If you are looking to bet on soccer in the US but don’t know where to start, we run you through the best legal US soccer betting sportsbooks and explain how to bet on the beautiful game.

Sports betting, in general, is a relatively new concept in the United States. In certain parts of the country, people can now legally bet on their favorite sports and events for real money. Depending on which side of the pond you live in, soccer (or football) is one of the most popular sports globally. There are numerous opportunities to make some serious money with soccer bets online due to the vast amounts of leagues and games to choose from.

Best US Soccer Betting Sites & Sportsbooks

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If you want to bet on soccer in the US and bet legally, these are the 3 best sportsbooks available:

As the popularity of online betting surges in the United States, so do the number of online betting sites eager to sign you up. Although having loads of choices is positive, it can make the process of choosing the best platform to start your wagering action a complicated one. Several legal soccer betting sites continuously promote bonus offers and incentives, making it harder for bettors to deice which sign to join.

Multiple states have seized the opportunity to offer legal in-person and online soccer betting, so players will certainly not be struggling for choice.

More states are planning to get involved in soccer betting over time. Currently, the money spent betting on soccer in the USA is a fair way behind other sports leagues such as the NFL and NBA; however, it is the opposite in Europe and the rest of the world where soccer is king. If you look purely at the amount of money wagered and the viewers it draws, soccer towers over the major US sports.

US Soccer betting

You can check out our state guides to read more about the legal soccer sportsbooks available in your state:

The best soccer betting apps and sites in the US today give bettors the chance to wager on the MLS as well as the significant international competitions. Suppose you sign up at any soccer betting site in the United States today. In that case, you will discover hundreds of markets for the MLS, Premier League, Champions League, World Cup, La Liga, Bundesliga more.

It doesn’t matter if you were born in the US or your interest in soccer has grown from visiting a country in Europe; there are countless soccer betting sites in USA offering plenty of options. Most of the licensed betting sites in the US are operated by substantial gaming companies with vast experience of online gambling from around the world, meaning you will find the best soccer betting sites USA.

There are individual US sportsbooks that provide thousands of soccer betting markets every day. The betting options are staggering to players who aren’t familiar with soccer, but it is a mature and highly profitable industry internationally.

In this guide, we will look at what the legalization of sports betting means for MLS (Major League Soccer) bets and look at those sportsbooks that provide the best soccer bets odds and information. Additionally, we will provide details on how to bet on soccer online and what to look out for.

What to Look for in a Soccer Betting Site

Ultimately there is a lot to consider before you choose which site you want to join. It is an important choice and can have a big effect on your betting experience and, of course, your bottom line. Below are some factors we feel are crucial when choosing which online sportsbooks you want to take your soccer bets.


This is always at the top of our list whenever we review a gambling site. When dealing with real money, players want to feel secure and that their personal information is always protected. If a soccer betting site does not have high-quality software in place, we would not recommend them.

Betting Options

When it comes to soccer betting, gaining access to all the major soccer leagues is vital, as is having flexibility in your betting options within those leagues. The best sports betting apps will always offer bettors the flexibility to utilize your knowledge and experience by betting on markets from overseas. This may not be important to a casual bettor, but frequent bettors see this as essential.

Choice of Leagues

As we touched on above talking about betting options, there are so many significant leagues in soccer, and we expect the top soccer betting sites to accept bets on the biggest ones. We have come across some online soccer betting platforms that only offer wagers on one or two leagues, which is not enough. Ideally, you want to find a sports betting site that contains all of the major leagues in one place.

Best Soccer Betting Websites

Since sports betting was legalized in the United States, it has become easier to select the best soccer betting sites because of the stringent standards of conduct they are required to meet by the state-level regulatory commissions. It is not a straightforward process to obtain a gaming license in the US, which separates the best operators from the low-quality ones.

Any licensed, regulated online sports betting sites in the US will be a good, safe environment to wager on sports as a minimum. Some of the world’s biggest betting brands have launched websites in the US and have several years of experience behind them. Regarding online financial transactions, deposits, withdrawals, and fast cashouts are all made efficiently and safely from any regulated online betting sites.

In terms of soccer betting, there are some things to keep an eye out for. One of the major things to look for is sportsbooks operated by brands that have extensive experience in the UK / European markets where soccer betting reigns supreme.

For example, if you are looking for NJ online sports betting or IL sports betting sites, you will want to find a platform that has operated in different countries and knows what options, games, teams, and odds people want when betting on soccer. One online sportsbook that is an excellent example to use is the SugarHouse sportsbook. This is powered by a joint venture between Rush Street Interactive and Kambi. Although Rush Street Interactive is new to the US gambling market, Kambi has several years of international sports betting experience. They can utilize this knowledge to make sure the online sportsbook is giving players what they want.

Consequently, Kambi offers scores and odds on MLS matches and accepts wagers on leagues from England, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Brazil, France, and more. Some of the biggest leagues are in those countries, including the Premier League and La Liga. Additionally, European competitions such as the Champions League sees a lot of betting action abroad and are offered by US sportsbooks.

We have recommended some sites at the top of this page, and it is also important you check out some licensed sites yourself for the best odds. Most online soccer wagering sites will allow users to view the betting odds without registering, so you can take a look at the types of bets they offer before committing.

How to Bet on Soccer Online

If you are familiar with placing bets online on other sports, you will already be aware of what is needed to bet on soccer. There are some subtle differences for soccer wagers, but nothing massive. As is the case with most bets on other sports, the majority of soccer bets in the US are posted in the moneyline format.

Other typical types of soccer bets include parlays, prop bets, point spreads, totals, and double chance. Totals give users the chance to bet on the total number of goals in a single match, which increases the odds.

In-Play Betting

In-play or ‘live’ betting has exploded in popularity in recent years. Bettors can watch games in real-time and place wagers during the game. This removes the need for scrambling around before kick-off checking the Premier League table and form to make sure you get the right bets on in time.

One of the benefits of in-play betting is that it allows players to see how things start and get a feel for the match before placing their bet. Besides predicting which team will win, other in-play options include prop bets such as who will score the next goal, the half-time score, and more. All of these wagers can be placed during the game, and it adds to the excitement.

The odds constantly change to reflect what is happening on the pitch, so make sure you keep your eye on flashscore for the latest updates. For example, in USA soccer, the Seattle Sounders may start the game as big underdogs but score an early goal. Their odds on winning the game will shorten while odds on the other team will grow.

In-play is perfect for soccer betting. As the game is so fast-paced, things can change at any moment, which keeps you on the edge of your seat. Live soccer betting is a huge market in Europe, and it is likely to become a big part of licensed US sportsbooks offer over time. Some European operators have revealed that 75% of their revenue comes from in-play betting. That isn’t the case yet in the US, but as online sports betting continues to grow, so will the revenue.

Soccer Betting USA FAQs

Which betting site is safe in USA for soccer?

All licensed online soccer betting platforms are safe for players to use. We have listed some of the best websites at the top of this page that offer numerous types of soccer bets and markets, including bets on the MLS (Major League Soccer).

What does PK mean in soccer betting?

When a betting line for a soccer match is stated as PK, this means a pick’em. In other words, oddsmakers feel the game is a complete toss-up. On soccer sporting terms, PK stands for penalty kick. The player gets a free shot at goal from 12 yards with just the goalkeeper to beat.

What does 1 x 2 mean in soccer betting?

In soccer betting, 1 x 2, otherwise known as three-way betting, refers to betting

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