Overtime Betting Rules in Sports Betting


Barbara N


Jun 16, 2023

Huge sports fan, author of two books and numerous articles on sports betting.


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Overtime Betting Rules in Sports Betting

While some games are one-sided contests where the winner is never in doubt, frequently that is not the case. In many instances, the two teams are much more evenly matched. Sometimes early on and sometimes not until much later, the competitive nature of the game becomes clear.

From that point on, the scoring keeps going back and forth with the lead continually changing hands and neither team is able to pull away. These are the kinds of games that have sports bettors on the edge of their seats, especially in the closing seconds of regulation when the outcome could go right down to the wire. However, another possibility is that the game is not over when there is no time left in regulation because when regulation ends, the score is tied. Therefore, the game goes into overtime.

Overtime happens a lot more frequently than you may think. Many bettors, when suddenly confronted with this reality, wonder how the overtime period (or extra innings in baseball) will affect the outcome of their wager. The simple answer is that much more often than not, the overtime period counts. However, there are exceptions. This article will break down the possibilities both by sport and type of wager to help you understand the overtime betting rules.

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Do Sports Bets Outcomes Include Overtime?

Prior to making any wager, it is helpful to know if overtime could affect the outcome. In other words, will your bet be decided solely based on what happens during regulation time? Or, for games that also include one or more overtime periods, must you wait until the overtime is also over to know if you have won or lost?

Situations exist where different online sportsbooks have different house rules with regard to certain bets. Therefore, the best way to be absolutely certain is to read the sportsbook’s rules applying to the sport you are betting on and the type of bet. However, most sportsbooks clearly state the following in their rules:

All bets include overtime unless otherwise stated.”

For example, if you wish to place a bet on an entire game rather than on a specific quarter or period only, the four most popular bets — moneyline, point spread, over/under, and prop bets — all include overtime scoring. Furthermore, this rule of thumb applies to all betting markets. So, whether you place wagers on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, or any other major sports, overtime periods count.

Overtime in sports betting examples

Having overtime count can work either for you or against you. Let’s say you bet on an NBA game to go over the total of 230, but at the end of the regulation period, the score is tied at 112-112. If the additional scoring during the overtime period were not going to count, your bet on the over would be a loser. But since it does count, you have an excellent chance of winning. Conversely, if you had a bet on the game to go under the total, because the overtime points will also be counted, the probability of winning would be reduced from 100% to near zero.

Now, consider another possible scenario with a point spread wager on the favorite in an NFL game. At the end of the fourth quarter, the score is tied 24-24, so the game will continue in overtime. If the sportsbook were to treat your bet based on how the teams scored during regulation only, your bet on the favorite would lose automatically. However, as long as the spread is no greater than six, you can breathe a temporary sign of relief. You still have a chance to win or push your bet. Of course, if you laid 6 ½ points for more, your bet would be dead in the water even if the team were to win outright in overtime.

When overtime is not counted in determining the outcome of your wager, you will see a special notation such as “excludes OT,“ 60 minutes only” or “90 minutes only.” Bets specifically pertaining to the fourth quarter also do not count overtime. Fourth quarter betting goes into effect as soon as the fourth quarter starts and ends as soon as the quarter is over.

Betting Types That Include Overtime

As mentioned, the types of bets you will probably make the most often–moneylines, point spread, totals, and some props–usually include overtime. Here are the important factors you need to consider for each of these bet types in determining whether or not overtime scoring will apply.

Moneylines and overtime

Moneyline bets do include overtime when the bet is on the full game. The betting markets where moneyline bets are most likely to be affected in this manner are the following:

  • Basketball: NBA, WNBA, NCAAB
  • Football: NFL, CFL, NCAAF
  • Baseball: MLB
  • Hockey: NHL

It would be undesirable for bettors and sportsbooks alike for moneyline bets to have to be settled at the end of regulation when the score is tied because there would be no moneyline winner. Instead, all bets would push. A much better solution is to include the overtime period that is tagged on. Then, much more often than not, the end result will be that the tie is broken and the game ends with one team or the other being the moneyline winner.

Moneyline bets are also offered for specific playing periods such as the first quarter or the fourth quarter only. In those instances, if the game goes into overtime, the moneyline bet is not affected.

