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How To Bet At BetMGM: Easy To Follow Guide

Learn the ropes of how to bet at BetMGM using our guide; here, we will look at how to create a betting account, make your first deposit, and place your first bet at BetMGM, and how you can cash out any winnings.

BetMGM is rapidly growing to be one of the nation’s favorite sportsbooks, and a lot of sports fans are taking note and wanting to place a wager with the operator. But if you are brand new to sports betting, you are probably wondering where to start. Well, don’t worry, placing a bet with BetMGM is easy, and we are going to show you exactly how to place a bet.

Online sports betting is exploding across the States, and many people who have never thought about wagering before are becoming interested in making some money on their favorite sports. Although retail sports betting has been around for a while, betting online is a different ballgame. Before you choose a sports betting brand to join, there are many things to consider.

Although sites such as BetMGM are flourishing, online betting in the US is still a relatively new concept. Legal sports betting apps have only just launched in states like New York, for example, and people may not know how to bet on sports. The thought of risking your own money on a betting app that you are unfamiliar with might seem intimidating for a first-time sports bettor. Fortunately, placing a bet online is a straightforward process. It is also easy to place bets on the BetMGM sportsbook app.

MGM is looking to expand beyond being known for its casino gaming and MGM Resort. Rather than players visiting the platform to play BetMGM poker and/or make use of the BetMGM poker bonus codes, the company is also encouraging to bettors to sign up and wager on the Super Bowl and other significant sporting events as it tries to compete with other sites such as FanDuel sportsbook in the sports betting world.

With that said, if you want to find out how to bet on BetMGM sportsbook, we’ve got you covered. We will discuss how to use BetMGM, how to make a BetMGM sportsbook deposit, the best way to bet on BetMGM for newcomers, and the range of bets available. Think of this as your BetMGM for dummies guide or a sports betting tutorial before you get stuck in and place your first bet with the book!

Up To $1,500 First Bet Offer

First, Create a BetMGM Sportsbook Account

Before you can take advantage of all of the sports betting options at BetMGM without creating an account first. The sign-up process is straightforward, and it takes just a few minutes to open a BetMGM account. You can easily make an account on the BetMGM site, which you can do on mobile or online at

Once on the site, follow the below steps to register for an account.

  1. Enter an email address. Make sure it is one you regularly use, as BetMGM will email various promotional offers. After that, you will need to choose a password, enter any BetMGM bonus code you have, and click continue.
  2. Then you will need to follow the prompts and enter your details. This is all standard information that any legal online sportsbook will require for verification and safety reasons. The details you will need to enter include your name, address, and the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  3. The final step is to confirm that you have read the terms and conditions, are located in a legal betting state, and are at least 21 years of age.

How to bet on BetMGM

BetMGM will verify your details as part of the registration process. The whole thing can be done in minutes and is simple and efficient. Once everything has been confirmed, you can claim your bonus opening bet worth up to $1,500. Use the BetMGM promo code GAMBLEUSA to qualify for the offer.

Once you have completed this process and started betting, you will become part of the M Life Rewards program. This is the name of the MGM rewards scheme, which helps you turn everyday purchases into winning exclusive prizes by earning tier credits and points.

BetMGM is one of the most popular operators available, mainly because of how easy it is to use. You can be brand new to sports betting or an experienced pro; placing a wager on BetMGM is easy to do.

How to Deposit at BetMGM

Now your account is sorted, it’s time to make a deposit to your BetMGM account so you can place your bet with the book. Like creating a new account, the process for adding funds is simple. Go to the deposit section in the main menu and select the method you want to deposit. Then on the next screen, enter the amount you want to deposit and the card details, then press deposit.

BetMGM deposit

BetMGM has numerous banking methods for both deposits and withdrawals. These payment options may vary by market, but there’s a good range of options in each of the legal states the site operates in.

  • ACH e-check
  • BetMGM Play+
  • Credit card: Mastercard, Visa, or American Express
  • Check by mail
  • Online banking transfer
  • PayNearMe
  • PayPal
  • Retail casino cashier
  • Skrill
  • VIP Preferred

In some states, bettors have the ability to deposit into their accounts through the casino cage at a BetMGM casino partner. There should be plenty of payment options on any online sports betting site, and BetMGM includes all of the expected e-wallets and efficient systems we would expect from a modern sportsbook.

