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Sep 5, 2023

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Boxing Betting Sites

Although boxing betting falls under sports betting, it differs slightly from other sports betting categories. If the big fight is happening this weekend and you know who will land that knockout blow, we have found the best boxing betting sites & sportsbooks for US bettors.

Boxing still remains one of the most exciting sports worldwide. A big Las Vegas event draws millions of eyes and evokes memories of legends such as Ali, Mike Tyson, and Lennox Lewis. More recently, Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua have added some sparkle to the sport. With YouTubers like Jake Paul also crossing over, it has become an even more popular betting option.

The volatile status of the nature of boxing tends to make betting a tricky affair. If you’re an amateur or even a seasoned bettor, go through our tips and tricks to fare better with your online bets on boxing in the competitive world of sports betting. Learn how the boxing odds work and how to safely access boxing betting games at home through our extensive guide below.

5 Best Boxing Betting Sites 2023

While you look to place online bets on boxing, the first thing you need to do is to find a Betting Site or a sportsbook that provides a reasonable payout potential, is reliable and legal, and is touted for its fairness. Below you can browse the various licensed sites we recommend that you use for placing online bets on boxing.

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Around 20 US states are now allowed by law to practice online bet boxing, which is heavily regulated and licensed. All online sportsbook apps and casinos require a license to operate within the US, and this process makes the betting part safe and secure. You no longer need to deal with dubious operators, your money is safe, and the license guarantees you receive your wins for sure. The heavy regulation, especially in the online sports betting world, makes the experience scam-free. Bettors can place bets without any fear.

Another feature of betting sites that you should keep an eye out for is the range of betting types like Moneyline, 2 or 3 Way betting, and In-play betting, to name a few. Not all sites give the same bet types to choose from. Having a list of bet types and boxing lines lets you make better betting decisions according to your experience. Having a firm grasp on how to bet on boxing, including online bets boxing knowledge, and the overall know-how of how boxing odds work, gives you a leg up. Now you can make an informed decision. Some very reliable boxing betting sites are:

  1. 🥇 DraftKings Sportsbook
  2. 🥈 FanDuel Sportsbook
  3. 🥉 BetRivers Sportsbook
  4. 🎖️ Caesars Sportsbook
  5. 🏅 BetMGM Sportsbook

🥇#1. DraftKings Sportsbook

EU betting markets

There is no boxing match missing from the DraftKings sportsbook and app. All upcoming events are covered, with some of the best odds in the market. The operator is available in New York and many other states, offering US bettors the chance to use its spectacular website and app to try their luck. New players can grab a generous bonus and use it to bet on boxing.

Expert Comments: “I have always liked the simplicity and design of the DraftKings betting app. Take boxing, where I can view all the upcoming events, or check out the Fight Lines, Fight Props or Round Props bets. This sportsbook has an unrivalled number of boxing betting markets.” Paul Ricci (Chief Sports Editor)

DraftKings Sportsbook logo

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🥈#2. FanDuel Sportsbook

New FanDuel sportsbook app

With an integrated online bets boxing site and a mobile app, FanDuel Sportsbook is a top choice, especially for those looking to bet on boxing at home. If you know how to bet on boxing and want a superior experience, check out many promotional offers and rewards available for bettors on its site. Covering a multitude of leagues with all kinds of boxing bet markets and boxing lines that are well worth exploring, FanDuel Sportsbook has something for everyone. If you are looking for a betting line for this sport, you won’t struggle to find it on FanDuel.

Expert Comments: “FanDuel is perfect for making bets on boxing fights. The sportsbook offers a great variety of betting markets, including Method of Victory, Go the Distance and Betting by Rounds. What is even better is that it provides bets way ahead of time, so I can even bet on fights that are two or three months away.” Paul Ricci (Chief Sports Editor)

New FanDuel Sportsbook logo

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🥉#3. BetRivers Sportsbook

betrivers sportsbook boxing

BetRivers Sportsbook is licensed in 14 states and provides bets on a number of different sports. There are standard bets on bouts of all divisions and levels, but for championship fights, the sportsbook offers a wider range of betting markets. Bettors can also pick out a number of promotions, especially ones that relate to specific events or leagues. There are also plenty of MMA/UFC bets too.

