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Betway Anytime TD Multiplier Bonus

Betway Sportsbook provides a large variety of prop bets on all major sports leagues, including the NFL. Football fans can now take advantage of a unique NFL-specific bonus that offers multipliers on touchdown prop wagers. The Betway Anytime TD multiplier can allow players to significantly boost their winnings on these specific wagers throughout the entire regular season.

To earn this bonus, members of Betway Sportsbook must place a $10 wager or more on a gameday touchdown scorer. Betway will reward a 2x on winnings if that player scores two touchdowns, and a 3x on winnings if the player scores three touchdowns. This promotion runs until the end of the year, offering bettors plenty of opportunities to earn multipliers on these NFL prop wagers.

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What is an Anytime Touchdown Bet?

An Anytime Touchdown bet is a unique NFL prop wager that requires bettors to pick a player to score a touchdown during a single game. Unlike a First Touchdown Scorer prop bet, in which players attempt to pick the first player to score a touchdown during a game, the Anytime Touchdown wager is simply on whether or not a specific player will score a touchdown at any time during a game.

If the player chosen scores a touchdown, the wager is won. It’s important to note that the scoring player is the one who crosses the end zone with the ball, not the quarterback who throws or hands the ball to that specific player.

How the Betway Anytime TD Multiplier Promo Works

Online sportsbooks love to encourage prop betting and the Anytime TD Multiplier at Betway Sportsbook does exactly that. This is a unique type of bonus that offers multipliers on correct Anytime Touchdown prop wagers. To earn these multipliers, however, the chosen player needs to score at least two touchdowns.

Once the chosen player scores two touchdowns, bettors will receive a 2x (1x Cash Win, 1x Bonus Bet) on their winnings. If that player scores three touchdowns, bettors will receive a 3x (1x Cash Win, 2x Bonus Bet) on their winnings.

As an example, let’s look at a $10 Anytime Touchdown Scorer bet with odds of +150. If the chosen player scores three touchdowns, the bettor will receive $15 in cash winnings and an additional $30 in the form of bonus bets from the multiplier.

Steps to Redeem the Betway Anytime TD Multiplier Offer

Redeeming the Betway Anytime TD Multiplier bonus is very easy. In fact, there is no opt-in process to claim this offer. The steps below explain how to redeem this bonus and receive winnings.

  1. Click the “Play Now” button on this Gamble USA guide page to register or log in at Betway.
  2. Create a Betway Sportsbook account.
  3. Find the NFL prop wagers offered at Betway Sportsbook.
  4. Place an Anytime Touchdown prop wager – The Betway Anytime TD Multiplier can only be redeemed for one game per day.
  5. Receive 2x on your winnings if your chosen player scores two touchdowns. Receive 3x on your winnings if your chosen player scores three touchdowns.

The funds received from this offer come in the form of bonus bets. It can offer up to $200 in total bonus bets per day, and up to $600 in bonus bets per week.

Bet $50 Get a $200 Bonus Bet

Important Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions associated with the Betway TD Multiplier bonus are generous and easy to understand. Learn about the most important rules connected to this bonus offer below.

  • The minimum bet requirement is $10.
  • The Anytime Touchdown wager must be placed prior to a game’s kick-off.
  • This bonus can pay a maximum of $200 per day and $600 per week.
  • To qualify for this bonus, the Anytime TD wager must be placed with real money – Wagers using bonus bets are not accepted.
  • Only one qualifying wager can be placed per game day.
  • Bonus bets received from this promotion cannot be used for futures bets.
  • This bonus is set to expire at the end of the year, but will likely resume.

Anytime TD Betting Tips & Strategies

Members of Betway Sportsbook have access to a great variety of NFL prop bets, including the Anytime Touchdown wagering option. Learn how to increase your success with these types of wagers by checking out the helpful tips and strategies below.

Focus on the Running Backs

Running backs and wide receivers earn the majority of touchdowns in the NFL. Expect to find the players with these positions as the betting favorites for Anytime Touchdown Scorer wagers. Running backs with a particular knack for breaking through the Red Zone are often the best players to focus these specific types of prop wagers on.

Spot Offensive-Defensive Mismatches

Another helpful tip is to keep an eye out for major mismatches between offensive and defensive players. For example, if a high-level wide receiver is being guarded by a relatively poor-performing cornerback, it can be a great decision to choose that wide receiver for your Anytime TD Scorer prop.

Understand Coaching Tendencies

The coaching staff of a football team has a huge impact on how that team is utilized in the red zone. Some offensive coordinators prefer a run-heavy approach, while others aim for their QB to throw the ball. Before making an Anytime Touchdown Scorer wager, make sure to understand how a team’s coaching staff tends to call plays when in closing distance of a TD.

Is the Betway Anytime TD Multiplier a Good Promo?

Anytime Touchdown Scorer props are the easiest types of bets to pick correctly in the group of wagers that also includes First Touchdown and Last Touchdown props. Even those with a basic understanding of football can often correctly pick which player will manage to score at some point in a game. This makes the Betway Anytime TD an excellent promotion, as it boosts the amount of funds players can earn by correctly picking this prop wager.

Several other popular online sportsbooks are offering somewhat similar promotions. Caesars Sportsbook, for example, is offering a 25% profit boost on correct First TD Scorer prop bets. Unibet Sportsbook is offering its members a Primetime Touchdown Boost promo that also gives a 25% profit boost on correct First TD Scorer props.

Few other online sportsbooks are offering a generous promotion for Anytime TD Scorer props. This makes Betway Sportsbook one of the best US sports betting sites for NFL fans this season.

Bet $50 Get a $200 Bonus Bet