How To Place A Bet At BetMGM

BetMGM ensures that everything on the site is displayed to make the wagering experience smooth. Once you log in, the main betting lobby will show popular upcoming significant games and events. The default listing will display all of the main pregame betting options for that sport. You can also scroll to find a sport to bet on at the top of the screen or select the A-Z menu on the footer of the page.

This will show all the available sports you can bet on (we list these below). Select the sport you want to bet on, say basketball, for example. For all of the most prominent team sports, you’ll see a similar style of listing with the odds for moneyline, total, and spread bets. If you want to see additional options, simply click on the “all wagers” link in the lower right.

Basketball bet BetMGM

That will reveal all of the other available bets, including BetMGM, same game parlays, player props, and alternate lines. When you have found something you want to wager on, just click on the odds that correspond with your choice and add it to the bet slip. Tapping on any of the odds boxes will add this selection to your bet slip. If you make a mistake or want to change your picks, you can do this on your betslip so don’t panic if you tap the wrong odds.

Once you have made your selections, tap on the betslip and review your selections. If you are happy with your choices, enter the amount you want to bet (the stake), and you can see how much you will win should your bets come in. When you are happy, press place bet, and that’s all there is to it.

Place bet BetMGM screenshot

Once you have placed your bets, head to the “My Bets” section. Here, you can track the progress throughout the game and take advantage of any early cash-out offers that may come up. But before you go downloading the sports betting app and placing a point spread bet, it is important to know the types of bets BetMGM offers.

If your bets are successful, they are usually settled within a few minutes. Once this happens, your funds will be available in your account, you can then make a withdrawal from BetMGM. Withdrawing is just as easy as making a deposit. Check out our separate guide for full instructions.

BetMGM Sports Coverage

BetMGM has one of the biggest choices when it comes to sports betting. They have markets and odds for all of the big, popular sports. You can bet at the sportsbook on the following sports:

American Football (NFL, NCAA)MMA (UFC)Rugby (League, Union)
Basketball (NBA, NCAA)Tennis (WTA)Cycling
Baseball (MLB)BoxingDarts
Hockey (NHL)DartsHandball
Soccer (EPL, MLS)CricketLacrosse
Golf (PGA)BadmintonPool
Auto Racing (Formula 1)Table TennisSnooker

How To Bet Football At BetMGM

Football is the biggest sport in the US, and you can access all sorts of lines and BetMGM prop bets for NFL matches. To access the football betting options, view the list of the major team sports from the main lobby. The biggest upcoming NFL matches will all be listed, so click on the match you are interested in or use the menu to select football, then find the game you want to bet on.

You can then select spread, total, or moneyline bet or click on more wagers to view more markets and betting options. When you find what you want to wager on, just tap the odds box to add that selection to your betslip. If this is your first time betting with BetMGM, keep it simple and keep away from complex bet types. Tap on the Betslip, add in your stake, and then press place bet.

How to bet on football BetMGM

Let’s look at the types of bets in more detail that you can use to wager on your favorite NFL team.

Type of Bets at BetMGM Sportsbook

Before we talk about how to place each type of bet individually, we thought it was worth listing them. BetMGM provides all of the major bet types and has excellent resources to help a new bettor get acclimated, including guides and information. The most prominent types of bets on BetMGM are:

Now that you know what the names of the bets are, the next step is showing you how to place these bets and get that bankroll moving.

How To Bet Moneyline At BetMGM

A money line bet is the simplest type of wager, so it feels like a good place to start! It is one of the most popular forms of sports betting and only includes odds, as in “odds to win .” You are only predicting the outcome of a game. The favorite will always have a minus sign (-) displayed next to it, while the underdog is indicated by a plus sign (+). You can get these across sports, but it is prevalent in baseball and hockey. If you are betting on the favorite, the moneyline is the amount you would have to bet to win $100. The moneyline is the amount you stand to win with the underdog if you bet $100.

Take the below example:

  • LA Rams (-300)
  • Arizona Cardinals (+250)

In this instance, you would have to wager $300 on the Rams to win $100. Alternatively, the same bet on the Cardinals would see you win $250. Moneylines always assume a base of $100. 


How To Bet Over/Under At BetMGM

This type of wager is also known as a total. If you are making a total bet, you are placing a wager on the combined points from both teams at the end of the game. Subject to the odds, you can wager either over the projected total number or under, hence the name. You can place these bets before the game or during the first half.