Expert Comments: “BetRivers is a popular choice for bettors who like combat sports. It has lots of coverage and for marquee events or celebrity fights, I can usually pick out some great deals or very detailed fight props. BetRivers has quite a lot of coverage on other fighting sports too. Its UFC betting markets are equally captivating.” Oliver Dickinson (Sports Editor)
BetRivers Logo

Up To $500 2nd Chance Bet

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🎖️#4. Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars App Sports Market

With some of the best boxing odds and bouts in play under their belt, Caesars Sportsbook has a lot going for it. With incredible back-end support and a user-friendly design and website, players at Caesars may never be able to go anywhere else. The offers on promotions are amazing too! New players can take advantage of betting credits worth up to $1250 in value if your first bet is not a winner, giving you a further chance of a win. This is an excellent welcome bonus and well worth signing up for.

Expert Comments: “Caesars Sportsbook has a sturdy app, which can give me access to live streams, make quick bets, and manage my banking with ease. It has a good range of boxing bets, covering all the top events at extremely competitive prices. From the app, I can also see what promotions are currently on offer, and at Caesars there is definitely no shortage of sweet deals.Damjan Spajić (Sports Editor) 

Caesars Sportsbook Logo

$1,000 First Bet on Caesars

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🏅#5. BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM promo code bonus bet offer

Betting at BetMGM sportsbook is very reliable and safe. With an easy-to-navigate interface and great sportsbook bonuses on offer, BetMGM has maintained its popularity in the betting world. However, it only offers limited betting markets, and boxing lines may not satisfy everyone, so it might be worthwhile to check out a few more boxing betting sites to complement the full range of bets on offer.

Expert Comments: “BetMGM has great coverage, providing bets for boxing bouts all over the world. The app is simple and straightforward to use, with tools for editing and reviewing my bet. It is especially useful in the hands of bettors who enjoy making long parlays and live bets.” Damjan Spajić (Sports Editor)

BetMGM app review

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Legal Boxing Betting Sites across the US – Where can you bet legally

The US betting scene has seen many restrictions for decades, especially since PASPA- Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act 1992 saw sports betting outlawed in most US states. Sports betting only started to become legal in the 2010s, with changes to the law in 2012 allowing states to legalize online gambling. Here are the US states that have legalized and regulated bets on boxing, which you can now join thanks to sportsbook geolocation.

  • Arizona: Arizona offers online bets boxing in the following licensed US sportsbooks: Unibet, BetRivers, etc.
  • Colorado: Colorado offers online sports betting on boxing via the following sportsbooks: BetMGM, DraftKings Sportsbooks, etc.
  • Connecticut: With both online Casinos and Sportsbooks legal in the state of Connecticut, bettors can place online bets on boxing at BetMGM.
  • Illinois: You can place online bets in Illinois at FanDuel and PointsBet sportsbook.
  • Indiana: There are several licensed IN sportsbooks, including BetMGM, PointsBet, and Unibet, to name a few.
  • Iowa: You can place online bets boxing at FanDuel, Betfred, and BetMGM sportsbooks, amongst others, and access boxing betting games at home. IO sports betting market is thriving at the minute.
  • Louisiana: Louisiana may not have many online betting options for its state residents, but the licensed Golden Nugget sportsbook operates legally there.
  • Michigan: Michigan online bets boxing sites working legally include TwinSpires, WynnBet, Golden Nugget Sportsbook, and FanDuel.
  • Nevada: Nevada state residents can play online bets boxing at BetMGM, Caesars, and Golden Nugget, among other sites.
  • New Hampshire: New Hampshire has only one licensed Sportsbook site, DraftKings.
  • New Jersey: There are many boxing betting NJ sites to choose from, including BetRivers, FoxBet, TVG, Borgata, Golden Nugget, Caesars, and Hard Rock, among a dozen others.
  • New York: Several websites tried to jump on the New York market, but not all of them acquired the green light from the state’s legislature. Currently, 9 distinct NY sportsbooks, including FanDuel and Caesars, accept online and mobile bets from players.
  • Ohio: Ohio legalized online and mobile sports betting in January 2023 and offers over 10 sportsbooks with boxing markets available.
  • Pennsylvania: Sites, including Unibet, Fox Bet, and BetMGM, have a license for betting in the state of Pennsylvania.
  • Tennessee: Caesars, DraftKings, TwinSpires, BetMGM, and WynnBet have a license for online bet boxing in the state of Tennessee.
  • West Virginia: You can place an online bet on boxing in the state of West Virginia at the following licensed sportsbooks, including PointsBet, BetMGM, FanDuel, and Golden Nugget, amongst others.

