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BetMGM Cash Out: How to End Your Bet Early For Profit

The cash out function is one of the most powerful tools you have as a sports bettor. Whether you are placing bets and watching live streams through the BetMGM Sportsbook or on the BetMGM app, you will always have the cash out option in your arsenal.

Whether you are sitting on a multiple leg parlay, a longshot BetMGM futures bet, or you have just placed a live bet midway through a game, it is always worth keeping an eye on the BetMGM cash-out offer. Integrating this feature into your betting strategy could play a big part in boosting your funds in the long run, and avoiding any last minute game changers or upsets.

On this page, our team of experts focus on the advantages of BetMGM’s cash out tool, and how you can implement it into your betting strategy. There are lots of aspects to consider about cash out offers at sportsbooks, and how to pick out the perfect moment to lock in an offer, then reel in your winnings.

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What Does Cash Out Mean in Sports Betting?

Cash out, or buy outs, are offered on most bets at BetMGM and rivalling top US sportsbooks such as DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars and PointsBet. By cashing out, you are effectively ending your bet early and letting the sportsbook buy back your wager. It is quite a simple process that can be broken down in 5 steps:

  1. You place your pregame bet
  2. The game starts
  3. The sportsbook gives you an offer to end your bet
  4. Whenever the price is right, you open your bet and click on the cash out option
  5. The sportsbook pays you the cash out offer, and your bet is closed

Of course, cash outs do not only refer to pregame single bets. You can also cash out parlay betsround robinsfutures bets and even some live bets. Think of cash outs as a security, or a way to avoid losing money on your bet. If you cash out your bet, the perk is that you lock up some profit that you can keep regardless of the score or how the event unfolds. So, you could choose to cancel the bet early on BetMGM if you feel it is struggling.

BetMGM cash out

A betting site will usually offer cash out while an event is running and before it ends. As a result, cash outs can be seen as a live in-play betting feature. However, cashouts could be offered mid-season as well. For example, if you like to try and get a high payout by betting early, you may be interested in futures bets. These wagers could be a BetMGM NBA futures on the team you think will eventually be crowned NBA champions.

Not all bets are eligible for Cash Out offers, and you may not be able to use it when claiming welcome bonuses such as a risk-free first bet. But they are most commonly available for any single bet or parlay bet.

How to Cash Out BetMGM Sportsbook

Cash outs are a popular feature of online and mobile wagering. Cash-out on BetMGM is available on selected sports for pre-game, live, future, and parlay bets. The total can be for more or less than your initial bet amount, depending on how events unfold after your bet has been placed. You will also be able to see if your bet qualifies for cash out when you add it to the bet slip.

When using the BetMGM app or desktop browser, the option is offered in two places: If the event has begun, cash out is shown in the My Bets section of the bet slip. If the event hasn’t started, you can access the cash out option in the cash out section. Bettors also can activate Auto Cash Out if the Cash Out value hits a certain number.

Cash Out isn’t guaranteed at all times, and you may notice a BetMGM cash out unavailable message appear. Once you click the cash out button, the system checks the availability of the respective bet. If the wager is already closed, or the respective odds have changed, cash out may be rejected. To see if your bet is eligible to be cashed out, sign in to your account on the app, or at If you are new to the sportsbook, sign up to receive a new player free bet offer.

We should point out that you can only cash out your bet in a state where BetMGM is legal. If you place a future bet in NJ for example, then travel to Florida and try to cash out, you won’t be able to.

BetMGM cash out example

When Should I Use Cash Out?

With the advent of online gambling, you have the ability to control your bet to more extent than you would if you visited Atlantic City. There is more flexibility with BetMGM payment methods, such as online banking, and this also applies to other aspects of the betting experience.

Cash-out provides that flexibility but knowing when to use it can be tricky. There have been numerous examples of people who have made a parlay bet where several of their selections have come in, and they have accepted the guaranteed profit cash out provides. However, their bet goes on to win, meaning they miss out on a much larger cash prize they would have received had the original bet been left to run to its natural conclusion.

For lots of bettors, profit is the name of the game, and they would be glad to accept a guaranteed profit on a wager rather than let the bet continue and have the opportunity to win more cash but risk the guaranteed profit they can collect.

Cash Out Example

So, you have placed a bet on an NFL game. However, the wager isn’t going well, and you want to cut your losses. Let’s look at what you do next.

NFL GameWagerStakeOddsFull ReturnEnd of Half Time Score
Cash Out Offer
End of Third Quarter Score
Cash Out Offer
New England Patriots New England Patriots vs Las Vegas Raiders Las Vegas RaidersNew England Patriots New England Patriots (-5.5)$10+100$20New England Patriots16 - 0 Las Vegas Raiders
Cash Out $16
New England Patriots16 - 18 Las Vegas Raiders
Cash Out $3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Logo Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Houston Texans Logo Houston TexansTampa Bay Buccaneers Team Logo Tampa Bay Buccaneers To Win$10+100$20Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Logo 5 - 15 Houston Texans Logo
Cash Out $2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Logo 19 - 18 Houston Texans Logo
Cash Out $12

Here we have two examples of how the cash out is offered. In the first game, where you bet on the Patriots to win with a spread of -5.5, after the first half you are winning your bet, so you can make a profit with the offer. After the third quarter, the Raiders make a comeback and the cash out offered becomes lower than your stake. If you think the Patriots can overcome the difference, scoring at least 8 points and finishing at least 6 points ahead of the Raiders, you can make $20. Otherwise, you might as well cash out at $3 and cut your losses.