Point spreads and overtime

Point spread bets that cover the entire game also include overtime. The two major betting markets where this situation is most likely to occur are football and basketball.

Certain other sports don’t use point spreads for betting purposes but do use other types of spread lines. For example, baseball has run lines, and hockey and soccer have goal lines. But the basic principle is the same. As long as your bet is on the full game, overtime, extra innings, or any other extra period count.

If your bet is on a specific quarter, period, or inning only, it will not be affected by the addition of an extra period.

Over/Under Bets and overtime

All of the betting markets and most of the events that offer moneylines also offer an over/under line. When you make an over/under bet, unless it is on a specific team or player, which team wins outright does not matter. As long as your pick on whether the combined score will go over or under the total is correct, you win your bet.

However, if the score at the end of the regulation period is tied and your bet is on the complete game, it remains a live bet until the overtime period is also completed.

So, for example, if you have an over/under bet on a major league baseball game that is tied 3-3 at the end of the ninth inning and your bet is for the whole game, any runs scored during extra innings will count. However, if your over/under bet is on the 9th inning (or any other inning) specifically, runs scored during extra innings will not count.

Quarter/Halves Betting and overtime

Bets on a specific quarter do not get carried over into any other period. This rule that the bet is quarter or period-specific includes but is not limited to bets on the fourth quarter of a football or basketball game, ninth inning baseball bets, and third period hockey bets.

Similarly, any bets specifically on the first half of a game last only until halftime. What happens during the second half and during the overtime period, if overtime should be necessary, will have no bearing on the outcome of the bet.

Determining the outcome of a second half bet can get trickier, however. Usually, overtime counts, just like in bets on the full game. However, different sportsbooks might have different house rules. For example, at PointsBet Sportsbook, overtime counts on a second half basketball bet but not on a second half football bet.

Prop Bets and overtime

A prop bet is a separate bet on a certain aspect of a game that is not related to the final score. Usually, these bets are in the form of player props such as who will be the MVP. But the bet can also be a team prop such as which team will have the most passing yards in an NFL game or whether the Kansas City Chiefs will score on every possession.

The important point to keep in mind with regard to prop bets and overtime is that if the bet applies to the full game, the overtime period counts. If the bet only applies to a specific portion of the game, what happens in overtime will not count.

For example, many games offer player props on who you think will be the top-scoring player. If you are making this bet on the whole game, what happens during overtime will count. However, if you are making this bet for a specific timeframe of the game only (i.e., the first half), what happens during overtime is irrelevant.

Bets Where Overtime is not Included

Regulation-only betting is most common in hockey and soccer matches, where you will often see a 60-minute line or 90-minute line, respectively. However, the 60 or 90-minute regulation period often ends with the score tied, so many sportsbooks offer soccer and hockey bettors who are concerned about that possibility one or more of the following other betting options:

3-way line

As an alternative to betting on either team to win in regulation, you can bet that the game will go into overtime. However, if you choose instead to pick either team to win, but the game goes into overtime, you lose your bet.

Double chance regulation bet

If you make this bet, you have two ways to win. The first is if the team you pick does in fact win in regulation. The second is if the regulation period ends in a draw. The only way you would lose your bet is if the other team wins in regulation.

Tie no bet

You pick either team A or team B to win in regulation. If the regulation period ends in a draw and the game goes into overtime, you get your money back.

Otherwise, and these overtime rules apply to all sports, bets pertaining to a specific quarter, period, or inning only do not include overtime. First half bets also never include overtime. However, second half bets, unless the rules state otherwise, do include overtime.

What is a Push in Sports Betting?

Nobody enjoys it when the outcome of an event is left in the balance. Whether you are a sports viewer, a fan or are betting on the action, we all want a resolution. Consequently, having to endure overtime isn’t the worst outcome as it will bring the game to a close. However, although overtime ensures that there will be a final result, it doesn’t rule out there being a tie for sports betting purposes.

When you place a wager and there is no winner or loser, that is referred to as a push in the sports betting world. If this occurs, online sportsbooks will issue refunds. A push could be the result from a range of different types of bets, including props, totals and spreads.

