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What Happens if a Game is Suspended in a Parlay?

We look at what happens to your parlay bet if one of the legs on the wager gets suspended.

In this guide, our team tries to address a very common question posed by players – what will happen if there is a suspended game in my parlay bet?

We will look at the different types of parlays, and the rules that apply when one game is suspended, as well as tips for managing a suspended game in a parlay.

We’ll also be discussing how the change in your bet will affect the applicable odds.

Parlay Bets and Types Explained

Parlay betting is a popular way to wager on sports, as it allows bettors to combine multiple bets into a single wager. There are many different types of parlays with each having its own set of rules and potential payouts.

The most common type of parlay is a straight bet, which is a bet on one team or total in one game. A parlay can also include multiple teams or totals in a single game (same game parlays), or multiple teams or totals across multiple games. The more teams or totals you bet on, the higher the potential payout, but the more unlikely it is to win the bet. An example is shown below.

NFL Games

Another type of parlay is a teaser. This bet allows the bettor to adjust the point spreads or totals in their favor. Teaser bets usually pay out lower than straight parlays, but they are easier to win.

Finally, there are round-robin parlays, which are bets on multiple combinations of three or more teams. Round-robin betting has the highest potential payout, but they are very difficult to win.

What will happen if a game in your parlay is canceled

If a game in your parlay is canceled, the sportsbook will typically treat the canceled game as a push. This means that you will not receive any payout for that game, and the rest of your parlay will be adjusted based on the remaining games. It is important to check with the sportsbook before placing a parlay bet to make sure you understand their rules and regulations regarding canceled games.

If the canceled game was the only game in your parlay, then you will typically receive a full refund of your original stake. However, if the canceled game was part of a larger parlay, then the sportsbook may alter the odds of your entire parlay to reflect the odds of the remaining matches. This adjustment will depend on the sportsbook, as different sportsbooks may have different policies.

Instances where a match can be canceled

There are many reasons why a match could be canceled. The more common reasons include weather conditions, team illness or tragedy, and any dangerous circumstances towards player safety. These circumstances could be threats of terrorism or political unrest.

No matter the case, the match officials and sporting associations will always cancel a match as a last resort. Even if there is a canceled game, you should still be able to receive a refund for the wager that was placed, or the match will be void by the parlay betting app.

The Caesars‘ terms and conditions are shown below as an example.

Caesars Terms

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How a game that pushes affects your parlay

With most sports betting sites, the bettor should receive a refund of the original stake, but will not receive any winnings. This means that the rest of the parlay will still be active, and will be graded based on the results of the other games.

That being said, a sportsbook may be able to take advantage of a push by treating it as a loss in its terms and conditions. Once again, we recommend discussing the point with the customer service team before placing the wager.

What does push mean in parlay betting?

A push is when the point spread for a game is equal to the final score, or when the total number of points scored is equal to the total set for the game. The bet is neither a win nor a loss.

Sportsbooks avoid this outcome by offering their spread odds in decimal format to avoid whole numbers which cause the push. Not all have adopted this method so keep an eye out while betting parlays.

How Sportsbooks Adjust Your Parlay Odds

When you make a parlay bet, the payout you receive if you win is based on the odds of all the individual bets you have combined in the parlay. When one of the games in your parlay is suspended or postponed, the sportsbook should adjust the parlay odds. This is because the likelihood of you winning has changed due to the suspension, and the sportsbook wants to make sure they are not offering overly generous payouts. This adjustment will depend on the sportsbook, as different online sportsbooks may have different policies. It is important to check with the sportsbook before placing a parlay bet to make sure you understand the rules and regulations regarding suspended betting games.

If the sportsbook simply uses the remaining match odds as a calculation, then you are likely to end up with new parlay odds that are simply a combination of the match odds. For more help, check our parlay calculator in choosing the best odds.

An example of this is shown below; three wagers at odds of -110 could return $595.79 from a $100 wager. If there is a canceled match and it is void on your parlay, your potential return drops down to $264.46.

Adjust Parlay Odds

Keep in mind that this specific calculation excludes same game parlays. If you are only betting on one match and it’s canceled, your original wager should simply be refunded.


What happens if a game is canceled in a FanDuel parlay?

The specific fixture of the FanDuel parlay bet will be void and the payout will be recalculated using the odds of the remaining bets.

What will happen if part of a parlay is void?

If part of the parlay wager is void, the payout is recalculated using the remaining matches' odds.

What happens to my bet if the basketball game is suspended?

It depends on how long the game is suspended and what your sportsbook terms are regarding parlays. Most sportsbooks will only accept the basketball result if the match is still played on the same day.

What will happen to my parlay if a game is suspended?

If the game suspension lasts longer than your sportsbook terms permit, the game will be void and your entire bet payout recalculated according to the remaining game odds. If the suspension is within the permissible time frame, the bet will be calculated as normal.

What happens if a single game in parlay pushes?

It is scarce, but if a single game pushes; most sportsbooks will void the match. You might find that some will treat the push as a loss so take a close look at the terms and conditions.