How to restore a bet365 restricted account


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If you have been betting online and making a lot of noise, you may experience issues that come with winning, such as having your bet365 account restricted.

Online sports betting is becoming mainstream in many US states. With the legalization of online wagering and online casino games, more people are looking to online sportsbooks to get their gambling fix. One of the operators that have benefitted from the growth of online betting in the US is bet365. The bet365 brand is one of the most well-known globally. They have built a reputation in Europe for providing some of the best odds, biggest markets, and generous bonuses and promotions available.

However, when people sign-up and claim their free bets to use on football, basketball, or and other betting markest, some are experiencing issues with their bet365 account. We are seeing bettors complain of having their account restricted or receiving messages stating their bet365 account under review. This then leads to a bet365 closed account. When they have tested their internet connection to ensure that isn’t the problem, many are left wondering why they can’t access their betting account. Additionally, lots of bettors who have had limits placed on their accounts are left wondering how long do bet365 restrictions last?

This article covers some of the reasons why you may have a bet365 blocked account or have some account restrictions. We understand it can be frustrating when an operator will no longer accept bets, and you have no clear idea why. So, if you are wondering why have bet365 closed my account permanently, read on to discover why this could be the case.

bet365 Restricted Account

What does it mean when your account is restricted?

So you have placed your first bet, linked your bank account, set the maximum withdrawal amount, and are happy with how things are going on your new bet365 profile. You then claim a free bet, scour the bet365 website to look through the different sport options before you place your wager. However, you are currently not allowed to log in because you have received information that your account has been restricted. You have no idea why this account closure has occurred and customer service is getting you nowhere.

If this sounds familiar, some of the reasons for this are listed below.

You Keep Winning

Believe it or not, bookmakers and sports betting operators don’t like it if you keep winning and taking money off them and your account balance is always healthy. If you have multiple bet365 accounts to try and make it look like you are spreading it around and not winning as much, they will find out. To keep them from restricting your account or multiple accounts because you are consistently winning, you need to play it smart. Make sure you are doing the following things to prolong the life of your account. Obviously, if you go up to $25,000 quickly, you will likely face restrictions, but these tactics should help extend the life of your account.

  • Bet round numbers: You should never be placing wagers for $153.33, as this makes it too obvious that you are arbitrage betting or advantage betting.  Always stick to round numbers, ideally the closest $100.
  • Bet on popular markets: Stick to wagering on major markets like the NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC, etc. If you are winnings thousands of dollars on Chinese soccer, your account will get noticed far more quickly.

You should be aware that all limits are imposed directly by a human who works at the sportsbook and not a bot. To get limitations placed on your account, you usually need to be up  $15,000+ profit or make it very clear to the sportsbook that you are arbitrage betting.

You Violated bet365 rules

bet365 recently upgraded its security and the rules for how players can bet. The bookmaker now uses endpoint location, which means operating the account via a VPN will result in the account being banned, as will IP spoofing software. Consequently, you can’t cheat the system by trying to bet using a VPN on a mobile device or computer as the operator will be alerted to this, and you will be banned.

This goes against the rules and terms set out by bet365 when you register for your account. Any new account is subject to restricted access measures if you breach any of these rules.

Ultimately, if you want to sign up for any betting site, whether bet365 or another, you must adhere to the rules. It is no good joining, claiming the matched betting welcome bonus but then trying to cheat the system as you will be found out.

When you open an account with the sportsbook, you may be required to send in documents to prove your identification. If you haven’t sent these in, or they have the wrong information on, this can lead to your account being closed or suspended.

You Answer yes to any responsible gambling question

All gambling operators worldwide must take the issue of responsible gambling extremely seriously. Gambling addiction is a big issue. It would look terrible for any serious company if they allow people who are vulnerable to continue to place bets when they are seeking some help. bet365 has an extensive section on the site and app that focuses on responsible gambling.

Some of the questions in this section include things like, do you bet until your last penny has gone? And do you feel suicidal losing money? There are around ten questions, and if you answer yes to any of them, your account will immediately have restrictions placed on it. This is vital, and these questions are there to protect you.

Multiple bet365 accounts

All betting sites and casinos only allow players to have 1 account. If you have tried to open multiple accounts, you will be flagged on the system and you may have 1 or all accounts restricted or shut down. Make sure you only use 1 account with the operator. If you are trying to claim multiple free bets and welcome promos using sportsbook promo codes, be smart and open accounts with other operators. There is no limit to the number of companies you can bet with, but keep in mind, you can only have 1 account with each of them.

You have limited access to markets

If you only bet on football and successfully bet on football, you may find that you have restricted access to some markets with the book. No sportsbook likes winning bettors. They are a business after all. Yes, you are trying to win of course, but the books want more losers than winners. If you always bet on football and consistently back winning teams and bets, then you could find you can no longer wager on football. You may still be able to access the sportsbook but find you can only bet on baseball, basketball, soccer, and other sports.

Can you restore a restricted account?

Depending on why your account has been restricted, you may be able to open it again and wager with the book. If you have been a victim of fraud or someone has accessed your account and bet without you knowing, you may have a case.

If you feel your account has been wrongly suspended, you can email supportusa-eng@customerservices365.com for support.

If your account is permanently closed with bet365, this doesn’t mean the end of the world. Fortunately for you, there are now a lot of other books available in the US. You can check out any of these recommended sportsbooks:

Is bet365 legal in USA?

As we have mentioned above, bet356 is one of the biggest gambling brands worldwide. The bookie achieved a considerable amount of success in Europe before venturing further afield and launching in the US market. Along with other operators, bet365 has taken advantage of the legalization of online betting across the US and has launched its app and desktop site in some states.

Currently, bet365 is available in New Jersey, New York, and Colorado. If you are a bettor in any of those states you can take advantage of features such as cash out and odds boosts on significant events. Additionally, they have made it known that they will be looking to launch in more states in the near future. If you live in either of these three states, you can sign up today and claim the bet365 welcome bonus. If you have tried to bet in a state outside of where bet365 is legal, this can also lead to your account being suspended.

Online and offline gambling in the US has historically been a sensitive subject until 2018, when it was legalized by the Supreme Court, removing the PASPA federal ban. Since then, sports betting has snowballed. Each state must individually legalize sports wagering in-person or online so casinos can apply for licenses. Currently, retail sports wagering is available in more states than online betting, but as revenues increase, this could change in the future.