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Best Dota 2 Betting Sites

The eSports betting market has grown exponentially over the years, and currently generates over a billion dollars annually. Dota matches currently have a cumulative prize pool of $308,688,084 and boast considerable viewership, although they’re still to command the same fanbase as games like League of Legends.

While playing Dota 2 and cheering pro gamers on as they compete is easy enough, putting your money on the line to back a team is a whole other ball game. That is why we put together this guide to help you get a feel of what Dota 2 betting entails, from bet types to best teams. We also pinpoint the best sites to sign up with and bet on Dota 2 in the US.

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What Is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game released in 2013 by Valve, an American video game developer. Valve is also behind Steam, a skin betting platform. If you’re new to all this, skins are in-game artifacts that enhance player appearance but not performance.

Dota 2 Logo

Undoubtedly, one of the more complex games in the esports betting industry, Dota 2 has somewhat of a steep learning curve, but still manages to pull in thousands of players daily. The game sees two teams of five players going head-to-head as they compete for map control. The team that manages to take down the opponent’s throne wins. Hundreds of in-game characters, or heroes, are available to pick from in Dota 2. At the same time, the game presents endless possibilities to tailor it according to player preferences, allowing them to pick their own strategy.

Several major tournaments are linked to Dota 2, with The International being the one to note. The iconic event has a community-funded prize pool worth tens of millions of dollars, which is probably why it’s on every esports enthusiast’s calendar. Hosted by Valve, it celebrates top-notch professional teams and players. As you can imagine, Dota tournaments present loads of betting opportunities, from the round robin format group stage winners to the best players in different tournaments, and more.

Best Dota 2 Betting Sites - Real Money

Given the game’s popularity, Dota 2 betting can be done at pretty much every esports bookie worth its salt. The key is to pick the best Dota 2 betting sites offering competitive odds for the leagues and esports betting markets you’re interested in. Other factors like having an intuitive user experience, wide range of payment methods, and more are also important.

#1. 🥇BetMGM – Highly Intuitive Platform

BetMGM is leading the way as one of the best Dota 2 betting sites bringing decades of experience to the game’s betting markets. The brand not only focuses on traditional sports betting but caters to the younger bettors by covering professional video games like Dota 2.

BetMGM gives away a $1,500 insurance bonus to welcome new players, allowing you to be less anxious when you’re just starting out. Players can place pre-game and in-play wagers on various Dota 2 tournaments. Depending on your preferences, you can predict the match winner, tournament winner, the total maps played, and more.

BetMGM’s intuitive platform stood out for me the most. I found the platform to be quite flexible, allowing me to quickly look for Dota 2 events, then place and edit bets with ease. The available selection of Dota 2 esports betting options is sizeable enough and kept me engaged.
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  • Superb range of sports
  • Enticing rewards program
  • Extensive catalogs of betting markets

#2. 🥈DraftKings - Best for Fantasy eSports Betting

DraftKings is also paving its way as one of the top-rated Dota 2 betting sites with a focus on fantasy esports betting. The platform allows you to draft your own Dota 2 squad of heroes and win based on how your selected players perform in real life.

Besides Dota, Valorant and Rocket League are other popular fantasy esports games you can participate in.  Players enjoy decent odds for most Dota 2 markets, but DraftKings doesn’t really have the best lines.

DraftKings isn't sleeping on the job when it comes to delivering high-quality odds for Dota 2. I was impressed by how it consistently provided competitive odds for all daily fantasy sports, including Dota 2.
Draftkings Sportsbook Bonus
2005 ratings
Up To $1,000 Deposit Bonus
  • Accepts deposits as low as $5
  • Hefty welcome and referral bonuses
  • Available in 22 US States

#3. 🥉FanDuel – Live Streaming Service

FanDuel started off primarily as a daily fantasy sports betting site but has now grown enough to boldly claim to be America’s number-1 sportsbook. It’s a top-quality sportsbook with a highly intuitive and seamless interface most players find a breeze to navigate.

Besides offering thrilling casino games, the sportsbook has decent coverage of Dota 2 total maps, head-to-head, map winner, and other popular markets. The operator supports live betting and offers a stable live streaming service.

I always find it reassuring to play at reputable betting sites, and FanDuel is the reliability poster child for gambling in the US. The selection of Dota 2 esports betting markets was impressively diverse. No doubt, the live streaming service is a nice touch that adds to the thrill of betting on the site.
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1148 ratings
Bet $5, Get $150 In Bonus Bets
  • Massive Choice of Sports
  • Daily Odds Boosts
  • Convenient Banking

#4. 🎖️Caesars – Best Dota 2 Mobile App

Caesars is a titan on the US gambling scene and does well as a Dota 2 esports betting site. It excels with a high-performance mobile app that allows interested players to wager on their favorite Dota 2 markets while on the go.

Both the website and app are user-friendly and make it easy for bettors to navigate and place wagers.  Players can also enjoy competitive pricing on Dota 2 markets to give them a chance of winning big. One of the reasons that Caesar’s Dota 2 odds stay ahead of the competition is it uses advanced algorithms and data analysis techniques.

In my opinion, playing on Caesar’s mobile app was much more satisfying than on the desktop. The convenience alone of having a sportsbook in your back pocket did it for me. It helps that the app is very responsive and intuitive thanks to the separate tabs. I found it super easy to identify Dota 2 odds on the app. Also, the extensive list of payment options was a welcome move that made it easier to manage my account.
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  • Great Mobile App
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  • Range Of Bet Types

#5. 🏅Betway – Best Dota 2 Bonuses

Betway has been one of the first Dota 2 betting sites, making it a trusted and reliable option. The operator covers a comprehensive selection of popular Dota 2 tournaments. It includes high-quality odds for pregame and live betting markets to make betting on the game profitable.