Although most American sports are designed to avoid there being a tie, they do happen. Ties are not uncommon in European sports. Soccer, for example, regularly sees draws and the underdog team may set up in a way that is difficult to beat and try and get a draw before a ball is kicked. The fans of that team would be delighted to see their team battle to a draw, but that is not the attitude of US sports fans. Most want a sense of finality to proceedings, and that also applies to any bets they place. However, the good news is in the unlikely event of a tie, you will still get your stake back to try your luck again.

Does overtime count on DraftKings?

Like most online sports betting sites, the rules of each bet on DraftKings will be stated before you place your wager. Regarding overtime, unless it is otherwise stated on the page, all bets submitted will include overtime. Any forfeited games, whether they have been won or lost, will not count as a game completed or played for bet settlement purposes. Additionally, any stats that have been accrued during overtime will count for settlement purposes.

Make sure you check the rules for each sport for overtime before playing. For example, in Hockey, stats accrued during shootouts don’t count for settlement purposes.


What overtime betting rules apply on Basketball?

Overtime counts on moneyline, point spread, over/under bets, and prop bets on either the whole game or the second half of a game. Overtime does not count on bets on the first half of a game or one specific quarter of the game.

How does overtime work with sports betting?

The basic rule is that bets on either the whole game or, unless stated otherwise, the second half of the game, include what happens in overtime. However, bets pertaining only to the first half or a single quarter, period, or inning are limited to that portion of the game only.

That said, there may be some variations in these rules at certain sportsbooks, so we highly recommend checking your sportsbook's stated overtime rules for sports and bet types that interest you?

Does overtime count in FanDuel betting?

Yes, FanDuel’s overtime rules are consistent with those at most licensed and regulated sportsbook apps for American players.

Does overtime count with over/under bets?

Yes, over/under bets involving the whole game or the second half of a game count what happens in overtime.

What is a tie-no-bet?

The tie-no-bet option is frequently offered on hockey and soccer bets. You still pick either team A or team B to win. However, if the score is tied at the end of regulation, as happens quite often in these two sports, instead of losing your bet, you get your money returned to you.

Is overtime included on second half bets?

Except in hockey and soccer, or if the sportsbook specifically states that overtime does not count on second half bets, overtime is included in determining the outcome of these bets.

Do fourth quarter bets include overtime?

No, fourth quarter bets do not include overtime. They only cover what happens during the fourth quarter.

Do fourth quarter bets include overtime on PrizePicks?

The PrizePicks DFS platform allows players to choose between a Power Plays and Flex Plays betting format. Either way, they can make their picks from a wide range of betting options in any of the major sports.

Players who choose the Power Plays format need to pick 2-6 player stats. Big wins are possible, but the catch is that every pick you make must win; otherwise, the ticket is a loser.

Flex Plays are less risky. The payouts are lower, but as long as the majority of your picks win (at least 4 out of 6, 3 out of 5, or 2 out of 3), at the very least, you get part of your investment returned to you.

If the score is tied on any of your picks at the end of regulation, regardless of whether your bet is on the whole game, the fourth quarter, or any other period or quarter, what happens during overtime does not count. Instead, the player’s selections are reevaluated at the net lowest payout level. For example, a 4-pick Power Play becomes a 3-pick Power Play.

Do moneyline wagers include overtime in the NFL?

Yes, if your bet is on the whole game, what happens during overtime counts. At most sportsbooks, but not at PointsBet Sportsbook, betting specifically pertaining to the second half of the game also counts. Moneyline wagers pertaining only to the first half or to a specific quarter do not include overtime.

During the regular season, if the 10-minute overtime period ends with the score still tied, the game ends in a tie. However, NFL playoff games continue until there is an outright winner.

What are the FanDuel overtime rules?

At FanDuel Sportsbook, as at most regulated US betting sites, overtime counts unless specifically stated otherwise. More specifically, overtime counts on full game bets and second half bets in football, basketball, totals, and props.

What does “includes overtime” mean in basketball betting?

Moneyline, point spread, over/under, and prop bets on either a whole basketball game or the second half of the game include any scoring that takes place during overtime.

Does overtime count in PrizePicks?

No, if any pick results in a tied score at the end of regulation, it is excluded from consideration and the player’s ticket is reevaluated based solely on the player’s other picks. The same rule applies on all bets placed legally on PrizePicks.