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If you have three different selections that you wish to place a bet on, instead of betting on each team or horse individually, one very popular form of betting is to combine them in a parlay. This will enable higher winnings. However, the catch is that all three selections must win or your whole parlay goes down.

This article will introduce you to an alternative way to wager called Trixie betting. A Trixie bet lowers the risk because even if only two bets win, you still receive a payout.

How does a Trixie Bet Work?

A Trixie Bet is a multiple bet consisting of four different combinations of three selections: three double bets (two selections combined) and one treble bet (all three selections combined).

Suppose, for example, after reviewing all of the games being played on a given day in the NBA (or any other sport with a moneyline), you find three teams that you strongly believe will win. Instead of betting on each team separately, you can combine them in a Trixie bet consisting of the following:

  • Team A and Team B
  • Team A and Team C
  • Team B and Team C
  • Teams A, B, and C

In other words, each Trixie bet consists of four bets even though you enter it on your bet slip as a single bet. As with a traditional 3-leg parlay, if all three teams win, the payout can be huge. But because you also have three double bets working, you will get paid a smaller amount for any combination of two winners.

It is important to note that Trixie bets cannot be placed on single games or horse racing events. The three picks must be on three different events.

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Trixie Horse Racing Example

Here is an example of how Trixie betting applies to horse racing.

First, you will need to pick three different horses from three different races on the day’s card that you think have a strong chance of winning. The races do not need to be consecutive. Also, unless the rules state otherwise, presumably, the horses can be running at different tracks as well, but for illustration purposes, in the following scenario,  the three horses run in different races at the same track.

🏇Horse Racing Track🏁Betting Event🤞Selections and Odds2️⃣Double Bets💵Treble Bet
AqueductRace 1
Race 7
Race 9
Horse A: 2/1
Horse B: 3/1
Horse C: 4/1
Horses A and B
Horses A and C
Horses B and C
Horse A, Horse B, and Horse C

Alternatively, some tracks might offer pick 3 bets but on select consecutive races only. Trixie bets offer a lot more flexibility since you can choose any three races you wish. In addition, because there are four possible winning combinations instead of just one, you can still win something even if only two of your selections win.

Trixie MLB Betting Example

Trixie betting can also be used for multiple sports. As with horse racing, a Trixie bet in Major League Baseball or any other sport must involve three selections from three separate events. Also, while picking three winners will always return more money than two out of three, if the latter happens, all is not lost, You will still get paid on one of your three double bets.

The following example shows the Trixie bet explained for three teams selected from three games taking place on the same day in Major League Baseball.

⚾MLB Games🤞Selections and Odds2️⃣Double Bets💵Treble Bet
Atlanta Braves
Philadelphia Phillies

Arizona Diamondbacks
NY Mets

NY Yankees
Boston Red Sox
Team A: Braves -125

Team B: Mets -130

Team C: Yankees +110
Teams A and B
Teams A and C
Teams B and C
Team A, Team B, and Team C

Trixie Betting Odds & Payouts Explained

The preceding two examples of how Trixie betting works for horse racing and baseball showed fractional odds and American odds, respectively, since those are the formats typically used at American sportsbooks. However, the easiest ways to calculate winnings for all the combinations possible are either to use a Trixie bet calculator or to convert the odds to decimal odds.

Trixie Horse Racing Betting Odds

  1. Divide the top number of each fraction by the bottom number and add 1 to get the decimal odds for Horse A, Horse B, and Horse C.
  2. Multiply the Horse A odds by the Horse B odds, the Horse A odds by the Horse C odds, and the Horse B odds by the Horse C odds.
  3. Multiply the odds for all three horses (Horse A odds x Horse B odds x Horse C odds).
  4. Add all four numbers to get a grand total.
  5. Multiply by the cost of each component of your bet.

Using the previous example of Horse A at 2/1 odds, Horse B at 3/1 odds, and Horse C at 4/1 odds, the decimal odds equivalents would be 3, 4, and 5.

Your four products would then be 12 (3×4) 15 (3×5), 20 (4×5), and 60 (3x4x5). This gives you a total of $107, which is the amount you would collect on a betting unit of $1 if all of your selections win. If your betting unit is more than $1, simply multiply this amount by the appropriate number. For example, if you are betting $5 units (which would make the total stake $20), the maximum payout would be $107 x 5 or $535. However, if only two of the three horses win, the payout on a $1 betting unit (total bet of $4) would only be $12, $15, or $20.

