SBK to launch new sportsbook in Indiana

SBK Indiana


Alex Windsor


May 16, 2023

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SBK to launch sportsbook in Indiana

The SBK sportsbook app developed by Smarkets will be launching in Indiana. The company announced it had received approval from the Indiana Gaming Commission to launch its sports betting platform in the state.

Smarkets looking to expand across country

Indiana is the second state to host an SBK sportsbook following its 2020 launch in Colorado. For the Colorado launch, SBK signed a deal with Full House Resorts, which holds a sports wagering license at Rising Star Casino.

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To mark the launch in Indiana, SBK is offering zero-margin odds on totals and spread markets for the week five regular season NFL matchup between Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. Bettors can access SBKs latest free bet offer in the form of a Bet $20, Get $ 100โ€™ sign-up bonus.

SBK used the following example to explain their zero market odds: Colts +3.5 at -105 or Broncos -3.5 at +105.

Smarkets CEO/Founder Jason Trost stated that they have a โ€œlot of momentum as a company right now,” adding that the launch in Indiana is one part of โ€œmany more exciting milestones on the horizon.โ€

Trost said that as they are one of the smaller operators to have launched in the US, they are thrilled to go live in a second state with SBK. Trost said they are โ€œnot like other operators, ” focusing on providing the best odds and in-house product.

Smarkets backgroundโ€™

SBK is powered by Smarkets and states they provide customers with โ€œmarket-leading odds and aย  community-led social network .”This network allows users to post bets and follow picks from others.

Bettors can now download the SBK app for iOS and Android from the App Store or the Google Play Store. SBK also revealed it would launch in Iowa in โ€œthe coming monthsโ€ after agreeing to a deal with Affinity Interactive.

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