Upcoming Boxing Events Sites’ Coverage

Many popular online bets boxing sites routinely cover high-profile matches with regularity, but not all small-scale matches are covered by all boxing betting sites. To find a site that can support your betting needs year-round, featuring all kinds of boxing fights, you need to do a little shopping. Nonetheless, we have found some hugely reliable and popular sportsbooks that provide ample boxing betting opportunities whenever you fancy a bet.

box matches

Popular and completely legal US online boxing betting sites have been mentioned in detail above. Still, it’s dependent on the player’s discretion to select the kind of sportsbook that suits them best. Try a couple of these sites for size, and then select one or keep several active. Almost all popular sites feature the major boxing fights and a good selection of boxing odds, but you need to find a well-rounded book that also covers the mid- and smaller-sized fights in its boxing bets. The rules and scope of bet types may differ for these fights, but at least you can access them all.

Areas to Consider When Selecting a Boxing Betting Site

Sportsbooks have to constantly work to keep their sites and offers up to date. As well as having an exceptional site, sportsbooks also need to have a top mobile site for those that like betting on the move. If you prefer to bet on your mobile, we have put a separate guide together for bettors to find the best boxing betting apps. The competition is tough, and bettors won’t take long to switch favorites if their usual site isn’t doing it for them anymore. You, too, must keep yourself routinely updated with all the advancements and latest regulations so that you don’t miss out on the good stuff out of sheer loyalty only. Several things that should weigh in on your decision are:


You may have a hot betting tip you want to place a wager on fighter A instantly, but it would be a mistake to just sign up for any old boxing site. You must sign up for a sportsbook that is trustworthy and reputable. All of the boxing betting sites listed on this page are licensed and have their own security and encryption methods to protect their customers. It is crucial that you feel safe when sending over personal and financial information. If you can’t trust a betting site, then there is no way you can use it to bet.

Boxing Markets

Not all Sportsbooks are alike. Many offer a limited number of betting markets and boxing lines, while some may offer a wide variety of them. For novice bettors, the limited number of betting odds may be a relief and help them deal more calmly with the boxing bets process, while for the more experienced class, a higher range of betting markets makes the betting more exciting. Choose the site based on the kind of player you are and your experience with online bets boxing. If this is the first time, you bet on boxing, extensively read up before you do.

Live Betting/Streaming

Live betting has become a regular feature in various sportsbooks, but in the US, it is still to become a norm. Live betting on boxing lets you make decisions on the spot, and you can choose to go one way or the other purely based on the fight itself. The downside to live betting, however, is that the sportsbooks also change their boxing bets odds according to the probability of the win. If you have lots of experience gauging fights while they’re happening and making the boxing odds work in your favor, then live betting is just your thing. The instantaneous fluctuations in boxing odds make live betting a rewarding experience.

how to bet on boxing

Sportsbook Bonuses

Despite being legal in less than half of the states, sportsbooks are only increasing in their number. To entice customers from the get-go, each sportsbook offers several exciting bonuses and welcome offers, especially to those that are signing up for the first time. If your usual sportsbook isn’t doing it for you anymore, it might be time to make a switch. Check out all the popular and legit online boxing betting sites before you decide to go with one, though. After all, how much you win may well change with added bonuses on top. Combining bonus offers means that making bets online on boxing can be even more rewarding, with either bonuses giving you more initial money to bet with, or bonus bets offering further chances of picking a winning bet.

