If you are having problems using your DraftKings sportsbook mobile app, you want to know what steps you can take to get back to being able to bet. Our guide is here to help fix any problems you may be experiencing with the Android & iPhone apps.

We have all been there. Wondering where your sports betting activity will lead to that day, but technical issues on the DK app get in the way. So, what could have gone wrong, and more importantly, how can you fix it so you can get back to the important stuff and lock in that bet? It could be that the DraftKings mobile app not working, DraftKings not updating, or just your mobile app running slow.

The DraftKings sportsbook is one of the most prominent online betting sites and sportsbook apps, but that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed not to encounter any problems when you download DraftKings app. This can be very tiresome and frustrating for a lot of bettors, especially if you are trying to place a bet right in the middle of the big game.

If you are having issues using your DraftKings app, sportsbook, or casino, we want to help you sort them out. We understand many people may have taken to reddit to vent their frustrations, but we are here to help.

This isn’t an article suggesting we don’t like using the DK betting app. DraftKings always has amazing promos and odds, and we love its daily fantasy sports contests and its free bet offers. Additionally, if it came down to a FanDuel vs. DraftKings battle, we would always take DK straight from the bat. But, as we said above, many bettors come across issues when placing bets on numerous apps.

DraftKings sportsbook app not working

However, we frequently receive feedback from people revolving around the DraftKings app crashing, or they are having a similar problem with the FanDuel app not working. Additionally, as more smart devices are used, we see complaints suggesting the DraftKings app not working on Apple Watch and other smartwatches. If you feel these problems are consistently hindering you, there are some alternatives to DraftKings sportsbook. We can thoroughly recommend the below two sportsbooks and they only take a few minutes to join.

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How To Fix Your DraftKings Sportsbook App

There could be several reasons why your DraftKings app isn’t working. Once you have searched social media asking, Is DraftKings down today? And discovered it is just not working on your device; there are numerous things to look out for. We have listed some of the best fixes below to get you back on track.

#1 – Make Sure There Is Money In Your Account

This seems like an obvious thing to state, but always ensure you actually have funds in your account. On all Android and iPhone apps, you can log in and check your balance. If there are no funds in your account to wager, you must add some via the deposit option from the cashier’s tab.

Funds DraftKings Sportsbook account

If you have recently added funds, it may take an hour or so to clear in your account. If it’s been a while since you made a deposit and it’s not showing then reach out to customer support.

#2 – You Must Be In A Legal State

DraftKings is now available in most legal sports betting states, but not all. There are some states that do not allow mobile betting, and customers can only wager in-person at a retail sportsbook. If you are in a legal state such as New Jersey, you may have a DraftKings location error or problems with geolocation. If you come across a software error message stating ‘DraftKings location not found,’ check out our geolocation sportsbook guide.

Check that you have allowed the app to access your location, so you don’t receive this error message. You can do this by accessing the location services tab on your device.

States DraftKings sportsbook is available in: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia

#3 – Make Sure You Are Using The Latest Version Of The App

Software developers are frequently tweaking apps and improving them. If you are running an older version of the app, you may come across issues as it may not be supported. To check you are using the latest version of the app, iPad and iPhone users can go to the iTunes app store and check for an update. Android users can check the Google Play Store for any updates, or go to sportsbook.draftkings.com to check.

Update DraftKings sportsbook app

#4 – Your Account Must Still Be Active

Before you check the DraftKings sportsbook status page and DraftKings FAQ, always check your account settings. A player experiencing account problems is standard with any sportsbook. Your account may have been closed, inactive, or you could have asked permission for it to be shut down in the past. You may need to get in touch with customer support, send over your details, including your username and password, and ask them to check if your account is still active. If you have forgotten your login details, you can request for them to be reset.

You may have had your account locked or restricted. If this is the case, there are steps you can take to see why your DraftKings account has been restricted and how to fix it.

