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Best CS2 Betting Sites

Esports betting continues to grow more popular around the US each year. Many of the county’s best online sportsbooks are now offering odds on major CS2 tournaments taking place each month. On this page, Gamble USA highlights the best CS2 betting sites currently operating.

Revenue from the legal Esports betting market is expected to surpass $2.1 billion by the end of the year. Millions of people now wager on Esports each year, a large portion of which place their wagers on CS2.

For those unaware, CS2 is a free upgrade from Counter-Strike: Go. It is the fifth installment in the Counter-Strike series. Learn about the best sites to bet on major CS2 events and unique strategies for wagering on this Esport by reading this entire guide.

Gamble USA strives to improve your online gambling experience. We aim to help you play safely, make informed decisions when gambling, and increase your betting knowledge through our guides.

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What Is CS2?

Counter-Strike has been one of the most popular first-person shooter games since first launching in 2000. There have been five editions of Counter-Strike released since that time, the most recent of which is called Counter-Strike 2. This latest release of CS2 came in September 2023 and quickly grew hugely popular with Esports fans around the world.

Like all other versions of Counter-Strike, CS2 is a first-person shooter in which two teams compete in various game modes. Reviews have been generally favorable and many have praised CS2’s improved graphics and new map designs.

Counter-Strike has been one of the most popular Esports betting games for years. The launch of CS2 has only helped to fuel the popularity of Esports betting around the US. Major CS2 tournaments are taking place every month and wagering on these tournaments is easier today than ever before.

Best CS2 Betting Sites - Real Money

The US is now filled with legal, world-class online sportsbooks offering odds on Esports events. Many of these betting platforms provide odds on various CS2 events taking place around the world. Learn about five of the top CS2 betting sites currently operating below.

#1. 🥇#1 Betway Sportsbook

Betway Sportsbook is a world-class online sports betting website that is now operating in eight states. It has gained a loyal user base, thanks primarily to its modern design, secure banking options, and a huge variety of wagering options. Betway is known as one of the top Esports wagering platforms and offers great odds on major CS2 tournaments.

Betway is a large and fairly comprehensive betting platform with a slick black-and-white theme. Clicking the “E-Sports” tab on the list of available sports odds will bring up the available Esports betting options. Before and during major CS2 tournaments, odds on this game will become available. New members here are eligible to receive an excellent first-bet insurance bonus, offering a full refund on first bets, if lost, of up to $250.

I have been a fan of Betway since it first launched in the US back in mid-2021. It serves as a great all-around betting site, yet stands out as arguably the best Esports betting platform in the country. Members here will find odds on CS2 odds, as well as odds for other popular games such as Call of Duty, League of Legends, and Dota 2.
Betway eSport
245 ratings
Bet $50 Get a $200 Bonus Bet
  • Trusted sports betting company since 2006
  • Easy-to-navigate website and mobile app
  • Boosted odds on select games

#2. 🥈#2 DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook stands as one of the biggest names in the US sports betting industry. It operates in 23 states. This sports betting powerhouse has one of the largest odds selections of any sportsbook, including a huge variety of odds on popular Esports including CS2.

Clicking the “E-Sports” tab on the list of A-Z sports will bring up the available Esports wagering options. This list features all of the betting odds available at DraftKings, including smaller, niche sports such as darts, handball, and snooker. All new members of DraftKings Sportsbook are eligible to receive a 20% first deposit bonus up to $2,000.

I, like millions of other sports fans, feel that DraftKings Sportsbook is one of the top online sportsbooks in the US. It has a world-class design that makes it extremely easy to find the exact odds you are looking for. The variety of promotions, fantastic in-game betting options, and a large selection of banking options help to make this a great option for anyone looking to bet on CS2 online.
DraftKings eSport
2005 ratings
Up To $1,000 Deposit Bonus
  • Accepts deposits as low as $5
  • Hefty welcome and referral bonuses
  • Available in 22 US States

#3. 🥉#3 Unibet Sportsbook

Unibet Sportsbook entered the US sports betting market in September 2019 and now operates in five states. It did not take long for Unibet to gain a large user base, a significant portion of which enjoys wagering on the various Esports events Unibet offers odds on. That includes all of the biggest Counter-Strike 2 tournaments taking place in the US and abroad.