The second game is the opposite, where at half time your bet looks to be all but lost. However, after a massive comeback, you can turn a profit at the start of the fourth quarter. The scores are still close though, so the offer is not massive. You have to make the tough decision: ride it out and hope to win $20, or take the $12. Remember though, if the Texans beat the Buccaneers, you will end up with nothing.

BetMGM Cash Out Strategy

There are some things you should consider before using the cash out option. Namely, that everytime you use it then you are trimming your potential winnings, and not taking in as much as you would if you let the bet play until the end of the game. Though the offer will reflect what is happening in the game, sportsbooks will not grant you 99% of your total potential winnings as soon as your team goes ahead in the game. You need to analyse the game carefully, and try to catch all the signs that your team may be struggling as early as possible.

  • Watch the game live – not on streams with a 1-2 minute delay
  • Download the MGM betting app to access the cash out offer faster
  • Don’t wait to cash out too late
  • Cutting your losses is better than finishing with nothing at all

Also, bear in mind that some sports are much faster scoring, such as basketball or tennis, in which case the cash out can fluctuate greatly in the space of minutes. In football, soccer or baseball the cash outs may take longer to make bigger jumps up and down.

Early Cash Out Strategy

One strategy that you can look into is cashing out early. Ideally, you would hold on for the first few minutes of a game, and once your team takes the lead and the cash out brings you a little profit, you cash out. It will not bring you buckets of money, but all you want to do is secure a profit. It only works if your team takes the lead though, and if the sportsbook offers you a big offer early on in the game.

BetMGM Cash Out Not Working

Just when you want to pull the plug on your bet, the last thing you want to see is a Cash Out Suspended message, or no option to cash out. There are a number of reasons why the cash out offer is not working, but first you have to make sure whether your bet is eligible for a cash out. For example, BetMGM may not offer cash out on the following bets:

  • Odds Boost Token Bets
  • Parlay Boost Tokens
  • Enhanced Odds Offers
  • Flash Bets or Other Quick Live Betting Markets
  • No Sweat Bets
  • Bonus Bets

This does not mean that BetMGM does not offer cashouts for all bonuses, live betting markets or boosted offers. You just have to double check, as generally the offers do not include a cash out feature.

With that cleared, let’s look at some of the reasons why the cash out function may be suspended for your bet.

Crucial Moment in the Game: When a big event happens in a game, the cash out function may be closed temporarily. For example, in NFL this can be a touchdown or field goal; in MLS it can be a penalty, corner or scored goal; in NBA a three pointer or free throw; in NHL a goal or penalty. You will not be able to cash out your bet until the play resumes, and the sportsbook generates the new odds and offers.

Multiple Leg Parlays: Generating the cash out offer takes some time for single bets, but for parlays it can take a lot longer. You may feel it takes even longer pauses when your parlay includes multiple games that are playing at the same time. The cash out offers need to be calculated for each game, and that can lead to the function being put on hold even more times during a game.

Last Minutes of a Game: When you are in the last few minutes of a game, or overtime, then you may not find the cash out option. Sometimes BetMGM may close the function for the last few minutes of a game. Be wary of this fact, especially if you are seriously considering cashing out close to the end of a game. You need to pick your timing well in order to guarantee some money back. Otherwise, you have to sit it out and wait until the end of the game.

Offer is Too Low: If your bet stands to lose, and there is not even a remote chance of the result to turn in your favour, then the sportsbook may not even offer a cash out. Say you bet on an NFL game and your team is down by 15 points and there is only 10 minutes to go. BetMGM may not even offer a cent in cash out. Now, if your team were to score 2 touchdowns and convert two field goals, they would only be 1 point behind the other team. The cash out will most probably become available again, though just how much you are offered depends on how much time is left and whether your team can make a miraculous comeback.


What does cash out mean in BetMGM betting?

Cash means the same on BetMGM as it does on all online bookmakers. Players can settle the bet early, meaning they get some returns even if the bet goes on to lose. Whatever payment selection you selected as a new customer will automatically be chosen as the banking used for any cash out payments.

When can you cash out on BetMGM?

When you have placed your bet, you can cash out early by heading to the 'My Bets' section and clicking the cash out button.

Can you cash out a parlay with BetMGM?

Yes, parlays are among the most popular bet types for the cash out feature. Cash out works well for both straight and parlay bets. You should also look for the same game parlay feature that is available on BetMGM (called One Game Parlay), which allows a bettor to combine their favorite bets for one game. This may suit one sport more than others, but it wouldn't be exciting for a major event such as the Super Bowl.

Why does cash out become unavailable?

If a market becomes suspended or frozen, cash out will become unavailable.

What does cash out suspended mean on BetMGM?

This happens when something occurs during an event—for example, a significant stoppage or a free-kick, or a corner kick in soccer.

Can you cash out on BetMGM out of state?

You can withdraw funds out of state but can't use cash out as you must be located in the state you are playing in to place a bet on the app.
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