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FanDuel Parlay Hub

FanDuel has steadily grown to become one of the premier online sportsbooks in the US. Since their virtual doors opened in 2018, they have continuously pushed the boundaries of online sports betting, growing an empire adored by millions across the country. One of their newest innovations is the highly popular FanDuel Parlay hub.

With this incredible feature, and the FanDuel $1,000 insurance bet, sports wagering has never been more exciting. Head over to the FanDuel sportsbook app or website, sign up, and enjoy countless betting options, competitive sportsbook odds, and a luxurious welcome bonus.

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What is the FanDuel Parlay Hub?

FanDuel Parlay Hub

For those who don’t know what a parlay bet is, it is when you combine multiple betting options into one wager, and to win the bet, all the outcomes need to be correct. The chances of all the wagers landing are small, but with the separate odds multiplied, parlay bets have massive winning potentials.

What FanDuel has done is create an easy and quick way for customers to add trending parlays to their bet slip. The FanDuel Parlay hub offers many pre-constructed parlay bets, consisting of money lines, totals, spreads, player props, and team props.

It can be same game parlay bets, or separate game parlays from the following parlay betting markets:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Ice hockey
  • Soccer

You can combine bets from the NFL super bowl to season games in the NBA, whatever you like.

How it Works

FanDuel Parlay Lobby

To enjoy the FanDuel Parlay hub feature you must create a FanDuel sportsbook account. Once you have signed up via the FanDuel sportsbook app or website, you will see the FanDuel Parlay hub section on the drop down burger menu on your left. On there, you will find a parlay betting market filled with a mixture of different parlay bets, which can be selected with one tap. There is no need to build your own, as FanDuel already has the most popular bets compiled in 4-7 bet parlays.

The top parlays will be trending bets from FanDuel players, showcasing how many people are betting on it. The highest trending bets will be in ascending order from the drop down lists. There are also odds boosts available on selected parlays.

These trending parlays can be a mixture of NHL, NBA, MSL, or NFL games.

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Benefits of the Parlay Hub Feature on FanDuel

The standout benefits of the FanDuel Parlay feature come down to the following:

Saving time:

Looking for individual team or player prop bets from different betting markets can take quite some time, but thanks to the Parlay Hub feature, players can quickly find and bet already assembled parlays, saving time and effort.

Sports bettors advantage:

FanDuel’s pre-assembled parlay bets are what is trending amongst other gamblers. This can give great insight as to what the majority thinks will happen. This does not increase your winning chances but could give you an idea of what bets might be more likely to happen according to your fellow bettors.

Odds Boosts:

FanDuel offers odds boosts on selected parlay bets. Go to the Parlay Hub to see the daily boost promotions. Some players on public FanDuel groups have expressed their delights in winning the boosted parlays.

Best use of the FanDuel Parlay Hub

FanDuel Parlay Bet

If you want to win big, FanDuel Parlay Hub is the best place to be. While you don’t have to risk big, parlay bets are famous for their high returns. That is because the wager’s odds are multiplied when combined in a parlay bet.

Another great use for the FanDuel Parlay hub is when you have high wagering requirements to complete. A 6-bet parlay will have major returns, making up for a big chunk of your playthrough requirement. If you prefer to play more conservatively, place bets on -1000 odds and lower for more consistent returns.

Note: It is important to look at each bet individually in the parlay. The first 3 bets might be super easy, low risk bets, but it only takes one very unlikely bet to overthrow your chances. Try to find parlay bets that have all low risk bets.

Tips and Strategies for FanDuel Parlays

When it comes to sports betting, there are some tips and tricks that could help you land a winning bet even on FanDuel:

Stay up to date with sports:

The best way to predict any sporting outcome is by staying on track with the latest news, team and player forms, or anything else that could give you a hint at possible game and player outcomes.

Use the FanDuel promotions to your advantage:

Like many online sportsbooks, FanDuel offers a generous welcome bonus to help you get started. Using one as the $1,000 first bet bonus on built parlay bets could be a massive pay out. Firstly, it will cover most of the wagering requirements and may even come with an odds boost or other additional promotions.

Manage your bankroll:

Parlay bets are famous for their high returns. Players can sometimes get carried away with the idea of landing these high risk high reward 7 bet parlays. While we do not reject the idea, we do urge you to play strategically. Start with smaller parlays, or smaller wagers, see how it goes, and increase from there.

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