BetRivers Bonus Store Guide

Some bettors swear by loyalty programs, while others couldn’t care less about them. However, even the most skeptical of bettors will change their minds with BetRivers’ iRush Rewards loyalty program.

The BetRivers Bonus Store is called iRush Rewards, and it’s a 11-tier loyalty program that’s available to all BetRivers account holders – including BetRivers Sportsbook, BetRivers Casino, and SugarHouse Connecticut users.

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Customers become members of the iRush BetRivers loyalty program and get access to the BetRivers Bonus Store automatically, so all you need to do to join it is open the BetRivers site or download the app, create an account, and place wagers. In return, you’ll be earning BetRivers loyalty points and bonus store points, which you can exchange for bonus betting credits, bingo tokens, and various rewards.

What is the BetRivers Bonus Store?

The BetRivers’ Bonus Store is a marketplace where users can exchange their BetRivers Bonus Points (BSP) for different types of bonuses. The bonuses are categorized into four categories: bonus money, bonus bets, bingo tokens, and profit boosts. Each bonus type has different levels, and they each cost a specific amount of Bonus Store Points.

Users earn BSP for every bet they place, regardless if the bet wins, loses, or pushes. It applies for all bet types, including moneylines, point spreads, player and team props, over/unders, and more, and it applies to straight wagers and parlays.

Notably, some bonuses also have a loyalty level requirement, and can be unlocked only once a user reaches a specific iRush Rewards VIP Program level.

iRush Rewards Program

How the BetRivers Bonus Store Works

The BetRivers Bonus Store works as an online store where users can purchase bonuses with the points they have acquired by placing bets and playing casino games. It’s available alongside the iRush BetRivers loyalty program, and to open it, you need to log in to your account, select ‘My Account’ from the drop-down menu in the top right corner, and open the Bonus Store.

Betrivers Bonus Store

There, you can also check out your Bonus Store Points balance, and the bonuses that you can buy.

Betrivers Sportsbook Bonuses

Note that there are two types of points at BetRivers:

  • Bonus Store Points (BSPs): These points are the currency that can be used to purchase bonuses at the BetRivers Bonus Store
  • Loyalty Level Points (LLP): With these points, users climb the iRush Rewards VIP program level

The BSP is the currency to use in the Bonus Store. Each bonus costs a different amount, and users need to accumulate enough points first to be able to buy a bonus from the store.

BetRivers Bonus Store Points (BSP) Accumulation

Users accumulate both BSP and LLP by placing sports bets and playing casino games at BetRivers. The iRush Rewards program is available in every state where BetRivers operates in (including Connecticut, where BetRivers operates under the SugarHouse brand), and every real money wager earns points, regardless of the outcome of the bet. The amount of points it earns depends on the bet type and the amount of money wagered on the bet. While straight bets earn a fixed amount of points, parlay bets offer more points if there are more legs in the parlay. Check out how many points each bet type earns, and how much you need to wager to earn 1 BSP.

🌀Bet Type💵Wager Amount to Earn 1 Point
Straight Bet$6
Parlay Bet with 2 Combinations$3
Parlay Bet with 3 Combinations$2
Parlay Bet with 4 Combinations$1.50
Parlay Bet with 5 Combinations$1.25
Parlay Bet with 6 Combinations$1.05
Parlay Bet with 7 Combinations$0.90
Parlay Bet with 8 Combinations$0.75
Parlay Bet with 9 Combinations$0.60
Parlay Bet with 10-12 Combinations$0.50

The Bonus Points at BetRivers never expire, but the maximum amount of points a user can acquire in a 30-day period is 30,000.

Rewards You Can Receive

The BetRivers Bonus Store has different types of bonuses that customers can purchase, and they’re divided into four main categories. Each category caters to different types of users, be it casino players, sports bettors, or bingo enthusiasts. In addition, we’ll present you with some of the promotions and bonuses that are available in the store now.

🎁Bonus Category🤑Available Promotions🧑Who is the bonus for:
Bonus Bets- Exchange 200 IRR BSP for $5 bonus bet
- Exchange 1000 IRR BSP for $30 bonus bet (available at VIP lvl 5 and higher)
- Exchange 7000 IRR BSP for $250 bonus bet (available at VIP lvl 9 and higher)
Sports bettors
Profit Boosts- Exchange 100 IRR BSP for 25% profit boost and up to $25 in additional winnings (maximum bet size of $5)
- Exchange 750 IRR BSP for 15% profit boost and up to $100 in additional winnings (maximum bet size $75, available from lvl 5 and higher)
- Exchange 2000 IRR BSP for 20% profit boost and up to $500 in additional winnings (maximum bet size $200, available from lvl 9 and higher)
Sports bettors
Bingo TokensBingo tokens are available in packages of 3, 5, and 10Bingo players
Bonus Money- BSP for Bonus Money conversions: Users can exchange IRR BSP for bonus money that can be used for playing casino games
- Scratch Cards: There are scratch cards of different value that can be purchased by exchanging IRR BSP
- Wheel spins: Users can redeem bonus store points for free wheel spins and win a random bonus at the wheel
Casino players

Promo Terms and Conditions

To enter the BetRivers Bonus Store, you first need to register with BetRivers. To do this, you’ll need to be in a state where BetRivers is legal and be of legal age, which is 21. Then, you’ll need to be a depositing customer, which means that you’ll need to deposit at least $10.

Since LLP and BSP are different, you’ll become a iRush Rewards loyalty program member the moment you create your account, but you’ll need to earn at least 40 IRR loyalty level points to gain access to the bonus store.

Besides the bonus store terms and conditions, there are other T&Cs that are specific to each of the bonuses you exchange your points for. For example, if you opt for a profit boost, there’s a maximum winnings amount that applies to the bonus, as well as a minimum odds requirement of -200 that you must abide by. In the case of bonus money, there are often wagering requirements that you first have to clear before you’re able to withdraw your bonus winnings.

Tips for Using the BetRivers Bonus Store Points

To make the best out of your IRR bonus store points, we suggest you save some points in your bonus store bank. Although 1000 IRR BSP for a $30 bonus bet is a good deal, BetRivers often releases exclusive bonuses for special events. For example, there might be a Christmas deal where you’ll be able to exchange 500 IRR BSP for a $50 bonus bet.

Whichever bonus you choose, however, make sure to read the terms and conditions in detail before you place your bet. For example, most sports betting bonuses require users to place bets with odds of at least -200, so if you place a bet with odds of -250, it won’t be eligible for the bonus.

Is the BetRivers Bonus Store Worth Using?

What so many bettors love about the BetRivers Bonus Store is that you don’t have to go out of your way to get mediocre bonuses. Instead, all you need to do is place bets to earn bonus store points – which is something you would do anyway.

Although most legal US sportsbooks have loyalty programs, they’re rarely as transparent and as flexible as BetRivers’ one. Caesars Rewards, the most popular rewards program worldwide, has amazing rewards, but they’re mostly available to high rollers. BetMGM Rewards, the loyalty program at BetMGM, does allow users to redeem points for real bonus money rewards, but BetRivers’ deals seem more fair.

Betrivers Loyalty Points Deduction

The only downside of the BetRivers iRush Rewards program is that the VIP level can downgrade fairly quickly if you’re not placing bets or playing casino games often enough, so it might not be a good fit for seasonal bettors.

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