Caesars Sportsbook Troubleshooting Guide


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Jan 5, 2023

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The new Caesars sportsbook is making all the headlines after taking over the William Hill Sportbook app. But it seems that the Caesars sportsbook and mobile app are hitting the news for all the wrong reasons.

Frustratingly the Caesars sportsbook app is having problems with several sources reporting that it is crashing or not working. The new Caesars/William Hill platform is brand new, and we expected a few teething problems to crop up.

We understand how extremely annoying it can get when you want to place your wager… and boom, your app won’t load, or you cant place your bet.

Our objective is to get you back up and running to wager on your favorite sports as quickly as possible. Sometimes you have to understand that a new betting app will have its glitches and problems, but a good sportsbook should be reliable when you need it to be!

Right from the bat, we have been impressed with the new platforms, but we know this hasn’t been the case for everyone. We have seen lots of customers reporting problems with the new sportsbook from Caesars on Twitter. So much, so players have been jumping ship and switching to BetMGM or DraftKings before even trying to fix the problems.

Caesars app not working

When we heard of the issues, we took some steps to try and get the app working again. If you have been having a problem, or that Caesars Sportsbook is down, try these tips to get you back up and running.

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Fixing the Caesars Sportsbook

If you want to get back to betting like an emperor, this guide should help cure most of the common problems.

Are you online?

Caesars sportsbook, like other apps, needs to have a mobile internet connection or Wi-fi connection when using the app. To test this connection, get yourself on to google and see if you can search for something or scroll on social media and see if any new comments pop up. This may sound like a no-brainer, but sometimes internet connections drop, and you think you are connected, even when you are not.

Sometimes faulty apps can even restrict or block your access to certain apps and make it appear like you are not connected. If you are using a VPN or proxy, even if only for security/private browsing, turn it off and try again.

Where are you located?

Geolocation services are commonly one of the factors that can restrict you from using sports betting applications. You must have location services switched on to use online sports betting apps. Locating users on mobile phones is normally quite easy, just ensure that you are allowing Caesars Sportsbook to have access to your location. Problems with sportsbook geolocation are pretty common and unique to Caesars sportsbook (or casino) app.

Since 2018 any state in the US has had the opportunity to legalize sports betting. As such online gambling is spreading across America, but there are many states where the activity is still not legal. If you are in a legal state and experiencing issues, then try our guide to fixing sportsbook geolocation problems for more help.

Caesars Sportsbook app problems

Do not try to use a VPN or proxy. Trying to fake your location is illegal and will lead you to have your Caesars account suspended and you being banned from the operator.

Is Caesars sportsbook available in your state?

Caesars Sportsbook is trying its best to emulate Rome and is quickly spreading its takeover through the US; however, they aren’t available in every US state. The legal states you can use Caesars sportsbook in are listed below:

AZ, CO, IN, IA, IL, KS, LA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TN, VA, WV, and WY.

Caesars Sportsbook has plans to also launch in Louisiana, and Maryland very soon, but for now, these states are off the roster.

It is completely legal to sign up for the Caesars online sportsbook outside of a legalized state. However, you can not place a bet unless you are within the states listed above.

Is Caesars sportsbook down?

The problems you are having may not be unique to you, from time to time, the Caesars sportsbook may be down. Like most mobile apps, errors can occur, and they may take some time to resolve. Unfortunately, these things never happen as quickly as you and I want them to, and this can even result in you missing laying that winning bet which isn’t ideal. This is the main reason we use a few operators. So that if you have problems with 1, you have a backup ready in the wings.

Caesars Sportsbook down

You can check to see if Caesars is down normally on the social media sites like @CaesarsSports or on the main website. Operators will often post service updates if things go down.

Still frustrated? Why not make the most of your experience and use another sportsbook application to make the most of your experience. We recommend using more than one sportsbook at a time. Putting all your eggs in one basket is an amateur move. Why not take advantage of the sign-up offers and free bets on other gambling sites that are available in your area?

Is your app up-to-date?