Popular for its bonuses, the sportsbook reserves quite a number of special bet offers for Dota 2 sporting events. The only downside to Betway is that it doesn’t cover that many niche events generally, so you won’t find smaller Dota 2 competitions.

I discovered that Betway focuses more on major tournaments than its smaller counterparts. It’s certainly the site to join if you want to bet on leading Dota 2 tournaments, along with a generous welcome bonus to start off on the right footing. The bonus bets are not a myth and went a long way when betting on several Dota 2 markets.
Betway Sportsbook Lobby
245 ratings
Bet $50 Get a $200 Bonus Bet
  • Trusted sports betting company since 2006
  • Easy-to-navigate website and mobile app
  • Boosted odds on select games

How To Bet on Dota 2 Esports

Getting started with Dota 2 esports betting is actually quite simple. You must identify your preferred sportsbook that offers the game, and our list of legit betting sites is a good place to start. Ideally, the best sportsbook has numerous Dota 2 betting markets, competitive odds, and excellent deposit bonuses. But it adds innovative betting features like live streaming so you can catch the action as it unfolds. To sign up, simply;

1. Create an account

Visit the sportsbook’s official landing page. Locate the Sign up tab, usually found right at the top with most Dota 2 betting sites, so chances are you won’t miss it. Create an account by providing the required information.

2. Deposit Funds

Deposit funds to kickstart your betting journey. Simply navigate to the section and pick your desired payment method.

3. Claim Bonus

This is a good place to tell you to take advantage of the sportsbook’s welcome bonus if available. Most Dota 2 betting sites offer esports betting bonuses to attract new players.

4. Find Odds

Browse the available Dota 2 matches, pick one, and review the odds assigned to your chosen wager. Some sites won’t offer any odds until a big tournament is nearing.

5. Place a wager

Place your bet by entering the stake amount, and monitor the match to watch how your wager plays out.

Dota 2 Upcoming Events

Players can look forward to some great Dota 2 events at the best Dota 2 betting sites throughout the year.

The most notable are part of the legendary Dota pro circuit series, which happens to be the highest level of competition in Dota 2 games. Have a look at some of the key upcoming matches for the first half of 2024 covered by the best Dota 2 betting sites, including the respective prize pools.

📅Date🎉Event📍Venue💰Prize Money ($)
Feb 22- March 3The Lime MajorLima500,000
April 26-May 7ESL One Berlin MajorBerlin500,000
April 9 -23DreamHack DreamLeague
Season 19
Europe or online1,000,000
June 11-24DreamHack
Season 20
Europe or online1,000,000
June 28-July 9Bali Major Bali500,000

Types of Bets to Place on Dota 2

Dota 2 esports betting carries many bet types, giving players the freedom to go for appropriate wagers based on skill level. These bet types differ depending on the site you join. Below are some of the most commonly placed Dota 2 bet types.

Match winner

This has to be one of the simplest bet types for Dota 2 esports betting.  As the name suggests, bettors predict the player or team they think will win the match. The outcome only applies to the winner of a single match. As you can imagine, this is quite a popular bet type for newbies to Dota 2 betting owing to its simplicity.

Total Maps Played

Events usually follow a best of 3 games, best of 5 games, or more format. So, in a best of 3 match, one team can win the first two games and win outright. Teams may win one game each, then face-off in a tie-breaker. The Total Maps Played wager, therefore, requires you to predict at which point one team will win. You’ll need to be well-versed with the teams involved and have a clear understanding of their past performance to nail this wager.

First Blood

Things get a tad more interesting with the First Blood wager offered by some of the listed Dota 2 betting sites. In this case, a bettor will predict which team will manage to score the first kill of the match. Again, detailed insight into participating teams will go a long way if you expect to win this bet, making the wager ideal for veteran bettors.

Props Betting

Prop bets are common in online gambling, including Dota 2. In this instance, the bet is made on an event that doesn’t influence the outcome of the game. A good example is predicting the team to take down the first tower or perform the Roshan Kill.

Outright Winner

If merely betting on a single winner sounds too mild for you, you can up the stakes and wager on the outright winner. This is the team you think will win the overall tournament.

Effectively Betting on Dota 2

Dota 2 isn’t the easiest esport to wager on given all the variables involved in the game that can make you pull your hair out. Remember you have more than 100 heroes to pick from, and most of them incorporate RNG into their builds, making outcomes extra random. We’ve put together a few betting tips you can use to get the most out of your Dota 2 esports betting experience:

  • Team analysis: Keep an eye out for how players and their respective teams have performed in the past. Also, check for peculiar team patterns, for instance, if a team is particularly stronger when the game kicks off and slackens with time or their average kills per game.
  • Map selections: Consider the type of heroes that make up each team. Is the team made up of strong warriors who are very durable or agile warriors who have mastered fighting techniques and are good weapons? This helps you figure out the possibility of a team winning.
  • In-play betting: Dota 2 is quite dynamic, and placing live wagers while a game is underway allows you to react to in-game developments.
  • Follow the Meta: Dota 2 esports betting outcomes are influenced by the Meta, which is essentially the long-term outcome of hero picks and strategies. Having an understanding of the Meta helps you place strategic bets.

Best Dota 2 Teams to Bet on

Several Dota 2 teams exist, but you’ll always find a couple that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Team Liquid, Gaimin Gladiators, and Team Spirit have been consistent over the years and are some of the top-earning teams.

Dota Teams To Bet On

Team Liquid

Currently, Team Liquid ranks first on the Dota 2 Pro Circuit list. It’s the team to watch out for since it has managed to win 151 of its 233 matches over the years. With a 65% Win Rate, