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Best Bets to Make on FanDuel Sportsbook

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FanDuel is one of the most well-known US sportsbook sites available. The FanDuel platform is now available in over 19 states, as sports betting continues to spread across the United States. However, if you are new to betting, you may wonder which types of bets are the best to make some money quickly.

FanDuel ensures it provides its customers with all of the significant bet types, including some unique options for specific events. FanDuel offers excellent opportunities for new and existing customers alike. You can also win on the move by using the FanDuel sportsbook app and watching events unfold via the live streaming service.

However, before we get into live betting and other more advanced options, you might not know the basic bet types, and using your own money gambling might seem intimidating at first. So, let’s take a dive into the many wagering options available at FanDuel, starting with the best options for beginners. Think of this as a comprehensive strategy guide for anybody looking to make some money long-term with the FanDuel sportsbook.


Best FanDuel Bets for Beginners – Low-Risk

Initially known for its daily fantasy football contests with tournament entries and multiple lineups alongside DraftKings sportsbook, FanDuel is now a fully-fledged sportsbook offering numerous different types of bets in addition to their fantasy sports options. You have probably noticed all of the FanDuel adverts and promos and thought, I want to get in on that action, but I have no idea what skill level is required or which type of wager to start with. Well, don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered.

The best sites in the sports wagering industry offer several betting options incorporating all of the significant leagues, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. There have never been more options for sports bettors, with the types of bets you can place more diverse than ever.

Whether you are using your no sweat bet to wager on the NFL or NBA, you want to give yourself a chance to win. This means choosing the FanDuel basic bet types for beginners as you ease yourself into the wagering experience. All of the types of wagers can seem enticing, but if you are just beginning your journey, the bets below are the ones you should focus on. If you have no idea how to set them, check out our guide on how to bet on FanDuel sportsbook, detailing the process step by step.

FanDuel round robins

FanDuel Sportsbook Moneyline Bets

This is the most straightforward wager to make when getting started with any sport, especially the NFL and NBA. This is the best bet to ease you into the action and get you started on the FanDuel app. With a moneyline, you are betting on one side to win a contest. The most vital thing to understand is the plus/minus format, which conveys how much money you can win on the underdog with a $100 bet and how much you need to bet on the favorite to win $100.

Let’s look at some NFL odds as an example. Say the Seattle Seahawks are playing the Detroit Lions, and the Seahawks are favorites with a FanDuel moneyline of -500. This means you must bet $500 to win $100 if the Seahawks win. Now let’s say the Lions are the underdog at +350. This means you collect $350 for every $100 wagered. In any moneyline wager, the minus sign is how much it will cost you to win $100, while the plus sign is how much you win with a $100 bet.

The underdog will always have long odds, so you may be inclined to bet on them if you want a higher payout.

Game Total

These are also known as over/under. Game totals are fun to wager on because you either back for or against points, and there is no need to worry about which team is winning or how close the game is. However, although the risk is low, this can still be slightly more tricky than you might expect. Everybody wants to wager over. Naturally, we all want to see a game with lots of action and points as sports fans. With fantasy football so popular in the NFL, it can be easy to get tricked into thinking that all numbers are easy to achieve. For example, if you see a great QB like Tom Brady on the field, you will instantly think the total will go over.

However, there are numerous factors to consider when betting a FanDuel over/under and one of those factors is how well-known a team or player is. There will always be more happening on a game involving the Chiefs than there is on a game featuring the Jaguars. Sportsbooks take this into account when putting together their lines.

With that said, the total is still a fun, low-risk type of bet ideal for newbies as you are only predicting whether points will go above or below a certain line.


A futures bet does what it says on the tin: A bet on something coming up in the future. They are good for new players as they allow you to look into the future in the hopes of securing a large payout. Additionally, they are not complicated. For example, if you feel the Green Bay Packers will win the Super Bowl before the regular season even begins, simply place a futures bet on that outcome.

These bets are typically offered on big individual awards like the Heisman Trophy, season-long championships in major sports, or standalone events like the Masters.

Type of BetBetsOddsTotal Winnings on $100 Stake
New England Patriots Patriots @ Kansas City Chiefs Chiefs
Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs to Win-275$136.36
New England PatriotsNew England Patriots to Win+225$325
Game Total
Jacksonville Jaguars Jaguars @ Atlanta Falcons Falcons
Over 43.5-110$190.90
Under 43.5-110$190.90
Futures Bet
NFC North Winner
Detroit Lions+100$200
Green Bay Packers+145$245
Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings+600$700
Chicago Bears Chicago Bears+2500$2,600

Best Bets on FanDuel Sportsbook for Experienced Players – High Risk

You may be looking for more high-stakes wagers for those who consider themselves experienced bettors. Those bets where you make a game-time decision or want to bet on something that occurs well into the future are available. If you want to bet on niche markets such as special teams in the NFL or which team you predict will finish in the top half of their conference, those markets and bet types exist on FanDuel.

FanDuel Teaser Bets

fanduel best bet teasers

Now things are getting slightly more complicated. You won’t get great odds on teasers, but they will give you the opportunity to parlay with a higher chance of winning. When you tease a line, you are adding or subtracting points to or from an already existing line. Teasers are typically offered only on football and basketball.

The amount a player can tease varies by sportsbook, usually four and seven points for basketball and six and seven points maximum for football. The whole line for each game in the parlay is moved depending on the tease you have chosen.

Alternate Point Spreads

If you are confident you can beat the bookmaker and have experience with new online sportsbooks, this bet is ideal for you. Let’s say you are betting on the NFL, and you feel you have a good read on a game. If this is the case, you may be ready to start venturing into creating your own lines. This is not straightforward and can be tricky to navigate, which is why it is a bet for experienced players and comes with an associated high risk.

Predicting a game isn’t easy; we would all be rich if it were. However, if you see a favorite you feel really good about -4.5, then it won’t hurt to nudge them up to –6.5 for better odds (for example, +110 instead of -110) without crossing through any key numbers.

FanDuel Prop Bets

Prop bets are fun wagers where you don’t always have to bet on the final outcome of the game. However, informed and experienced bettors have an advantage with props, like the first player to score a touchdown in an NFL game. If you know how a team plays, you might be able to find value.

Other prop wagers straddle the line. You could have options to choose from, such as will a winning driver have a car number higher or lower than 15, or will a player make a hole-in-one?

There are also prop bets that are just there purely for fun, including Super Bowl bets such as what color Gatorade will be splashed on the winning coach. However, if you want to get into the nitty-gritty of player props, they require some knowledge and research, so they may be better for an experienced player. When setting such wagers, it is also good to know how FanDuel early cash-out works, as they can pay much even before they are settled.

FanDuel Quick Bets

FanDuel offers some bets that will pay out before you even have time to get into the game. It has a quick bets market, which is especially popular with NFL players, that relates to the first plays on the field. These can be quite risky, as you never know how a team will start, even if they are the out-and-out favorites to win the game. It all depends on who warms up better and gets their head into the game first.

fanduel quick bets best

Nevertheless, they are extremely fun to try out. Can you predict the first scoring play in a football game, or even if both teams will complete their respective 1st passing attempts? Well, you can find out through FanDuel’s Quick Bets market, but be warned that it is not easy.

Which are the Best Bets to Make Money on FanDuel?

Everybody wants to maximize the potential profits you can make from a single bet. There is no better feeling than finding out you have won hundreds of dollars from a five dollar bet. However, one type of wager, in particular, ensures you can earn a potentially massive payout if everything clicks. If you are successful with the following, the FanDuel withdrawal methods are the only other thing you should care about.

Same game parlay on FanDuel


FanDuel parlays combine all some of the bet types discussed above (moneyline, point spread, etc.) into one big wager. The more bets in a parlay betting app, the more money you could win. However, the kicker is that if one of those bets loses, they all lose.

Parlays can be extremely exciting, especially during events such as the March Madness NCAA tournament. Parlays, and same game parlays, can be comprised of as little as two bets (sometimes referred to as ‘legs’) or up to a dozen bets depending on the sportsbook you are using. A four-team parlay will pay out around 13-to-1, while a 10-team parlay around 640-to-1.

Most parlays are made up of mix spread, moneyline, and over/under bets. New bettors love them because they hold that attractive possibility of a huge possible payout. But, for most sports bettors, they are very hard to win. This is why more experienced players make them part of their overall betting strategy.

Another form of parlay wagering is a round-robin bet. These are typically two-team parlays with anywhere from three to ten teams involved. With more wagers in a round-robin, the bigger the component parlays can be. Ultimately, parlays are an enjoyable way of betting on lots of games, with the attraction being a potentially massive payout if all of the legs hit.