Some of the other Esports wagering options offered at Unibet Sportsbook include Call of Duty, Valorant, and League of Legends. The Esports futures bets allow members to place wagers on major Esports tournaments taking place months in the future. Members can wager on all of the most popular US sports leagues, too, including the NFL, MLB, and NBA. The welcome bonus at Unibet Sportsbook is a first-bet insurance offer, allowing players to earn a full refund on their first bet, if it loses, of up to $100.

I have been hugely impressed with Unibet since it debuted in the US back in 2019. It has a modern, yet somewhat simplistic design that beginner bettors love. I am also quick to praise the slick green-and-white theme here that is extremely easy on the eyes. As a fan of CS2, I was pleased to find odds on major Counter-Strike tournaments taking place throughout the year. A variety of other exciting Esports wagering options are also available.
Unibet Sports Betting
Promocode: GAMBLEUSA
1445 ratings
Up To $1,500 First Bet Offer
  • Superb range of sports
  • Enticing rewards program
  • Extensive catalogs of betting markets

#4. 🎖️#4 bet365 Sportsbook

bet365 is another fantastic online sportsbook that recently entered the US sports gambling market after gaining huge name recognition internationally. It currently operates in six states, including major sports betting hubs like New Jersey and Ohio. bet365 is another one of the most well-rounded online sports betting sites currently operating, with a modern design and a huge selection of odds on various Esports events.

To find the CS2 betting odds at bet365, simply click the “Esports” tab featured on the full list of sports odds. Odds on CS2 events will only become available when major tournaments are scheduled to take place. Members here will also find odds on other popular Esports such as League of Legends and Dota 2. New players are eligible to receive up to $200 in bonus bets by wagering $1 or more.

bet365 has been making big waves in the US sports betting industry as of late. I have a difficult time pointing out any negative aspects of this online sportsbook. The design, odds selection, and promotions are all fantastic. It stands as one of the top CS2 gambling sites, offering odds on all of the big competitive tournaments surrounding this popular game.
bet365 eSport
6594 ratings
Bet $5, Get $150 In Bonus Bets
  • Great Welcome Bonus
  • 20+ Sports to bet on
  • Been operating since 2000

How To Bet On CS2 Games

Counter-Strike 2 is now one of the world’s most popular competitive video games. Major CS2 tournaments are taking place throughout the year and several of the top US online sportsbooks offer odds on these events. Thanks to its popularity, betting on CS2 events online is extremely easy. The steps below explain exactly how to bet on Counter-Strike 2 events.

  • Join an online sportsbook offering odds on CS2: The five online sportsbooks listed above are considered the best CS2 betting sites currently operating.
  • Locate the CS2 betting odds: Odds on CS2 events are always found in the “Esports” section of an online sportsbook. Keep in mind that odds on CS2 tournaments may only become available around the time that a major tournament is taking place.
  • Place your wager: The best CS2 gambling sites will provide a variety of betting options for CS2 events. That can include moneyline, handicap, and prop bets. You must select the odds and input the amount you want to bet. Before you lock your bet, make sure everything is typed correctly.
  • Wait for the results: Some online sportsbooks offer live-streaming of major Counter-Strike 2 events. Once your bet is placed, you simply wait to see if your wager is a winner or not.

The most important step in this process is joining a safe, reputable online sportsbook. It’s highly recommended to only join legal, highly-rated sportsbooks. By doing so, you will ensure that your funds are always secure and all bets placed will be paid accordingly.

CS2 Competitions You Can Bet On

Major Counter-Strike competitions are taking place on a regular basis. Generally speaking, online sportsbooks only provide betting odds on the biggest ones. Betting integrity remains the focus for sportsbooks and these platforms need to ensure these events are properly regulated before they can provide betting options on them. A list of major CS2 events scheduled for 2024 can be seen below.


