Smith vs Eubank Jr. 2 Odds & Prediction

Quick Facts

  • Liam Smith heads into the rematch as a -180 favorite
  • Chris Eubank Jr, who is gunning for revenge, is priced as a +140 underdog
  • Odds for Smith to win again via knockout are +162

Liam Smith and Chris Eubank Jr are set to lock horns once again in a highly anticipated rematch this coming Saturday, September 2nd at the AO Arena, Manchester. The rematch provides plenty of intrigue as Eubank Jr, considered by many to be the big favorite heading into the original fight, will need to make adjustments to avenge his first ever KO loss. Many fans and pundits are eager to see just what those adjustments will be come fight night. 

Smith vs Eubank Jr ll Odds

FighterOdds (To Win)
Liam Smith-180
Chris Eubank Jr+140

The latest odds show Smith heading into the fight as favorite, with DraftKings and FanDuel pricing him at -180 to secure another victory. For those who feel Eubank Jr can complete his revenge mission, you can wager on him to win at odds of +140. 

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When you dig a little deeper into these odds, you can see that bookmakers feel there is a 64.2% likelihood of Liverpudlian Smith repeating his success, with Eubank Jr given a 41.6% chance of overcoming the odds and securing victory.

This middleweight bout is scheduled to last 12 rounds. Both men must meet the 160 pounds weight limit the day before the fight, which should be no issue as both are seasoned campaigners. 

The conclusion of the first fight came as a big shock to many boxing fans and pundits alike, not least Eubank Jr himself. When you look into the stats of the fighters themselves, Eubank Jr holds a clear power advantage, holding a 72% knockout ratio which is clear of Smith’s 61%.

As the trash talk heats up and fans wait to see what the fight will bring the second time around, Smith is priced at +162 to deliver a TKO, with Eubank Jr priced at +400 to carry out the same feat. If you feel the fight will go the distance, Eubank Jr is priced at + 250 with Smith at + 300.

Our Prediction for Smith vs Eubank

Like his father, Eubank Jr is known for brash talk and confidence, some would say arrogance, as he looks to excite people every time he steps into the ring. However, his actions have certainly turned many people off, with a few seemingly quite happy that he suffered defeat to Smith last time out.

Eubank Jr rarely praises any opponent, and that hasn’t changed with Smith. Indeed, he has said that Smith got “lucky” in stopping him and that he believes the only reason he lost the first fight is that he got complacent. It is comments like that, refusing to acknowledge that maybe Smith just had his number, that reduces his likability factor. It was the same story in his previous two losses before Smith, against Billy Joe Saunders and George Groves.

As for the victor of the first instalment, Smith also has three losses on his record. However, the scouser is currently on a streak of four straight wins and is full of confidence. Smith’s recent victims include Eubank Jr, Jessie Vargas, Hassan Mwakinyo and Anthony Fowler.

Smith is likely to be well backed in the arena, as fans prefer his down to earth, honest approach over the arrogance and brashness of Eubank Jr. With this in mind, many expect Eubank Jr to be busy and aggressive from the first bell, as he looks to prove the first fight was an anomaly and he is, indeed, the better fighter. 

Smith, on the other hand, remains adamant that he has Eubank Jr’s number and nothing he can do to change the result. Since the first fight, Eubank Jr has changed trainers, switching to Brian McIntyre who also trains pound for pound great Terrence Crawford. However, Smith feels this won’t change a thing and the result will be the same.

Our prediction is that Eubank Jr will come out all guns blazing and maybe win some earlier rounds but Smith will take control half way through the fight. We expect Smith to once again stop Eubank Jr, from rounds 7-12. Expect repeat rather than revenge. 

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