For example, say you wanted to bet on a Dallas Cowboys running back’s total rushing yards. The total is ‘set’ at 85 yards. If when the game finishes, the Cowboys running back gets to 86 yards or more, the ‘over’ wins, and you can celebrate a job well done.

How To Place Prop Bets At BetMGM

Prop bets, or proposition bets, are also referred to as side bets because they allow you to wager on specific events that occur within a game instead of just on the game itself. Game props are usually presented as moneylines and can cover a range of in-game events, such as a basketball player scoring a certain amount of three-pointers.

In NFL betting, one example of a prop bet would be Patrick Mahomes over 280.5 passing yards (-120)  

How To Place Parlays At BetMGM

Parlays are widely regarded as one of the trickiest types of bets. This is where you place wagers on the outcome of multiple games, and all of them need to win for you to get a payout. The sports betting odds for each game or ‘leg’ of the parlay are multiplied by one another to determine the overall odds of the parlay wager. Parlays can be made up of many bet types, including spread, over/unders, and moneylines. This is risky, but you can win a large amount of money if it comes off, and certainly more than if each wager was placed separately.

BetMGM also provides same game parlays, or a BetMGM one game parlay as known by the book. These bets are a  low-risk, high-reward strategy that allows you to combine your favorite bets to earn a large payout for one game. To place a One Game Parlay wager on BetMGM, head to the sport, league, or event page and select the game or match you wish to wager on. One Game Parlay” is visible for the qualifying games and matches.

How To Place Teasers At BetMGM

A teaser follows the same lines as a parlay bet but allows the game totals and point spreads on two or more picks to be adjusted. A set number of points are given to all choices in the teaser, “teasing” them down, which means larger payouts for the player. The odds are determined by the number of chosen picks and the number of selected points.

All selections must be successful for the overall bet to win. If one choice in a teaser results in a push/draw, that pick is removed, and the odds will change accordingly.

Teaser example:

We have taken a 2 team 6-point teaser, and our two selections are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6 and the LA Rams +2.5. With a teaser bet, the additional 6 points are added to both teams presenting us with a new line: the Buccaneers at +12 and the Rams at +8.5. Both teams must win at these new lines for you to receive a payout.

Betting Type/WagerJacksonville Jaguars to WinBaltimore Ravens to WinDenver Broncos to WinPhiladelphia Eagles to WinMiami Dolphins to WinGreen Bay Packers to Win
Moneyline Odds+200-190+100-130+400-450
Point Spread Offered (for -110 Odds)+5.5-3.5+1.5-2.5+10.5-9.5
$100 Moneyline Single Bets$300$152.63$200$176.92$500$122.22
$100 Moneyline Parlay$9,901
$100 Point Spread Parlay$4,841
6-Point Teaser New Line+11.5+2.5+7.5+3.5+16.5-3.5
$100 6-Point Teaser Bet$700
12-Point Teaser New Line+17.5+8.5+13.5+9.5+22.5+2.5
$100 12-Point Teaser Bet$220

Here is an example wrapping up how moneylines, point spreads, parlays and teasers all work. The most money can be made using a moneyline parlay bet, but this comes with significant risk as you need all the selections to win. By opting for point spreads, you are giving your teams more of a fighting chance to win, and lengthening the odds on the favorites. It is still not the safest option, however it brings good returns.

The teaser bets shorten the odds considerably. The lines are far more favorable, but you are sacrificing your potential profit in return. There is a time and place for teasers, and with a good strategy, they can be extremely hand bets to have in your arsenal. Even the 12-point teasers with very short odds have their uses, especially considering your teams have a +12 points boost past the “level” betting line.

How Does BetMGM Sportsbook Work?

BetMGM is one arm of one of the most reputable gambling brands worldwide. The brand has emerged from the pack to become one of the market-leading sportsbooks in the US. However, if the concept of online gambling is new to you, you may want some information regarding placing bets online.

In a nutshell, BetMGM works when players lose money. They are a sports betting operator that sets odds on the outcomes of games and events. Customers can choose to bet on what they feel will be the outcome of a game. If they are correct, the player will win; if they are wrong, the operator will win.

Beginners Tips To Bet At BetMGM

If you are new to online betting, don’t rush into anything. Betting should be fun and a way to add some excitement into watching the big game. If you are new to betting, follow these simple tips.