Brand new apps, software, and products normally come with more than a few issues. It takes some field testing and real users to find and trigger most problems. As the Caesars app was only released on August 21, 2021, we expected to see a few problems right away. And we were right. To fix these problems, an update was released pretty much right away. So if you are having issues with the app, more often than not, we will be that you are using an out-of-date app without realizing it.

For those of you with automatic updates on then kudos to you, you probably won’t have this problem. Open the app (Android and iOS users), and normally if there is an update available, it will say so and ask you if you want to update. Sometimes this doesn’t happen right away. If that is happening, uninstall the app, then download the latest version from iTunes or Google Play. You can find quick links on the Caesars Sportsbook site, which is still at

Caesars sports app not working

Problems with your Caesars sportsbook account

Your actual Caesars sportsbook account can often be the problem for you not being able to bet with Caesars. For several security reasons, your account can be banned or temporarily suspended. To check the status of your account, head over to and try to log in here.

If you can’t log in still, then get in contact with the help support team, via call, email, or live chat to check if your account is still valid. Sometimes accounts are placed on hold to verify them and confirm details. Your account may be flagged by security systems if you are logging in with a different IP address, or if they feel your account has been compromised. If you can’t log in online or on the mobile site, reach out to support for help at, then contact or live chat in the footer.

Wrong Account details

We may not like to admit it, but we all forget our passwords and account names. I hope for your sanity that this wasn’t the reason after considering all these other options.

If you can’t log in to your account, then try and reset your passcode to see if this is the reason that you can’t get into your account. When logging in, you will see a reset passcode or forgot password option. Enter your registered email, and you will receive a link inside your inbox that will allow you to reset your password.

If you have not received the email, then head back to the app and re-send the link. Still no email? You may have registered with a different email or made a spelling mistake during your singn up process.

If you are sure you have an account, don’t try and create a second account, as the operator only allows one account per customer. Doing this violates the T&Cs, and you can end up being suspended from Caesars and not able to wager here in the future.

Caesars NY issues

Caesars Sportsbook Promo Code Not Working

When Caesars launched their new sportsbook, they introduced one of the biggest risk-free bet offers we have ever seen. The $5,000 risk-free offer is awesome and sure helped Caesars get a lot of customers. Many new customers have had issued using the Caesars sportsbook promo code and have not been able to get it to work.

If you have been a previous customer of William Hill, you can’t claim the offer. It is only for new customers. Likewise, if you have already opened an account with the book, you can’t open a 2nd account and try and use the code again. Do not fear, there are plenty of other sportsbook promo codes available for you.

If you are a new customer and adding the promo code in the box and it won’t work, it may be the code is old, invalid, has expired, or has been claimed too many times. If this happens, you can use promo code GUSAFULL at and try again. We recommend clearing your cookies, or using a new incognito/private browser and seeing if that works.

What else is left to try?

Let’s get back to the basics, your best sports betting experience may only be a few steps away.

Download and delete the app

Sometimes applications need to be deleted and re-downloaded. Simply delete the application from your mobile device and re-download it on the app store and see if you can get back up and running.

Try to log in on a different device

To try and eliminate whether it is your device that is restricting your access to the Caesars mobile app, please try and access your account on another device. If you don’t have another device, then why not ask a friend or family member to use their device?

If this didn’t solve your problem

There is a strong level of support available with the Caesars sportsbook. You can contact them through the app, the regular desktop site, and through the mobile site. Support is available via Live Chat, email, and Caesars also has helpful phone support.

There are some handy FAQs and guides built into the app so you can head there if you have any additional questions, and this may help, although the info is more geared towards questions on deposits, withdrawals, bet types, etc.

Alternatives to Caesars sportsbook

If you are done trying to fix your Caesars app, and you want a fresh start on another sportsbook, we don’t blame you. We understand that these things can be frustrating sometimes, so we have provided 3 alternate sportsbooks that you can sign up for now!

With each, we have provided our review to make sure you are choosing the best app for you.

If you have been experiencing problems with Caesars and found a good fix or workaround, then please share it with us, and we can update our guide.