FanDuel betslip

Parlay Hub

Recently, FanDuel launched a feature called Parlay Hub, in which it collects the most popular parlays across NFL, CFB, Soccer and Baseball games. There are a lot of hidden gems in this feature, and though you don’t need to try them out, you can always check to see what bets other players are combining into their parlays. It includes both SGPs and SGP+ which are same game parlays on two different games placed in the same bet.

fanduel sgp parlay hub


Futures are another type of wager where the payout can be substantial. The payouts on futures tend to be significant because you are betting on the outcome of something that is happening way into the future. This means lots of things can change and affect your bet.

For example, you may feel with Tom Brady as their quarterback; the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a great chance to win the Super Bowl. Because of this, you place a futures bet on Tampa Bay to win the Super Bowl even before the regular season begins. The payout will be large from one single bet as things could change, like Tom Brady getting injured, which would massively reduce their chances of winning. So, these are risky bets but with the potential to make a lot of money.

My Personal Favorite Bets on FanDuel

I am a big NFL fan and really enjoy sitting in on a Sunday, ready for a big slate of NFL matches. This is one of the reasons why parlays are my favorite type of bets. There is something really fun about betting on numerous teams who you think will win and combining them into one large wager.

Of course, they are unlikely to win as just one thing has to go wrong for the whole thing to fail. However, the potential payouts are huge, and it adds a lot of excitement when watching games you otherwise might not be interested in.

Some of my other favorite types of bets include:

  • Player Props
  • Same Game Parlays (From Parlay Hub)
  • Live Betting
  • FanDuel Round Robins

Of course, this is subjective. Fortunately, FanDuel has plenty of bet types, so it caters to all tastes.

Fanduel live betting


FanDuel is an excellent sportsbook for new bettors who might be a little unsure of how to place bets or what each bet means. The platform provides plenty of information regarding odds, payouts, how to play, and more to give you that level of comfort as you begin your betting journey. They also have an amazing FanDuel sportsbook loyalty program that you can join too.

It is also a great site for experienced bettors. There is a wide range of bet types and markets to get your teeth into, meaning you will never be bored.

All of the bet types listed on this page are available on the FanDuel sportsbook in states where it is available. So, whether you are playing on the FanDuel New Jersey, FanDuel New York, FanDuel Maryland, or FanDuel West Virginia sites, you have all of these wagers available at your fingertips.


What are the best bets to make on FanDuel?

Moneylines, point spreads, game totals and alternate point spreads are the most popular bet types. The best bet is really the one that offers the best value in terms of odds for risk. You may find a moneyline in which the underdog is seriously underestimated by a sportsbook. Though they have long odds, you feel like they probably will not win anyway, but then you can look for an alternate point spread and give them a little boost in exchange for slightly shorter odds. That may be all you need to push them over the line and lock in your win. Always look for good deals, and remember that with teasers, alternate point spreads and round robin bets, you have a lot of ways to approach the odds without exposing yourself to a large amount of risk.

How does round robin work on FanDuel?

FanDuel offers round robin bets, in which you can make doubles, trebles, four-folds or other smaller parlays on your bet. Imagine you have 4 bets and then place a doubles round robin. This means instead of one big parlay, you place 6x doubles on all the possibilities (A+B, A+C, A+D, B+C, etc). That way, if one or more of your selections does not come through, you can still win some money.

What is a FanDuel teaser bet?

A teaser bet is a bet on multiple teams to win their games, only they all receive a boost of +3 up to +14. The bigger the teaser, the shorter your odds will be. Bettors usually make teaser bets when they want to trade points in the betting line in exchange for more selections. That way, the teams picked have a strong advantage, and bettors can simply add more winning teams to the bet to increase the odds.

How can I get the best betting odds on FanDuel?

If you have multiple predictions and want to hit the best odds, your best bet is a parlay. Teasers will shorten your betting odds as it will give your teams a boost and make it easier to win. Round robins will cover a lot of possibilties, and so you can still make money if one of your selections does not come through. However, for best odds, you cannot beat a parlay. It does come with a higher risk than the other two options though.

What is the FanDuel parlay hub?

The FanDuel Parlay Hub brings you all the most popular parlays that are being placed right now. They are bets that other players are making at the minute, and you can see how many people have snapped these bets up. It is up to you whether you want to follow the crowd and pick out one of these bets, or to make your own parlay. Who knows, you may see one of your predictions make it onto the parlay hub too!