Sports Betting Hedging Calculator

Sports Betting Hedging Calculator

Hedge betting is one of the best ways to secure a profit if you don’t think your existing bet will come in. Working out if you should hedge a bet can be a bit complicated, that is until you use a hedge betting calculator. If you enjoy sports betting or online casino and want to improve your chances of winning, you may be familiar with a hedge bet. For those who have never heard of hedge betting or arbitrage betting, this article will be helpful.

If you placed a wager and the current betting odds of winning are far better than when you submitted it, you can usually wager the opposite side to lock in a profit. This is known as placing hedge bets.

Similarly, if two online betting sites have vastly different odds for a game, you might be able to bet one side on betting site A and the other at betting side B to guarantee yourself a profit. This is known as arbitrage betting. You can also use a free bet as a great way to maximize your return and limit your losses.

Our sports betting hedging calculator can show you the ideal hedge bet amount and guaranteed profit. This is calculated on the odds of your original bet, your stake, and what the odds on the opposite side currently are. This can also be used as an arb calculator as you try to work out the sports betting probability of your wages generating a profit.

Hedge Bet & Arbitrage Calculator

Our hedge calculator shows you exactly how much you should hedge to guarantee yourself a profit. This is also known as arbitrage betting.

If you don’t want to hedge the amount above, you can enter a different amount in the following input to see how much you would win if your original bet wins and if your hedge bet wins. Just know that you may not be guaranteed a profit like you are in the scenario above.