Legal Sports Betting in New Jersey was launched back in 2018. Since then, a large number of operators have become available, bettors in the Garden State have never had so much choice.

While Football, Basketball, and Baseball have proved the most popular sports to bet on, Golf isn’t too far down the pecking order, and it’s unique in many respects, not least for the fact big-priced winners are not only possible but a frequent occurrence. Welcome to our betting guide to Golf in the Garden State. Here we are going to tell you where you can bet in NJ, what you can bet on, and also explain the betting odds around Golf. We also have links to our Free Golf Picks and tips as well.

It’s no exaggeration to say that just about every player that tees up in any given week (often 100+) has a chance of winning. It’s that unpredictability that makes the sport so exciting and provides golf bettors with a challenge.

Get it right – that’s not as hard as you might think (read on) – and you are in for a big payday with odds being typically high – it’s not unusual for the favorite to be priced at +1000 with outsiders at +10000 or bigger.

Legal Golf betting in New Jersey

With all that in mind, we’ve put together this NJ golf betting guide, and while we can’t guarantee a profit (if only), it will hopefully give you a better idea of where to place your wagers, what to bet on and how you can swing the odds in your favor.

Where to place your Golf bets?

There are several land-based sportsbooks, and these are situated within casino properties, meaning you’ll have to visit in person. But as we know, that’s not always convenient, and we’re going to concentrate here on the growing number of legal & regulated online sportsbooks available in New Jersey, all of whom require you to be located within the Garden State borders.

Below is a table showing the current, top-rated New Jersey online sportsbooks for Golf and their welcome bonus – by signing up and taking advantage of these, you could be playing with free cash. All these books take wagers on Golf and have sports betting apps so you can place your bet anywhere, 24/7. Just make sure you are in state lines and aged 21 or over.

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What to bet on?

Most sports that you can wager on usually have lots of different markets to bet on, and Golf is no different. We run you through some of the most popular markets:

Tournament Winner – as it sounds, this is a bet on the player you think will win the tournament outright. So the player who shoots the lowest score (most under par) over the four days.

Matchup Winner – rather than the outright winner, you’re betting on a pairing (players paired together by round and often referred to as 2-ball) or group, either a 3-ball or a random group chosen by the sportsbook. Groups of six golfers are known as Six Shooters. You can usually combine multiple outcomes in parlays.

Finishing Position – bet on where your player will finish, either Top 10 or Top 20. Odds are lower than for Tournament Winner, but it sometimes pays to be less ambitious, and this is a good way of getting with outsiders.

Round Leaders – bet on who will be leading the tournament at the end of the round, with Round 1 Leader being the most popular. Any ties will result in lower yields as stakes are split accordingly.

Golfer Nationality – a bet on the nationality of the winner, such as Top American or Top Englishman. Asia, Australia, and Europe are other regions that are frequently priced up.

Prop Bets – either tournament or player performance props can be offered, depending on the book, and the best example of the former is whether there will be a hole in one (yes or no).

Straight Forecast – a bet on who will finish first AND second overall. If finding the winner wasn’t hard enough?!

Futures – these are offered well in advance of the tournament and even several months ahead in the case of the four Majors. Think you know the winner of the 2021 Masters? Bet now, and you might just nab a bigger price than you would if waiting for the week of the tournament.

Live/In-Game – arguably the most exciting way to bet on the winner as odds will be dynamic, constantly changing over the four days until the final putt drops. Just be quick if you think the price is too high – it might not last long.

NJ sportsbooks have a range of banking and cashier options available to those looking to wager on the golf. You can use PayPal, Skrill, ACH, and more. Our handy guide will tell you all you need to know about banking on an NJ sportsbook.

Golf betting odds explained

If you’re in New Jersey and looking to bet on Golf, American odds will most likely be displayed as default. These can be either positive (+) or negative (-), and the former indicates how much a $100 bet would win if placed, while a negative price indicates the amount needed to be wagered to yield $100 (on top of your original stake).

Most books will allow you to switch to either decimal or fractional odds if you prefer, which are standard in Europe and the UK, respectively.How to bet on Golf in New Jersey

Think you know it all now and are ready to bet?

Not so quick as it’s first worth paying some attention to the following golf betting insights – five golden rules if you like – which might just give you an edge and help maximize profits – or at least minimize losses.

  1. Shop around for the best prices

Not all books offer the same odds, and for Golf, in particular, they can differ wildly. Ask yourself: why take +800 on a player when you back the same player at +1400 elsewhere? Be a smart bettor and have at least 3 or 4 accounts with different books. Check out our full list of NJ Sportsbooks and welcome bonuses, and all the books have mobile apps, too; bet anywhere, anytime in the Garden State.

  1. Horses for courses

Like some horses run certain tracks better than others, the same applies to golfers. Certain courses will suit the eye of some players better than others either due to the layout, length, or even the type of grass in use on the greens. So do check out previous results at the course in question – or similar courses – before wagering your hard-earned cash.

  1. Keep an eye on the weather forecast

It’s unpredictable at the best of times, but conditions can vary from morning to evening, and that can lead to a draw bias, with either early or late starters favored. This is one factor that books might overlook and, let’s face it; they don’t make many mistakes.

  1. Don’t ignore outsiders

It’s tempting to back the big names week in and week out, and it’s true they will more than their fair share. But they are usually priced up accordingly, and the value often lies in looking further down the betting list as you  And don’t let those big lines put you off as Golf is one sport where just about anyone can win by stringing four good rounds together.

  1. Keep track of your wagers

Last but not least, keep some sort of record of your wagers, if only in your head (spreadsheet preferred but hidden from your boss and or wife). This will help you reflect on where you perhaps went wrong, taking too short a price, for example, and hopefully, stop you chasing any losses. It goes without saying, only wager what you won’t miss and keep it fun.

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