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PointsBet Same Game Parlay Combo

The PointsBet same game parlay combo allows you to combine straight bets with totals, props, and other bets types, all from the same game. Players can get an up to 50% boost on winning same game parlay bets, but all legs must be successful for your SGP Combo to be considered a winner.

What is a Same Game Parlay?

Same game parlays are what they say on the tin—players can combine and bet on numerous outcomes from the same event. It differs from the standard parlay, where you can place wagers on different matchups. However, as with a standard parlay, the bet only wins if all legs hit.

You can either build your acca before the game starts, or you can take things up a notch and place live same game parlays at any point during the match. Just be sure to take odds changes into account with in-play selections, as even one bad line can affect the entire parlay.

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How the PointsBet Same Game Parlay Combo Works?

PointsBet SGP

An example of an SGP bet on NBA games would be backing a Golden State Warriors win, then tipping Steph Curry to score the most points, and betting the total points scored for the game to be over. You must be correct in all three bets to win.

But PointsBet doesn’t stop there. It introduces the SGP combo, where you can combine multiple SGP wagers, an SGP with a traditional parlay, or an SGP with a straight wager. The betting site makes SGPs available on major leagues such as the NBA, MLB, NCAAB, soccer, and NFL games.

Moreover, players can take advantage of the game parlay booster promo available daily on NFL, NBA, and CBB games to increase their potential payouts. Just click the parlay booster lightning icon, and you can get up to 50% added to your payout.

Steps to Redeem the PointsBet Same Game Parlay Combo

Placing an SGP Combo on PointsBet isn’t rocket science and won’t take more than a few minutes. Of course, the very first step would be to create an account PointsBet if you don’t already have one. From there, you:

  1. Navigate to the deposits section to fund your gambling account.
  2. Go through the list of eligible games and pick the matches you want to wager on.
  3. Select the “Same Game Parlay” option in the menu, then start building your SGP by adding multiple markets from the same event onto your bet slip.
  4. Navigate to the additional events you’d like to add to your SGP Combo and add those legs to the bet slip.
  5. When happy with your selection, enter the wager amount, place your bet, and hit Confirm!

Important Terms and Conditions

Building SGP Combos sounds simple enough, but you still need to observe a few terms and conditions to use the promo correctly. For example, you can only combine bets from NCAAF, NFL, NCAAB, NBA, MLB, and soccer games. If you’re going to use a parlay boost, understand that one token is added to each account daily at 12:00 ET. Tokens don’t rollover to the next day, so you should use it when it’s still available.

Same Game Parlay Betting Tips & Strategies

SGP Tips

Parlay wagers are risky bets because all legs must be successful for your bet to win. Throwing in random bets and hoping for the best won’t cut it. We’ve come up with a few pointers to help you place winning SGPs on PointsBet:

  • Research and more research: An SGP wager requires the same research you would afford any other bet. Take the time to study the teams involved and their past performances.
  • Read T&Cs: Reading the promo’s T&Cs ensures you observe the necessary rules, such as betting on the correct leagues.
  • Use the welcome bonus: Take advantage of the welcome bonus to boost your bankroll ahead of placing your SGP wagers.
  • Compare odds: This bonus isn’t exclusive to PointsBet, so line shopping may be necessary if you expect to wager with the most competitive parlay odds.

Is the PointsBet Same Game Parlay Combo a Good Promo?

Most sportsbooks offer SGP wagers but without the combos and boosters. Take, for instance, Caesars, which allows you to place regular SGP wagers on several leagues, including the MLB and college football. BetMGM has its own version of the SGP called a One Game Parlay. However, PointsBet sets itself apart by allowing players to combine parlays from different games and use a boost token to multiply their potential payouts.

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