Do Shootout Goals Count as Goals in NHL?

Betting on NHL and other hockey games has not reached the same level of popularity as betting on football and basketball in the US. But the many different kinds of bets you can make in this sport are enticing more people than ever before to give hockey betting a try.

One aspect of the game that has many new hockey bettors puzzled is what happens to their wager if the game goes into overtime or a shootout. Does only the score at the end of regulation determine whether they win or lose, or does what happens during overtime or a shootout also count? This article will end the mystery and answer those questions.

Do Goals Scored in Shootout Count in Hockey?

Yes, goals scored in shootouts count. However, no individual players get credit for scoring a goal. Instead, regardless of how many goals are scored during a penalty shootout, the team that ends up with the most goals gets one point added to its score.

Thus, for example, if the score is tied 1-1 at the end of regulation and still tied 1-1 at the end of overtime but Team A scores 3 goals during the shootout and Team B scores just 2 goals, Team A will win the game by a final score of 2-1.

Shootouts occur in hockey games and affect NHL betting outcomes a lot more often than you might think. Many hockey games are tied at the end of regulation, and since under the current rules, it is impossible for any NHL game and most other professional hockey games to end a tie, the game goes into overtime. Overtime periods (up to 5 minutes in preseason and scheduled regular season games and up to 20 minutes in postseason games) use a sudden death format in which the first team to score wins the game. However, in many hockey games, at the end of the first overtime, the score is still tied.

During playoff games, play will then continue over as many additional overtime periods as necessary until one team scores. However, preseason and regular season NHL games with no additional scoring in the first overtime period, instead of going into one or more additional overtime periods, go into a shootout.

During a shootout, each team selects three players to take turns taking a penalty shot in which they have one opportunity to score. After all six players have taken their shots, if one team has scored more goals than the other, that team is declared the winner, and the game ends. However, if the score is still tied, the shootout continues in a sudden death format.

Best NHL Hockey Betting Apps and Their Shootout Rules

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Some shootout rules might vary at different online sportsbooks. Therefore, before placing your bets, read the sportsbook’s rules regarding moneyline, puck line, total goals, and props carefully, as depending on which sportsbook you are using, there might be differences in the effect of a shootout on the outcome of your wager.

The links provided above are for top NHL betting sites only. We will now take a closer look at the important shootout rules at three top betting sites.

Does a Shootout Goal Count as Goals on FanDuel?

Fanduel Sportsbook Lobby

Moneyline Bets

One of the many types of wagers you can make at this sportsbook is a moneyline bet. This is a hockey bet on which team you think will win the game outright without regard to the margin of victory. FanDuel offers several variations of this bet, including all of the following:

  • 2-way bet

You can bet on either the favorite or the underdog to win, but you cannot bet on a draw at the end of regulation. Both overtime and shootout scoring count for bet settlement purposes.

  • 3-way 60-minute bet

This form of hockey betting gives you three options – the favorite, the underdog, or a draw – but the results are based only on what happens during the 60 minutes of regulation time. Because there are three moneylines instead of just two, you get better odds on the favorite than on a 2-way bet. However, any wager on either the favorite or the underdog is an automatic loser in the case of a tie.

Puck line Bets

These are bets on the margin of victory, but NHL games use a puck line rather than a point spread. The line on the favorite is  – 1½ goals, and the line on the underdog is + 1 ½ goals. Therefore, if you bet on the favorite, the team has to win by two goals or more. If you bet on the underdog, the team can either win the game or lose by just one goal.

Overtime and shootouts count. However, only one additional point is awarded to the winning team’s score. So, if the game is tied at the end of regulation time, all puck line bets on the underdog automatically win, and all puck line bets on the favorite automatically lose.

Over/Under Bets (totals)

Overtime and shootouts also count when betting on totals. When the game ends, the winning team has one point added to its total, and the total score for both teams combined also increases by one point.

Team and Player Props

Unless otherwise stated, overtime and shootouts count for bet settlement purposes in prop bets.

Same Game Parlays

Likewise, unless otherwise stated, overtime and shootouts count.

Does a Shootout Goal Count as Goals on DraftKings?

Draftkings Sportsbook Lobby

In addition to all of the above bets, DraftKings offers a variety of alternative hockey betting options that do not consider overtime and shootouts, for example, 3-way over/under bets, Tie No Bet, and Double Chance bets (a combined wager on one team to win and a draw). DraftKings also has various specific rules pertaining to certain other types of bets. However, unless otherwise stated, overtime and shootout goals count. See the DraftKings website or mobile app for the complete list of hockey rules.

Does a Shootout Goal Count as Goals on bet365?

Bet 365 Lobby

Yes, bet365 counts shootouts, unless otherwise stated. Three-way betting (60 minutes of regulation time only) is an option on moneyline bets.

Does Overtime Count in Betting?

The general rule across sportsbooks is that, unless otherwise stated, when determining whether hockey bets are winning or losing selections, overtime and shootouts are included in the count.

One exception would be prop bets for a specific period. If you are making a moneyline or puck line bet and you do not want overtime and shootout scoring to be factored into the bet settlement, consider making a 3-way bet instead.

Do Shootout Goals Count as Goals in Hockey Stats?

Shootout goals do not count toward the stats of individual hockey players. One point is added to the winning team’s score, even if more than one goal is scored during the shootout. Team standings increase by two points for the winning team and one point for the losing team.