinos

The rules are simple; a player simply places a bet on where they think the ball will drop onto a wheel divided into 37 segments, numbered 0-36. Whereas here in America, wheels will consist of 38 segments, adding ’00’ to the wheel. This is to give a higher house edge making more money for the casino. There are now several online casinos where US players can legally play Video Roulette online.

Its simple rules made it very easy for newer players to get involved while experienced players perfected strategies to maximize their profits, we will cover these later in our online video Roulette guide.

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In this handy guide, we will look at what makes video roulette so popular among casino players, and show you where the best places to play video roulette online. From covering the basics of the game, to review strategies you can use to have the best chance of winning, we’ll provide all the information you need to dive into video roulette with confidence. If you have been to a Vegas casino, you will know just how popular video roulette machines are. Often you see more players here than on a roulette table as some players prefer to play on their own than with an audience.

Where can you play Video Roulette legally online in the US? Well, online casinos are only legal in a handful of states in America. These are currently New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, and, more recently, Michigan. More states are set to legalize online casinos very soon so there will be more chances to play electronic roulette online in more states. You can stay up to date with the latest casino news on our blog.

If you want to know what online casinos are available in your state, you can find out more about online casinos in our state guides for NJ online casinos, PA online casinos, and the recently launched MI online casinos.

What is Video Roulette?

As the gambling industry is seeing a dramatic switch to an online landscape, it was only a matter of time before all of our favorite games saw the switch to an online or simulated variation. New Jersey Video Roulette has grown to be one of the most popular online casino games over the last few years. Roulette video games have become increasingly popular on mobile, with most casinos now releasing mobile versions of popular table games.

A video roulette machine is a cabinet-based variation of the casino classic, this design not only makes the game a lot more compact compared to a table & wheel set-up, but it also appeals to a broader audience mainly slot machine players.

Most machines will have a similar design in which upon sitting at the machine, players will be greeted by two screens. The top display will display the wheel alongside the results of the previous spins; some machines show the last ten while some others like to show the last 20 results. The bottom screen shows the betting table; this is where players will place and confirm their bets; most machines show the percentage of the wheel you cover, giving players a good idea of their chance of winning.

Playing Video Roulette online

All video roulette machines will show your potential payout on the bottom screen before you confirm your bet, we will teach you how to maximize this payout later on.

Video Roulette vs. Table Roulette

Although you are playing the same game, playing roulette at a video machine is a different experience to playing at a table, we are going to present the advantages & disadvantages of playing video roulette, making it easy for you to make a decision about which is best for you.

Advantages of Video Roulette

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of playing online, versus playing in a land-based casino.

Play Roulette in Solitude

Many players find the roulette table a very intimidating place to play, and we understand that. Table roulette requires all players to follow a certain etiquette, which can be easy to forget, especially within the carnage between each spin. This will no doubt cause a stressful experience in which players may not want to return to the table, no matter how much they enjoy the concept of roulette.

Video roulette eliminates all the required etiquette and allows players to play in peace & at their own pace. Eliminating all players from the game creates a more enjoyable & stress-free experience for most players by eliminating all social pressures. This peace of mind will allow you to make more logical decisions and allow you to walk away from the machine if you are on a losing streak.

Many online casinos offer a free to play or demo play roulette game. You may need to sign up and create an account with most operators, some let you play in demo mode without having to sign up, such as the Golden Nugget Online Casino.

Play More with Less Money

Table roulette will typically see minimum bets range from $1 up to $5, whereas video roulette allows minimum bets of $0.50 on most machines, meaning you can play more spins with less money, which is excellent for players who are playing for leisure. These extra spins can allow you to either hone your strategies or even try strategies you have been skeptical of using previously.

Access to Statistics

Video roulette allows players to view data on the previous results. Many will argue that these are vain statistics due to previous results not affecting future spins, and we agree. However, the ability to see this data so easily is amazing when you are on both losing and winning streaks. If you are serious about layering, you should have a well-thought-out video roulette strategy system.

I also know that a lot of players use trends & previous results to determine their next bet, although it’s not a proven strategy that works, some players live by it. If this is your wagering strategy, video roulette is perfect for you, you being able to see that data makes it easy for you to make bets.

Traditional Roulette wheel

Disadvantages of Video Roulette

Of course, playing video roulette online or on a mobile isn’t for everyone, so let’s look at why some players would rather the buzz and excitement of players in a casino.

Lack of Social Aspect

The attraction of roulette to many players is the atmosphere created at the table, this is what keeps players at the same table for hours on end, however, and playing video roulette eliminates this factor of the game.

If you prefer interacting with other players while playing roulette, it’s difficult to recommend video roulette to you, as it does give players an isolated experience. This experience is similar to video poker, where players have seen a difficult time transitioning over from a table due to a lack of social interaction.