#5 – DraftKings app running slow

We don’t like slow. Slow service, slow games, slow internet, and definitely not slow apps. If your DK sportsbook app is running slow, it can be for several reasons. If there is a big game happening and a lot of customers are betting on the app and mobile site, the server can go under increased pressure and not be able to handle all the traffic (this happened during the Super Bowl). You can wait a few minutes to see if it speeds up, or try another app.

It may be that your internet is running slow and this can cause the app’s interface to lag. Check you have good coverage and try again. Also, make sure you have updated to the latest version of the app. You can do this in iTunes, or in Google Play via the links on the mobile site on  sportsbook.draftkings.com.

If you have a few apps open, your phone’s memory may be at capacity and cant process the app requests. Shut down all your apps and see if that fixes the problem.

#6 – Remove The App & Download Again

Before removing the app, you should first try and force stop the app. Do this and then try and open it again.

We are sure you have heard the classic line ‘have you tried switching it on and off again.’ That applies here as well. Just uninstalling the sportsbook app then reinstalling it can actually fix all your issues. This process is straightforward; simply hold down the icon on the screen and press uninstall. To re-download the app, head to sportsbook.draftkings.com.

#7 – Ensure There Is Good Internet Connection

If you are not connected to the internet, online gambling isn’t possible. You may encounter a connectivity issue which means the DraftKings app won’t work as it can’t connect to the network. You can perform a test via your browser. Can you access and load other pages? If you can load pages, then the problem is with the app. If you can’t, you can attempt to connect to WiFi or check your 4G/5G signal.

Connectivity problems DraftKings app

#8 – DraftKings Login Problems

We have experienced issues on the app where you have entered your login credentials correctly, but you still cannot move past the login screen. This is hugely frustrating when you are trying to place a bet quickly, and you keep coming up against obstacles. You may notice the error message “Service unavailable; please try again later.” This means there could be a problem with DraftKings servers which are preventing you from login into the app. If this is the case, there is nothing you can do apart from share your issues with them, so they are aware and wait for a response.

#9 – Are You Betting At DraftKings Using A VPN?

You are only permitted to wager at DraftKings in a state where sports betting is legal. Trying to trick the system by using a VPN to lie about your location won’t work. If you get caught, your account will be suspended, and you will be banned from using the platform in the future.

Fixing DraftKings sportsbook app problems

#10 – Have You Tried The Mobile Site?

If the app is persistently causing you to throw stuff around in anger, try logging in on the mobile site at sportsbook.draftkings.com. If you can log in via this method, then the issue is with the actual DraftKings app not working. Make sure your mobile device is updated and using are using the newest version of the app. Alternatively, you can try restarting your phone. These common issues occur in both the Android and iPhone versions of the DraftKings app, so they are not specific to one type of operating system.

#11 – DraftKings app keeps crashing

We have always found DK to have one of the most stable and reliable wagering apps, but even the best sometimes break and crash. If you open the app and it keeps crashing at the login screen, 1st make sure you are using the latest version of the app. Remove the app and download the latest version of the application. Clear your phone’s memory by closing all the apps and launch the app. If there is a huge game on, a lot of bettors will be using the app and this overload of people can cause it to crash for everyone.

Look For An Alternative Sportsbook

If you have gone through all of the above steps and still can’t open the app, it may be time to move on. You can try one of these fantastic DK sportsbook alternatives:

DraftKings remains one of the most prevalent online sportsbooks among US bettors. However, we hope they can provide fast solutions to the app login problems that seem to happen.

These issues don’t happen with the DraftKings sports betting app, they can also happen with the DFS app too. If you are experiencing an issue with the DFS app, then you can also try the steps above too.

DraftKings DFS app down

Common Error Terms

Some common terms you may see when you having problems with the mobile app are:

DraftKings location error
DraftKings network error
For security purposes, you are required to turn off any applications that can tamper with your device’s location


Does using a VPN Work for DraftKings Sportsbook?

As we mentioned above, using a VPN to access a sportsbook is not allowed. If you are playing in a state that doesn’t permit casino gambling or sports betting, and you attempt to use a VPN, you could get caught. If this happens, your account will get suspended, and you will not be able to place a bet.