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BetRivers Squares

Among the plethora of sports betting promotions, BetRivers Squares has rapidly become one of the most popular offers among football and basketball bettors.

Available at BetRivers’ online sportsbook, Squares is a great way to enhance your betting experience by offering a chance to win up to $10,000 in bonus money. New customers can register an account with BetRivers using the deposit code SPORTS to also get a free second chance bonus bet up to $500.

This comprehensive guide explains how BetRivers Squares works and what you must do to get in on the action. Moreover, we cover the essential terms and conditions, and look at the most effective strategies for claiming some big wins.

BetRivers Squares

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What are Squares in Betting?

Squares is an innovative promotion that’s exclusive to BetRivers. You can earn one, two, or a maximum of three Squares per game, depending on the size of your wagers.

As long as your bet amount is $10 or more on Same Game Parlays from eligible matches, you’ll receive some Squares. These come at no extra cost. Therefore, you have your original wager ticket that can payout and the added chance of winning bonus money if one of the Squares is a winner.

As a note, your bet ticket can lose, but you can still pick up a win from the Squares, which gives extra value to your bets on the game.

How the BetRivers Squares Promo Works?

Essentially, there are only three things you need to understand when getting to grips with how the BetRivers Squares promotion works.

The first is the eligible matches, which range from NFL and NBA games to NCAA basketball Squares. Once you’ve pinpointed a game, you must place an SGP wager – single bets are not accepted for this promo.

Finally, the third component is your wager size.

  • Bets from $10 – $24.99 get you one standard Square
  • $25 – $49.99 get you two standard Squares
  • $50+ wagers get your three Squares, with the payouts on all Squares boosted

After placing a qualifying bet, you’ll receive the appropriate number of Squares on a unique 100-square card. Each Square has two random numbers on it.

The number in the bottom left relates to the last digit of the visiting team’s point total, and the number in the top right is for the home team’s point total. If the numbers in a Square match those of the final score, you’ll win some bonus money.

The payout for a winning Square is $20. However, for boosted Squares, the possible payouts are $25, $50, $100, $1,000, or $10,000 in bonus money. The amount is revealed after a win.

BetRivers Squares Steps

Steps to Redeem the BetRivers Squares Promo

The BetRivers Squares promo is the perfect way to spice up your Same Game Parlay wagers. For newcomers who want to get started, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your BetRivers account. If you don’t have one yet, use this link to get signed up.
  2. Go to the Sportsbook and click the football or basketball tabs. All eligible games display a Squares icon, so you know which ones to bet on.
  3. After choosing a game, click on the Same Game Parlay (SGP) option and build your bet. As a note, the final parlay odds must be -200 or longer.
  4. With your selections made, open your bet slip and enter your stake. Remember that the amount you bet determines the number of Squares you receive.
  5. Once BetRivers has confirmed your wager, you’ll get a pop-up that notifies you of the random Square (or Squares) that you’ve earned. It’s possible to view the Squares board from the pop-up or via the My Account drop-down menu.
  6. If the two digits on one of your Squares match the last digits for both the home and away teams’ scores, you win a bonus money prize.

All payouts are automatically credited to your bonus funds wallet, which can be viewed from the My Account page, along with the necessary play-through requirements to convert the bonus money into real cash.

Important Terms and Conditions

Customers can log into their BetRivers accounts via the website or through the app to view the full terms and conditions for this promotion. However, our expert staff have gone through the small print and summarized the main points.

  • Bettors must be 21 or over.
  • You must be physically present in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.
  • The exact amount of Squares earned depends on your wager size (as highlighted above).
  • Only SGP wagers are eligible with minimum total odds of -200 or higher.
  • Each winning Square is paid as bonus money.
  • Only a boosted Square has a chance of winning a $10,000 payout.

BetRivers Squares No Extra Cost

Squares Betting Tips & Strategies

The BetRivers football and basketball Squares game is random because, unlike Super Bowl Squares, the sportsbook chooses the two numbers on your Square. That said, we can share a couple of tips to help maximize the wagering experience.

  • Boosted Squares are Best: Although you need to throw down $50 on a single game, the allure of winning $10,000 in bonus money makes this a good risk-reward ratio compared with the fixed $20 payout for a standard Square. Of course, responsible gambling is imperative, so always play within your means.
  • Keep the SGP Simple: First and foremost, your objective is to build a Same Game Parlay that has the best chance of winning. Therefore, keep the wager simple and close to the minimum required odds. The more legs on your parlay means more ways to lose, which is something you want to eliminate.
  • Research: The NBA or NFL Squares are random, but high-quality research will help you win the parlay. Essentially, if your SGP wins, the Squares promotion is a free hit at some bonus money.

Is the BetRivers Squares Offer Worth It?

All promotions suit some bettors more than others, so when asking the question, is this offer worth it, the only person who truly knows is you.

For instance, if you are an enthusiastic basketball and football bettor, Squares ticks the right boxes. Of course, if your preference is baseball, soccer, or another sport, it may be best to look around for other promotions.

Furthermore, are Same Game Parlays how you like to bet? If so, then Squares is certainly worth having a crack at. You should also consider the minimum bet amount. Don’t overstretch your bankroll for the sake of entering a promotion where you have a random chance of winning.

Certainly, Squares is a great offer and the $10,000 jackpot is awesome, but the terms and conditions need to suit your style of wagering.