Trixie Bet Odds Calculator for All Sports

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Moneylines at US sportsbooks are typically displayed in American odds rather than decimal odds. Negative odds mean that the cost of the bet is more than the amount of profit you will make if the bet wins. Negative odds are preceded by a minus sign and expressed as the amount you need to wager for each $100 you hope to win. Positive odds are preceded by a plus sign and expressed as the amount of money you will receive back on a winning bet of $100. But if you are going to make a Trixie bet and wish to calculate the payouts for all the combinations of winners, it is much easier working with decimal odds. These are the steps you need to follow.

For positive odds: Decimal odds = US odds divided by 100 + 1

For negative odds: Decimal odds = 100 divided by US odds + 1 (remove the minus sign)

  1. Convert the American odds for Teams A, B, and C to decimal odds using the appropriate formula.
  2. Multiply the Team A odds by the Team B odds, the Team A odds by the Team C odds, and the Team B odds by the Team C odds.
  3. Multiply the odds for all three teams (Team A odds x Team B odds x Team C odds).
  4. Add all four numbers to get a grand total.
  5. Multiply by the cost of each component of your bet.

Here is what the decimal odds and payouts would be for the hypothetical MLB Trixie bet mentioned earlier.

The decimal odds for the three teams would be as follows: Team A: 1.80, Team B: 1.77, and Team C: 2.10. Your four products would then be 3.186, 3.780, 3.717, and 6.691 Then, adding all four numbers you get a total of $17.37. This would be the total payout with a betting unit of $1 ($4 total bet) if all three teams that you picked win. However, if only two of them win, the payout on the one winning double bet is a lot smaller. If your betting unit is $10 rather than $1 (making the total cost of the Trixie bet $40), simply multiply any applicable payouts by 10.

What is the benefit of a Trixie Bet?

If there are three different teams or horses that you think have a strong probability of winning, combining them in a Trixie bet might offer several advantages. For starters, if all three selections win, the total payout is greater than if you bet on each of them separately. While another option is to combine the same three selections in a parlay, a Trixie bet offers greater security. Even if one of your three picks goes down, you still win a portion of your bet.

A Trixie bet is an especially good option to consider if you like three favorites with short win odds. Your potential winnings are much bigger than if you simply make single bets on each pick separately to win. The multiple bets in one that you get with Trixie betting make it possible to win a lot more.

Reasons to avoid Trixie Bets

If you are a small bettor with a limited bankroll, Trixie bets might not be a good option for you. Keep in mind that every time you place a Trixie bet, you are really making four bets, so the cost is 4x as much as what one bet would cost.

Another disadvantage to Trixie betting is that all four bets must be for the same stake. If you feel more strongly about one pick than the others, you cannot bet more on the doubles and treble that include that pick.

How much does 1 Trixie cost?

Because a Trixie bet consists of multiple bets – three doubles and one treble bet – the cost is 4x as much as what your cost would be on a single bet.

Bets Similar to Trixie

There are several bets you can make that are similar to a Trixie Bet. Among them are Patent bets and Yankee bets. Two additional bets you might wish to consider are an Each Way Trixie and a Three Way Trixie.

Trixie Vs Patent Bets

A Patent bet is similar to a Trixie bet since it is also based on three selections. But it consists of seven bets instead of four. In addition to three doubles and one treble, it includes three singles. Therefore, all you need is one winner to lock in some return on your wager.

Like Trixie bets, Patent bets cannot be placed on a single event but must be on three separate events. Patent bets offer a little more security than Trixie bets because the only way to lose the entire bet is if all three selections fail.

Trixie Vs Yankee Bets

Whereas a Trixie bet consists of four bets based on three selections, a Yankee bet consists of 11 bets based on four selections. The 11 bets include six double bets, four treble bets, and one four-strong accumulator (a separate bet that all four picks will win).

Each Way Trixie

An Each Way bet is a Trixie betting system you can use for horse racing bets. It consists of six bets – three on each horse to win and three additional bets on each horse to place.

Three Way Trixie

Instead of a win or place bet on each horse individually, this bet type includes win and place bets for each of the three two-horse combinations.

Trixie Bet Strategy & Tips

Here are some useful betting strategy tips to help you increase your Trixie bet winnings.

  • Research the recent performance and other important information on the teams or horses you are considering.
  • Diversity your picks rather than limiting yourself to just one sport or horse racing track.
  • Only bet what you can afford and practice good money management.
  • Consider Each Way Trixie betting where you will be covered if your horse runs second.
  • Pay attention to the odds offered and try to get the best value possible.
  • Keep a record of your betting activity and results and fine-tune your betting strategy as necessary.

Best Trixie Betting Sites

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Trixie bets are a fun but expensive way to wager on various events under a single betting slip. Players who are conscious of their bankroll and feel uneasy placing a bet that costs 4x their unit can take advantage of bonuses and promotions.

All top betting sites feature welcome bonuses and Trixie bets. Simply pick one of the above to get started.