Boxing Features

You can tell a good bet boxing site from a mile away. It will have a simple user interface that anyone can operate. Most sites will offer various features and bonuses to their bettors, new or old. The sites will also have some tips and tricks to help you on your way and may even provide virtual helpers for those in need. A good online bet boxing site will have a quick and easy-to-navigate betting market with many options to choose from, with some websites highlighting the most lucrative ones offering boosted odds for key markets.

Boxing Odds

Boxing odds are usually determined way before the fight and announced before betting can start. They will indicate the payout potential each bet will have for bettors. Usually, boxing odds are denoted by a – or a + sign accompanying a number that points to the boxing bet odds favoring the win of one fighter over the other. More experienced fighters or favorites for the fight have a – next to their boxing odds, while the underdog will have a + sign next to their odds. These boxing bet odds may be displayed in decimal, fractional, or payout potential format.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

The best boxing betting site will provide a wide range of options for all users to deposit money. The best boxing betting sportsbooks will have numerous options such as credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards and even cryptocurrency options. You can wager with your preferred method of payment has you hope to make some cash betting on boxing online. Additionally, these boxing sites will have different deposit and withdrawal times. The best boxing sportsbook will have instant deposits while withdrawal processing times will vary depending on the payment method you choose.

Understanding Boxing Odds

The odds of any boxing betting market indicate the probability of a win or loss occurring in a fight. The odds in US-based sites are usually written in the American way, basing the boxing odds on a $100 bet. To grasp how boxing bet odds work, you need to understand how they are displayed.

The odd is usually preceded by a – or + symbol. The higher the number next to the -, the higher the odds of the player ending up a winner. The higher the number next to + symbols, the less likely the player will win. However, the payouts in relation to the original boxing bets are the opposite. The odds of the + value winning are less but with bigger payout potential with lesser bet value.

boxing odds

The more familiar you are with how to make the boxing odds work in your favor, the more chances you have of winning. An experienced bettor will take several things into consideration before they place their final boxing bets.

Online Boxing Bets Markets Explained

If you’re a newbie or a relative newcomer to the online bet boxing world, learning to differentiate between different bet markets and boxing bet odds, etc., maybe a bit cumbersome. Let’s look at those to get a hang of the basics. At the end of this, you’ll know the rules like the back of your hand.

Moneyline/Fight Winner

The most straightforward betting market is the Moneyline, where you predict the fighter who will win and place boxing bets on them accordingly. To avoid the fight from the predictable and make it more interesting, the sportsbooks try to make betting lines on the favorite a lot more expensive than the underdog. The Moneyline boxing odds are represented by a – and a +; the favorite typically has a – next to their wager. For example, in a fight, to bet on Player A, for every $3 you bet will win you $1. So if Player A wins, you’ll get your wager returned with a win of $100 added to it. So if you place a boxing bet worth $300 dollars, you’ll win a total of $400.

Conversely, for the underdog, every $1 you bet on him will result in a net profit of $2.50. So placing boxing bets of $100 dollars on Player B and winning will return you a win of $350 with your original boxing bet included.

  • Player A, -300
  • Player B,+250

You need to be familiar with all the rules on how to bet on boxing so that you can choose the market you understand and gamble responsibly. Still, for those entering the markets and placing boxing bets on boxing odds, the fight-winner market is the easiest one to begin with.


The 3 Way market works on the same principle as that of the Moneyline market but includes a third option of boxing bets. In addition to betting on the win of one of the players, you can also bet on the match ending in a tie or draw.

But study the fight and the fighters before you place your boxing bet because the 3 Way market only makes it more challenging to win. The payout potential, however, is superbly raised. Considering the boxing bets odds, the chance of the fight ending in a draw is more than unlikely, hence the supremely higher payout potential. For example, a typical 3 Way bet will have the following boxing odds.

