Are you from New Jersey or visiting the state and interested in playing online poker? The good news is, you can! New Jersey is one of only four states in the USA that permit online poker.

With a population of 8.9 million people (2018), there is the potential to earn a lot of money. The rules are simple; as long as you are 21 years of age or older and present in New Jersey, you are legally allowed to play online poker. Do you have to live in NJ to play online poker? Not at all. As long as you are in state lines, you can play.

New Jersey Poker Apps

It’s 2020, and everyone wants to access everything on their phone. Poker is no different, and you can play poker on your Android or iPhone via the apps available through PokerStars, 888 Poker, and WSOP. There are varying degrees of functionality, but hey, you can play in New Jersey on your phone, and you wouldn’t have predicted that in 2012! These apps offer and sites offer online poker for real money.

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Time to Earn

The best part is, there is a pool of young men and women who were not around when the online gambling ban took effect. They didn’t play millions of hands like the now 35 + generation. This means that games are easier than they are in the rest of the world. Travel to Europe and play online, and you are confronted with tougher opposition, even at low stakes. Online gambling in the USA is restricted to players in the USA so that you won’t be facing off against European professional. Think of all the young guns eager to play online in New Jersey but don’t yet have the skills or experience to crush the competition? If playing games online is your thing, then have a look at what online casinos are available in New Jersey too.

Where to Play?

Some of the big names have already set up New Jersey poker sites, including PokerStars, 888 poker, WSOP, and Party Poker. They all offer sign up incentives that allow you to play with free money upon joining or lucrative match deposit offers. Read the terms and conditions, so you are aware of the wagering requirements and keep abreast of any loyalty schemes. These sites are perfectly safe and offer the usual deposit methods, including VISA, Mastercard, and PayPal.

If you are visiting a casino, you can look into some of the Atlantic City poker tournaments which are happening all the time. Any poker fan should go and watch the action as it’s pretty amazing seeing all the pros in action.

New to Poker?

Don’t worry! There are freerolls available on all New Jersey poker sites affording you the chance to get acquainted with the software, interface, and flow of the games. Keep in mind; this is not the same caliber of player you face in real money games. It is always wise to exercise prudence and test software before investing. I advise trialing all the major sites to see which is best for you.

Free Tips

So now you know you can play online poker in New Jersey that it’s safe, legal, and there is potentially weak competition ready to gamble against you, so it’s time to play. We have a few essential tips for you to get started and start earning at the low stakes. You can check out the Borgata poker blog for some great tips and advice to play online.

Solid Hand Selection

One of the most fundamental skills required to beating weak opposition at low stakes is carefully selecting the hands you enter the pot with. This is the first decision of every poker hand, and its importance can’t be understated. This means throwing away your ace rags in early position, folding KJ from the small blind when a tight player opens from middle position, and understanding that low pairs are only of value when there is an opponent with a deep stack behind them. The best starting hands to play are below:

  1. AA
  2. KK
  3. QQ
  4. AKs
  5. JJ
  6. AKos
  7. AQ suited
  8. TT
  9. 99
  10. AQos

Limit Your Bluffs

The calling card of the fish is to call down. There is an old poker adage that you can’t bluff an idiot, and this can be attested at the micro and low stakes games online on New Jersey poker sites. You don’t crush low stakes by constantly bluffing; you beat them by value betting your strong hands and picking up nothing pots. This doesn’t mean stopping the continuation betting in heads up pots on a favorable board. It means reign in the triple barrel bluffs and advanced check-raises that may work against a professional but not the recreational player you are likely to find on a New Jersey poker site.

Online poker


In the wake of the legislation change in America, most of the training sites closed down, but there are still great training sites across the pond that offer relatively cheap services. Texas Holdem Questions offers a unique mentor program by email, with a month one trial, only $65 or annual Training Video membership for £49.99 ($65) where you gain unlimited access to video content they upload. Most of the material is aimed at micro and low stakes games and help you quickly learn ways to beat the New Jersey competition.

Final Thoughts

Online poker should never have been banned in the USA, but there is hope that common sense will prevail soon, and the rest of the USA will join the few states that currently permit it. In the meantime, if you are a New Jersey resident or passing by for the weekend, fire up a game. Please remember to play well, have fun, and gamble responsibly.