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How to Beat Pennsylvania Skill Game

Pennsylvania Skill Game is one of the most popular gaming options for PA players. But, is there a way to beat the game?

Skill-based games are not a new phenomenon. They have been around in the casinos of Atlantic City and Las Vegas for a number of years. Visit any casino floor and you will see jackpot games at numerous land-based casinos. As gambling continues to grow in the US, players are warming towards particular casino games as they aim to strike it lucky. Online gambling is now legal in Pennsylvania, and slots have become the most popular skill-based game in the Keystone State.

Since real money PA online casinos became legal, numerous people play online slots at convenience stores, bars, and various other types of businesses. PA skill games work differently from typical slot machines. A Pennsylvania skill game requires more than merely pushing a button. When playing on Pennsylvania skill machines, players must give their full attention and concentrate to beat them.

You can’t play PA Skill games online, the closest thing to them are sweepstake casinos, which have a great choice of games, you can even find several casinos now offer fish table games.

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Other games that fall under the skill category in Pennsylvania include Blackjack, Pai Gow, and Draw Poker. Online gaming provides many opportunities for players to test themselves as they play for real money. However, many players remain unfamiliar with skill games and want to know how to play the Pennsylvania skill game. This article will look at Pennsylvania skill game tips, how PA skills games work, and if you can beat them. Let’s take a look at some PA skill machine hacks.

How Do Pennsylvania Skill Slot Machines Work?

As we mentioned above, slots have become the ‘go-to’ game of choice for Pennsylvania players. Modern slot machines offer a wide range of themes and exciting bonus rounds to keep players engaged. They are more interactive than older machines and a progressive jackpot slot offers huge cash prizes. Residents in the state regularly search for ‘video slots near me’ or ‘slot machines near me.’ Players love to bet on this fun game, and it is the top iGaming choice in PA. In terms of a Pennsylvania skill game, they play very similarly to a regular slot machine. For example, to begin playing these games, you insert money into the terminal and then spin the reels hoping for some matching symbols in paylines. If you land a winning combination or winning spin, you are likely to keep playing.

Pennsylvania Skill Game

These games are not dissimilar to standard slots; however, each can vary regarding the skill element. Some examples of how these slots incorporate an element of skill include:

  • An early snippet that lets you see if you’ll win or lose the next spin.
  • Players must hit wild and/or scatter symbols to activate them.
  • Skill-focused bonus rounds.

The early snippet, which gives you a ‘heads up’ gained traction in Florida. These pre-reveal slot machines give players the option or make you check if the next round will be a winning or a losing one. Knowing the result of the spin will enable you to decide if it’s worth playing.

The other feature worth discussing is the skill-based bonus rounds. One of the most prominent games in these rounds is a memory game, where the slots reveal a series of flashing dots. You may think it’s easy at first as there are not many dots on the screen, but as you progress, more dots appear, and it really tests your memory. These skill game options are fun, and some players have a better gaming experience with them over a random game that relies entirely on luck.

How do the games compare to a live dealer PA casino? Well, a live dealer casino game is a lot more interactive and you can interact and play against live dealers online, not just via a games machine.

How to Beat Pennsylvania Skill Game

We all would like some tips and information on how we could beat the house to give us as much chance of winning as possible. The good news is that you can increase your chances of success if you know all of the rules and steps of winning a Pennsylvania skill game. As many players continue visiting casinos in PA, it’s useful to know which methods to use and follow to generate some winnings. This isn’t cheating, it is using knowledge to try and secure a big win. Below you will find some steps on how to beat the Pennsylvania skill game.

How to Beat Pennsylvania Skill Game

Is a Pennsylvania skill machine hack really possible? Let’s look in more detail at some steps you can take.

Steps & Tips to Beat Pennsylvania Skill Game

  • First, visit a Pennsylvania casino that has the Living Large slot machine.
  • Check the prize viewer on the $0.40. If there is no winner, the below steps will be applicable.
  • Spin 4x on the gaming machine with a bet of  $0.40 by selecting the middle tile each time. Even if other tiles win, don’t let this influence you, and keep choosing the center tile.
  • Up the ante and bet $0.80 on your first spin, then select the tile on the top left. On your second spin, choose the top middle tile.
  • For the third spin, select the top right tile. Please remember to continue to choose these tiles even if they are not winning from the spin; nothing should change your choice.
  • Next, you need to decrease the amount you are wagering to  $0.40; this means you are now betting $4.00 per spin. Have a look at the prize view but don’t do anything.
  • Then take the bet amount down again to $2.00.
  • Spin 4x by choosing the winning spins. If you are looking and spinning is not a winner, choose nothing and then hit the bet button again. The fifth spin will be a 1x,2x, or 3x bonus and should generate a payout between $100–$240.
  • You can keep betting $2.00, and the free spins will occur in the next five spins, paying you between $300-$1,200.

The above can assist you in beating a Pennsylvania skill game. There are other titles, such as Pennsylvania skill game Pirates, to use the above tips on to get a decent payout. If you feel like mixing it up and playing games online, there are also several online casinos with free signup bonus for real money that you can play at as well. Think of the above as almost like a hacker’s cheat sheet.

Will PA Skill Machines be banned?

To say that PA Skill machines have attracted some unwanted attention is a bit of an understatement. Not everyone is happy that skill machines are available in The Keystone State. The Pennsylvania Against Illegal Gambling (PAIG) group has made several attempts to get the games banned across the state but so far has been unsuccessful. The group feels that Skill games are actually illegal and should not be available to play in restaurants, convenience stores, bars, and other locations.

PAIG is trying to get many illegal skill games shut down as there are lots of places dotted over the state that have these machines installed illegally. They have contacted the  Pennsylvania Department of Health, and also the county health departments to try and get business owners to shut down any machines still operating in their establishments immediately.

Why does PAIG have objections to skill gaming machines in PA? Well, their stance is that the games aren’t regulated like casinos in the state, and PA online casinos are, under the PGCB. The places the machines are found in, also do not pay any extra tax like casinos and racinos across the state do. They also feel it encourages gambling and that the games are more slot-type games than actual games of skill.


A Pennsylvania skill game differs from regular gaming terminals as there is an element of skill required. We use the word ‘element’ as these games don’t give you a massive chance to beat the house edge. For example, you could affect 5% of the RTP through your skill, but if the RTP is 85%, you can only achieve up to 90% RTP. PA skill game odds are set around 90% so do work in a player’s favor.

Pennsylvania skill games remain somewhat controversial, and the PAIG has made efforts to shut some down. It remains to be seen if these skill game terminals will be shut down permanently.


What are skill games?

Skill games slot machines are growing in popularity in Pennsylvania. Several bettors are playing these types of slot games at bars, restaurants and even some convenience stores. PA skill games work a little differently to regular slots but are just as fun.

Can you really bet a PA skill game?

Lots of people are searching for tips and tricks on how to beat a Pennsylvania skill game. Now, there are not many chinks in the armor of these games. However, we have provided an extensive list of tips above that will see you best placed to try and defeat a PA skill game.

Are PA skill games legal?

Yes, PA skill games are legal and regulated. Since online gaming became legal in Pennsylvania, more and more people are signing up to online casino sites to paly their favorite slots remotely. However, there remains the option to play skill games at your local bar or convenience store.