  • Player A, -300
  • Player B,+250
  • Tie, +2000

Round Betting & Over/Under Totals

If you are a seasoned player and put a lot of work into figuring out how to make the odds work and predict specific win or loss patterns, round betting may be just the thing for you. In this market, you will select from several round choices, choosing the round you think will end the fight. Although it takes a lot of experience and guessing prowess to make this booking bet, the payout potential is quite rewarding, hence the charm. The round betting lines would look something like this:

  • Match to end before round 9, -350
  • Match to end before round 9, +290

Method of Victory

The Method of Victory market will offer its players the chance to place boxing bet on not only a fighter but also the particular way they will win the fight; kind of like the Moneyline market, the method of victory market will have players bet on the way their favorite will win like the opponent’s knockout, opponent retired or disqualified or a unanimous decision. The most common method of victory bets includes placing boxing bets on the odds of the winner delivering a knockout punch to the opponent. This may not be a traditional boxing bet type, but it’s certainly the most fun. An excellent online bets boxing site will for sure offer this market.

Round Betting & Group Betting

Round betting is similar to group betting in the sense that the players have to predict the rounds of specific action taking place. In group betting, players will predict the winner of the fight plus a range of rounds where victory will take place. Each group will have certain boxing bets odds against or for it, and players can expect pretty large wins if they predict the group round perfectly. If you know how to bet on boxing, this might be the one for you. The boxing odds would look something like this:

  • Player A in rounds 1-3: +2200
  • Player A in rounds 4-6: +1800
  • Player A in rounds 7-9:  +1500
  • Player A in rounds 10-12: +1200
  • Player B in rounds 1-3: +3500
  • Player B in rounds 4-6: +2800
  • Player B in rounds 7-9: +2300
  • Player B in rounds 10-12: +1800
  • Player A on points: +200
  • Player B on points: +280
  • Tie: +2000

Prop Bets

Prop bets can include a plethora of things not related to who will win that can happen while a fight takes place. Ranging from predicting the number of punches a player will land to whether a player will deliver a knockout punch to how long the national anthem will sound for, the bettors can place boxing bets on a variety of random props. The prop bets market may not be available in small fights, especially where the bettors aren’t in a large enough number.

Boxing In-Play Bets & Live Streaming

Many US sites are gradually incorporating the in-play bet boxing feature in their mechanics, which offers players the chance to place online bets boxing while the fight is in progress. The boxing bet odds, however, will, in most probability, fluctuate, especially if it’s an unpredictable fight that can go either way. In-play betting lets the sportsbooks change boxing odds after every round. The payout potential with this type of betting, however, will be huge. However, not many licensed US sportsbooks offer this type of betting market.

Being able to adjust your boxing bets and really experience the adrenaline flowing as you watch the live-streaming boxing match is an unmatched experience.

Boxing Betting Tips to Victory

There are several tips that betting connoisseurs have compiled to help players figure out how boxing odds work and how to bet on boxing on any number of boxing lines in action on a given day. Some key points would be:

  • Study the fighters in depth: Explore and study their previous matches, their styles, and their strengths. Studying a player’s history will not only prepare you to get better, it will also help you evaluate how much you should bet. Two players with different strengths may have an unpredictable fight, so keep up to date with each player’s strengths and weaknesses. This will definitely help you gauge the boxing numbers and boxing bet odds in a much more effective way.
  • Don’t fall prey to PR: A promoter’s job is to hype the fight and make as much money as possible. They won’t highlight any injury or ill health that the fighters recently faced, so be on the lookout for anything of substance that may affect your decision and, ultimately, the result of the fight. The boxing bet odds may not reflect these newest developments.
  • Don’t always bet in favor of your favorite boxer: Each match needs to be judged individually, and before you make a decision that affects your winning potential, put your heart on the side and think with your head. Go with the player with the maximum potential to land you favorable wins.

Ultimately, online bets boxing is a matter of experience and exposure. You will learn your way around the game’s mechanics, how to make the odds work and how to judge the fight before it takes place.

Upcoming Boxing and Celebrity Boxing Matches

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia

Like always, celebrities bring a lot more attention to fairly regular sporting events. Sports betting, especially online bets boxing, sees a lot of hype when a high-profile match is in the offing. But the decision to make a fight available for online bets boxing lies with the regulators. In the past, some high-profile fights did not feature on boxing betting sites because the regulators disallowed them. Always check out the Sportsbooks websites for key fights that will take place in the following months in 2023.