Higher Rate of Play

As I mentioned previously, video roulette can provide the players with more spins for less money, the contrary is more than possible. A traditional table usually spins 40 times per hour, somewhat putting a limit on how much a player can spend, video roulette has no timer between spins, making it easy for players to complete 3-4 spins per minute, this can quickly deplete their bankroll and make them leave the game quicker than if they were at a table. Players also report spending more on video roulette while on a losing streak because they believe that they are due a win.

How to Win At Video Roulette

There are many strategies players use to get the best chance of making a profit while playing roulette, although you are not guaranteed to make a profit with any of these methods, these will give you the greatest chance of walking away from the table richer.

Martingale Strategy

This strategy isn’t exclusive to roulette and can be used on other games such as Blackjack.

This is maybe the most popular strategy used and becomes more effective with the higher bankroll you have. The strategy is built to slowly but reliably build your balance up by covering your losses and betting on near 50/50 odds, such as black/red or odd/even.

To cover your losses, you simply double your bet on every loss, this means when you eventually win, you will get your starting balance back, so you make a profit of your initial bet every time you have two wins in a row.

As an example, if you set your initial minimum bet at $1 on black.

  • Win: You win $2, keep $1 and bet $1 on black. You are now $1 up
  • Loss: Now bet $2 on black, if you hit black on the 2nd spin, you’ll win $4 on $3 wagered. If you lose two spins in a row, now bet $4 on black, returning $8 on $7 wagered, and so on.

The reason this works with higher bankrolls is because of 2 reasons, the first being you can have a higher initial bet, meaning you can make $5 per spin instead of $1. The main reason for a higher bankroll being more effective is simply that you can afford more spins, reducing your chance of striking out. You can use an online Martingale Calculator to calculate the odds of you losing based on your balance & initial stake.

You can learn more about the origin of the martingale strategy here.

Oscars Grind

Oscars Grind is similar to the Martingale roulette strategy in that it is designed to slowly but safely build your balance and is guaranteed to make a profit if you have an infinite bankroll. However, this is a lot more reliable for smaller bankroll than the Martingale, but as the name implies, it is a grind to make a good amount of money as you end the session after you make 1 unit of profit, a unit is a set wager made by the player.

A session is a sequence of consecutive wagers made until 1 unit of profit is won. Each session begins by betting 1 unit and ends by winning 1 unit of profit. If the gambler loses, the session continues and the bet is repeated. Each time the gambler wins the game following a lost game, the bet is increased by 1 unit. This increase is not performed if the current bet warrants achieving at least 1 unit of profit in total, in case the next game is won. On the contrary, the bet size in such a situation should be decreased to assure exactly 1 unit is won.

You can learn and read more about the algorithm of the Oscars Grind strategy here.

James Bond Strategy

The James Bond roulette strategy is a rather simple betting system designed for players who want to make money quickly but at a higher risk, and you’d need $200 to place a bet with this strategy. You need to bet $140 on high numbers (19-36), $50 on six numbers (13-18), and $10 on zero as an insurance bet.

  • If a number from 19 to 36 comes out, you will make a profit of $80.
  • If one of the 6 numbers from 13 to 18 comes out, you will have a profit of $100.
  • If 0 is the outcome, you will make a $160 profit.
  • If a number from 1 to 12 comes out and you lose, next time you will raise your bet as with the earlier Martingale strategy.

For this strategy, you will need to be able to stand a losing streak so you will need a high bankroll to use this strategy, we would recommend $1,000+, making this inaccessible to a lot of players. However, you can make a huge profit if you get on a winning streak. We would recommend players to end their session once they are $160+ in profit.

Players with a smaller bankroll can use the Martingale strategy to build up a bank balance of $1,000 in a matter of weeks of casual betting, in which they are able to utilize this strategy to maximize their earning.


What Are The Odds On Roulette?

The odds for roulette differ depending on which version you play, however, you’re most likely to play American rules for video roulette. Below are the payout odds for each outcome

  • Single Number (00-36) – 35/1
  • Column – 2/1
  • Dozen – 2/1
  • Even/Odd – 1/1
  • Black/Red – 1/1
  • Low/High – 1/1

Where Can I Play Video Roulette?

You can find Video Roulette at online casinos such as Caesars Casino or the Golden Nugget Casino who offers a dedicated app for their casino, making it easier than ever to get into the action.

Are Simulated Roulette Wheels Safe?

There are a number of concerns players have when it comes to video roulette machines; the main concern is that the machine is rigged to dynamically reduce the odds of you winning. However, all licensed gambling properties are required by law to provide equal odds on every spin, regardless of your wager, so you can be assured that simulated roulette wheels are just as reliable as table wheels. Another concern that has come to light in the last few years is the potential of players hacking wheels the roulette wheel to determine or predict the wheel spin.

Many websites’ software claims they can hack roulette wheels, however, no wheels have yet to be hacked for any major online casino & all these websites & software have been proven to be scamming sites made to get your personal information.