IEM Katowice 2024

  • Date: January 31st – February 11th
  • Venue: Spodek Arena (Playoffs), Katowice
  • Prize pool: $1,000,000

PGL Copenhagen 2024

  • Date: March 17th – March 31st
  • Venue: Royal Arena (Playoffs), Copenhagen
  • Prize pool: $1,250,000

IEM China 2024

  • Date: April 8th – April 14th
  • Venue: Unknown
  • Prize pool: $250,000

ESL Pro League Season 19

  • Date: April 23rd – May 12th
  • Venue: InterContinental Malta
  • Prize pool: $750,000

IEM Dallas

  • Date: May 27th – June 2nd
  • Venue: Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas
  • Prize pool: $250,000

Types of Bets to Place on Counter-Strike 2

Esports betting differs from traditional sports betting in several ways. Oftentimes, there are fewer wagering options on Esports events, compared to major sports such as football or basketball. With that being said, modern online sportsbooks are constantly working to improve their Esports wagering options and the best CS2 betting sites now provide a fun variety of odds on tournaments. Learn about some of the types of bets that can be placed on Counter-Strike 2 below.

  • Moneyline Bets: Expect to find moneyline bets on CS2 provided by most online sportsbooks. This is a standard wager, in which bettors place a single bet on the outright winner of a particular match.
  • Handicap Bets: Handicap bets are similar to a traditional point spread wager available for sports betting. With these wagers, bettors are wagering on whether the betting favorite will manage to win an entire match by a particular number of maps. This gives an advantage to the underdog team, yet can also make wagering on the betting favorite more profitable if they can win an entire match by a large margin.
  • Prop Bets: Prop bets are unique wagers that are not on the specific winner of a match. Some common CS2 prop bet examples include: Individual Map Winners, Total Rounds Played, and X Team Winning Using Both Pistol Rounds.

CS2 betting sites regularly update their wagering options. For larger, more high-profile tournaments, these sites tend to offer more betting options. Spend some time comparing the bet types between different sportsbooks to choose one that fits your betting needs.

Strategies for Winning your CS2 Bets

The level of skill displayed by the top CS2 players is truly remarkable. Major tournaments can pay out massive amounts of money to the winners and this has resulted in players getting better and better each year. The increase in skill means that tournaments can be more unpredictable, as every team competing is filled with world-class players.

With that being said, there are some strategies that CS2 bettors can keep in mind to increase their chances of being successful. Learn about some of those strategies below.

Research Team Statistics

It’s highly recommended to look at the statistics surrounding the various teams competing in major CS2 tournaments. This research can reveal things such as whether or not a team is on a losing streak, has won major tournaments in the past, etc… This information can be very helpful, offering some insight into how that team may perform in upcoming tournaments.

Consider Map Pool Performances

CS2 Map

The various maps of CS2 can have a huge impact on how teams perform. Some teams are known to perform better on certain maps. Take a look at the map pool performances between two teams involved in an upcoming match. If you notice that one of those teams tends to perform far better in the maps set to be played, consider making your bet on that team.

Take Advantage of Handicap Bets

Handicap betting on CS2 helps to even the playing field between players. The betting favorites need to win their matches by a significant margin in order to “cover the spread.” As a result, the odds on these betting favorites become far more lucrative. In situations when there is a clear mismatch between a huge favorite and a massive underdog, consider taking the handicap on the favorite to win multiple maps, earning yourself a much larger payout.

Best CS2 Teams to Bet on

Many Counter-Strike teams have managed to make a name for themselves over the years. High-level teams are filled with the most elite players in the world. Unsurprisingly, the best teams tend to be the ones that bring in the most wagers. Learn a little more about some of the best-performing Counter-Strike teams in history below.