Some Influencer boxing betting fights we are looking forward to in 2023 include:

  • KSI vs. Danis
  • Vasiliy Lomachenko vs. Jamaine Ortiz
  • Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol
  • Errol Spence Jr vs. Terence Crawford
  • Deontay Wilder vs. Andy Ruiz Jr
  • David Benavidez vs. Caleb Plant

While not all of these fights are not yet fully confirmed, these are the potential matchups we look forward to seeing the most this year.

How to Start Boxing Betting Online

The signup process for most online boxing betting sites is relatively straightforward and simple.

  1. First, select the site you want to place boxing bets on and register. The registration process only requires you to sign up with your personal particulars and your payment details. Most US sites would also confirm your state of residence to ensure that you are eligible to legally bet on boxing.
  2. After you’ve signed up, you should top up your account with a deposit that you can utilize to place boxing bets.
  3. Now you’re ready to begin to bet on boxing. Select the fight you want to wager on, select your market, weigh the boxing bets odds and start placing boxing bets.
  4. After the fight is over and the results are out, you can now claim your winnings. You can choose to cash out your winnings or continue betting until you want.

To play in a safe and secure environment, always choose a licensed site to bet on. You can find out about licensed websites via the link provided with each state. Boxing bettors can sign up for an account at the best boxing site today for access to competitive boxing betting odds.

What are the Boxing Weight Classes?

Weight classes in boxing try to level the playing field for all the boxers. The boxers that fall within the same weight category get to box each other. The boxing laws that govern the play require strict adherence to the weight classes to declare wins within each class. The following table names the weight classes and their corresponding weight:

🥊Weight ClassWeight in pounds
Minimumweight105 pounds
Light flyweight108 pounds
Flyweight112 pounds
Super Flyweight115 pounds
Bantamweight118 pounds
Super Bantamweight122 pounds
Featherweight126 pounds
Super Featherweight130 pounds
Lightweight135 pounds
Super Lightweight140 pounds
Welterweight147 pounds
Super Welterweight154 pounds
Middleweight160 pounds
Super Middleweight168 pounds
Light Heavyweight175 pounds
Cruiserweight200 pounds


How many rounds are in a boxing match?

A typical professional boxing fight will have twelve rounds. However, smaller, more insignificant fights will have anywhere from twelve to four rounds. It really depends on who's promoting the fight.

Can I place online boxing bets online in the US?

Yes, online boxing betting is legal in over 20 US states. There are several licensed Sportsbook sites mentioned within our full article where you can safely place boxing bets if you are interested in betting on boxing.

Which are the best US boxing betting sites to play legally?

Some of the most popular US online boxing betting sites include Caesars, BetMGM, Golden Nugget, FanDuel, and DraftKings, to name a few.

How long is each boxing round?

A typical boxing round runs 3 minutes long with a minute's break between each round. It stands true for both professional and amateur boxing. However, in women's boxing, the fight will last for 2 minutes, a minute less than a typical boxing round.

Are there dedicated apps to bet on boxing?

Yes, many online bets boxing sites like BetMGM have apps to go along with their websites to let users choose their devices to bet on boxing. The apps make it easier for bettors to bet on the go or to keep up to date with the fights taking place in the online bets boxing world. These sites are the best solution for those who want access to boxing betting games at home.

Can I bet on a fight that is taking place tonight?

Yes, most online boxing betting sites offer live boxing bets, and it's one of the most popular ways to bet on boxing. Bettors can gauge the fight happening in real-time and keep an eye on the fluctuating boxing betting odds. You can also hit gold when you happen on a particularly interesting boxing fight bet and can get more bang for your buck.

How is boxing scored?

Each round gets scored based on a 10-point system. The winner of the round is usually awarded a full 10, with the other player usually scoring a 9 or sometimes an 8, too, especially if the opponent took a knee during the fight. Several things like getting knocked down or doing an unintentional foul can lose you points.

If the round was fought on almost equal footing, the judges will look at other factors like clean and effective punches before they award wins and declare a round victor.

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