Don’t overcomplicate betting

It’s important to start simple. When first betting, don’t try and place a 10 game parlay or a teaser; stick to simple, straight bets. Think the 49ers will win this weekend? Then put a small wager on the moneyline. Also, if you aren’t familiar with features like cash out, do some research on what they mean before using them.

Don’t bet big

You don’t have to pretend you are in Vegas on every bet. Only bet what you can afford to lose.

Stick to sports and teams you know

Most people will bet on football, but if you know nothing about football, it’s probably best to stick to a sport you know. Maybe you are a big basketball fan? If so stick to basketball for more chances of winning.

Understanding Odds At BetMGM

Any sports betting guide will inform you of how odds work, and this one is no different. American odds used on BetMGM are also known as US odds or moneyline odds. They are the default betting odds used by American sportsbooks. They are based around winning or wagering $100 on a given wager, with odds represented by a plus (+) and minus (-) sign to highlight the favorite and underdog.

Using BetMGM Sportsbook Across the US

Before you head to the BetMGM sports site to claim your welcome bonus and start earning some BetMGM rewards, you can’t legally wager with BetMGM in every state. Whilst it is true more states are opening up to betting, not every state is available. BetMGM is available in NJ, NY, MD, PA, MI, and various other states. You can see the full list of  BetMGM states on our dedicated state guide page.

Please note that you can only wager on horse racing currently in Ohio, with the BetMGM app due to launch in the state in early 2023. The BetMGM sports betting app is available in all of the other states. With the BetMGM NY sportsbook enjoying big success since legal sports betting launched in the Big Apple, the brand will be looking to expand into states that launch legal sports betting over the next few years.

BetMGM Perks

Whether you are using BetMGM Maryland sportsbook or playing your favorite casino game on the BetMGM platform, you must still register for an account and make a deposit before you do anything. If you are a sports betting fan, you can use the BetMGM app to wager on big events like the World Cup, Super Bowl, or college football playoffs. With bet types such as teasers, player prop and in-play betting available, you can add excitement to watching your favorite teams play.

From BetMGM Arizona to BetMGM Louisiana and BetMGM Michigan, all of the active sportsbooks offer attractive markets and ongoing promos such as the Money Monday Club. Once you have submitted your wager sit back and watch the action unfold. If you are lucky enough to win, choose from the range or payment methods to get your hands on the cash. The sportsbook is constantly expanding, opening to the states of Ohio, Massachusetts and Kentucky in 2023.

Up To $1,500 First Bet Offer


How old do you have to be to bet on BetMGM?

You must be at least 21 years old to gamble on legal sportsbooks, including the BetMGM sportsbook.

How do you claim the BetMGM welcome bonus?

The BetMGM online sportsbook is currently offering a welcome bonus worth up to $1,500 once you have made your first deposit. Whether you have signed up for the BetMGM New York sportsbook or are playing in New Jersey, claiming this offer is straightforward. Once your account has been verified, the free bet will appear in your account. You can then use it to place a sports bet on a market of your choice, with a maximum value of $1,500 back if your bet loses. We would encourage you to keep checking the promos page as new free bets regularly appear on there. There is no sportsbook bonus code required to claim this offer.

Can I make real money on BetMGM?

Yes! You can send funds to your account, which can then be put into your bets. If your bets win, then you can withdraw that money and its yours to keep. It is extremely easy to send money in and out of your BetMGM account, and after doing it once you will get the hang of how it works. BetMGM can send your winnings by your bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill, using a cashier's check, to your Play+ card or various other methods. The options you have may vary depending on which state you are playing from, but you can rest assured that there will be multiple options.

What are the best ways to win money on BetMGM?

Bets are not foolproof and can win or lose, but one thing you are guaranteed at BetMGM is awesome promotions and bonuses. The best ways to extend your funds is to opt in for these promotions and take advantage of them. If you clear the wagering requirements for these bonuses, then the cash you win is yours and can be withdrawn.

Which bets at BetMGM have the biggest payouts?

Parlay bets have the longest odds. They beat round robin bets and teasers. They are far more difficult to win though, because you need every selection to come through for your bet to win. Fortunately, BetMGM helps you out with promotional parlay boosts and insurance bets. The boosts will lengthen the odds on your parlay, so you do not need to put in as many additional bets. With insurance bonuses, you can rest easy if one or more of your bets fails, as the insurance covers it. When you receive a promotion, be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.