  • NIP: This Swedish team dominated CS:GO between 2012 and 2014 and continues to be a top-performer in CS2 tournaments. Some of the accomplishments include an 87-0 LAN map winning streak, and one Major Final CS:GO victory. Best Map: Vertigo.
  • LG/SK: Back in 2016, LG/SK made history as the only non-European team to win a CS:GO major. This team remains competitive in nearly every tournament they enter into. Best Map: Anubis.
  • Liquid: The Netherlands-based Liquid team shocked the world in 2019 by earning a Grand Slam victory in just 63 days. Liquid remains a world-class team and many remain hopeful they will take first in more major competitions in 2024. Best Map: Cache.
  • Astralis: Many hardcore Counter-Strike fans consider Astralis the best team of all time. The team’s continued success over the years is astonishing, including earning the most Major wins of any team in history. Best Map: Inferno.
  • Fnatic: Fnatic is a popular Esports team based in London, England. This team has some impressive accolades, including a Major victory back in 2015 and 2016. Best Map: Cobblestone.

How Counter-Strike Odds Work

Betting on Counter-Strike is far easier than some might imagine. There are many fantastic online sportsbooks offering odds on CS2 tournaments, the majority of which have modern user interfaces that even complete beginners can understand.

Moneyline odds are the most commonly used among CS2 bettors. As mentioned earlier, these types of bets involve picking the winning team of a particular match. In the US, these odds are presented in a – and + format to identify the betting favorites and underdogs, respectively. To set the moneyline odds for teams, sportsbooks rely on statistical data, and adjust these odds based on the betting behavior of their members. An example of a CS2 moneyline bet can be seen below.

  • sAw: -295
  • Space: +210

In this example, saw is the betting favorite. A $50 wager on this team would pay out a total of $66.95 if they win. A $50 bet on Space would pay a total of $155.

Several factors can have an impact on how betting odds are set and adjusted. Historical data plays a major part, as sportsbooks analyze teams’ past performances as a way to determine how likely they are to win in the future. Roster changes can also have an impact, particularly if a star player is lost or brought into a new team.

The best CS2 betting sites will also rely on reputable sources with data on past tournament performances to set odds. Bettors can also access this data from platforms like ES Charts to gain a better understanding of teams and their skills.

Responsible Betting on CS2

Esports betting is an extremely fun, entertaining activity. Counter-Strike fans can place wagers and earn money on their favorite teams. Some of these online sportsbooks even provide a live-streaming option, allowing players to watch these events and wager on them as they unfold.

Of course, this is a form of gambling and it’s extremely important to bet responsibly. There is real money on the line and big losses are always a possibility. Below are a few tips to help ensure that your online CS2 betting experience is fun and responsible.

  1. Set betting limits: It’s highly recommended to set specific betting limits. This will prevent bettors from wagering and losing far more money than they may expect or even realize.
  2. Take regular breaks: Esports is growing more popular every year and there are major CS2 tournaments scheduled to take place throughout 2024. It’s still recommended to take regular breaks from betting to assess your performance and bankroll.
  3. Never use credit cards or borrowed funds: It’s never a good idea to bet with money that does not sit in your bank account. Wagering with money other than your own is a common mistake that can have disastrous results.
  4. Know when to walk away: CS2 betting is far from an exact science and losing is always a possibility. Those that are experiencing major losses should consider walking away. Fans can always enjoy watching these events without their money on the line.

There are many helpful resources to help with problem gambling. Anyone who believes they may be addicted to Esports betting or are simply looking for some more information on how to better handle their wagering activities can check out useful resources.


Who is the most successful CS team?

Astralis is the most successful Counter-Strike team in history. This team has managed to earn 3 consecutive Majors and first place at the Intel Grand Slam. This team’s performance had a major impact on how Counter-Strike is played today.

Is CS2 gambling legal?

Esports betting is legal in 16 states. Specific regulations on this form of betting change from state to state. Always research your own state’s betting laws before joining an online sportsbook.

Can I bet on live CS2 matches?

Several of the best CS2 betting sites offer live, in-game betting. That includes DraftKings and BetRivers.

What are the popular CS2 betting markets?

Most fans of CS2 betting enjoy making moneyline, handicap, and prop bets. Nearly all of the top CS2 gambling sites offer these various wagering options.