Ariel Epstein Who Is the Self Proclaimed Prop Queen?


Paul Ricci


Nov 24, 2023

Big sports enthusiast, long-time Seahawks fan who loves betting on major pro and college sports.

Ariel Epstein

Player prop bets are gaining immense popularity, often comprising up to 50% of all sports betting. So, if you want to get in on the action, it only makes sense to connect with the foremost expert in handicappingโ€”none other than the Prop Queen herself.

What do you get when you combine an authentic passion for sports with a love for math? Ariel Epstein, a prop sports betting handicapper who, in her own words, “consistently ends each year with a success rate ranging between 52 and 60 percent in both baseball and basketball.

Who is Ariel Epstein Prop Queen??

Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000-hour rule” in his book Outliers suggests that becoming a true expert in any skill requires practicing for at least 10,000 hours. This principle is embodied by Ariel Epstein, a 28-year-old Syracuse University graduate who is making a name for herself as an analyst in the world of sports betting. Ariel, who describes herself as a “grinder,” didn’t achieve success overnight; her journey began at the age of nine when she first ventured into the world of fantasy sports.

Fast forward to college, where Epstein’s passion for sports and journalism converged, setting her on a path that would eventually lead to her becoming a rising star in the sports betting industry. While completing her bachelor’s in broadcast journalism, Ariel did various stints, including reporting for the student-run Citrus TV and a summer internship at the Yankees in 2015. Here, Epstein got to interview one of her sports role models, the baseball player Derek Jeter and do what she calls the ‘highlight of my internship,’ watching the Yankees batting practice.

Her career as the “Prop Queen” took off when she landed a job at the betting network SportGrid after spending just shy of three years as a sports anchor at WCTI TV 12 in New Bern, North Carolina. At SportsGrid, Epstein found her niche and began gaining recognition as a reliable source for props insights.

Epstein said of her journey to Prop Queen: ‘Vegas doesn’t have a lot of props, whereas we on the East Coast have a ton of props. It was the biggest, hottest thing that no one was paying attention to yet.’ Instead of handicapping point spreads and money lines, Epstein channeled her expertise into player prop betsย  โ€“ an area she understood from her childhood in Rockland County as the oldest sibling in a sports-mad family and reigning neighborhood fantasy league queen.

Ariel Epstein

What does Ariel Epstein Do?

Epstein is a ‘hot ticket’ sports betting host and analyst specializing in prop betting insights for PointsBet Sportsbook, MLB Network, and NBA TV. Prop betting, a sports betting category, has soared in popularity since the ban on sports betting was repealed by the Supreme Court in 2018.

It is easy to understand what all the excitement is about. Propositional betting allows players to bet on events within a sports game or series except for the final outcome or score. Props are easy to understand with mostly a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or A or B betting choice options. Wagers include bets on individual players, statistics, or even light-hearted propositions that have no direct bearing on the sport being played, e.g., the time it will take to sing the national anthem at the Superbowl: over/under 2 minutes.

For her part, Epstein spends around four hours daily researching player data and betting trends, mainly concentrating on baseball strikeout rates (also called K rates) for her “Diamond K Play of the Day” on MLB Network’s Pregame Spread with Matt Vasgersian (catch the show between 5 pm – 6 pm EST, Mondays to Fridays).

Ariel Epstein Milestones

In her chat with Shannon Corcoran on the Bat’HER Up podcast, Epstein highlights her interview with Jeter as one of her early achievements. At the time, Jeter was typically unavailable to the media, but Epstein’s Yankees internship gave her the unique opportunity to interview him. This was undoubtedly a memorable accomplishment for Epstein, a senior at the S.I. Newhouse School of Communications at the time.

Another significant milestone in Epstein’s career was becoming the first female host at SportsGrid. She recalls how she initially began with just one day a week, but as Epstein sought more responsibilities, she was quickly promoted to the Morning Show, where her workload increased to seven days per week. Epstein considers this period in her career as crucial for mastering the intricacies and terminology of sports betting, which she regards (and I couldn’t agree more) as a second “language.”

Epstein says she was literally soaking in gambling 24/7 for a year.

While at SportsGrid, Epstein also hosted shows for SiriusXM and FanDuel sportsbook. With her growing social media and video presence, Epstein started to gain recognition. Thanks to her in-depth sports knowledge, effortless charisma on camera, and discussions about popular props, it’s no surprise that her following on various platforms increased rapidly, with an impressive current following of 67,500 on X.

Epstein has mentioned at one point that being on the internet has its downsides. She frequently encounters online trolls, predominantly men, who criticize her sports knowledge because they doubt that she could be more knowledgeable than they are. Unfortunately, I have witnessed this myself on her X account. I want to give kudos to Epstein, who handles these incidents with the utmost grace, and I want to add my own 5 cents by saying we should support our women in sports betting, not pull them down.

Who Is Ariel Epstein

Why is Ariel Epstein Famous in the Betting World?

Ariel Epstein is an excellent example of great talent and genuine enthusiasm in the right place and time. She kicked off her sports media career when prop betting was at the cusp of taking off. In the words of fellow handicapper Kelly Slater (Kelly in Vegas), Epstein took a step back, checked out what everyone else was doing in the sports gambling market, spotted a gap in prop betting, and got down to work on her brand.

Epstein describes baseball as her “heart and soul.” This deep passion, combined with a genuine knowledge of the game, soon caught the attention of fans and seasoned industry professionals. For instance, take Dave Sharapan, an experienced Las Vegas bookmaker, who says he admires Epstein for her authenticity and the fact that she is clearly not reading scripted lines. According to Sharapan, Epstein is famous because she knows who she is and knows her material inside out. She has the perfect base to create excellent betting content.

Is Ariel Epstein a True Sharp?

It is Ariel’s backing from industry stalwarts such as Louis Maione from SportsGrid, Matt Vasgersian, Kelly Slater, Shawn Reilly, network bosses at Yahoo sportsbook and PointsBet, and more that makes her a true sharp in my books. Epstein says for her it is more about giving out information that backs up smart, educated bets than telling people how much to bet.

There is no doubt in my mind that she certainly knows her way around prop betting.

Ariel Epstein Net Worth

Google doesn’t calculate celebrities’ net worth. Instead, it collects information from different online sources to compile a quick summary, including an estimated net worth. Considering this, the guesstimate for Epstein’s net worth is just over $1,000,000.

Should You Follow Ariel Epstein Betting Picks?

Epstein’s system is notably effective, with a diligent track record in baseball and basketball, consistently achieving success each year. Beyond her expertise in statistics, she possesses a wealth of sports knowledge, including historical and contextual insights.

When selecting a prop, Epstein thoroughly analyzes whether a player will surpass or fall short of a particular betting line. She also provides valuable context to her audience, advising them to reconsider a bet if the total exceeds a specific threshold or if the sportsbooks impose excessive fees for the wager.

Decide for yourself if you want to follow her picks but my bet is definitely on the Prop Queen!

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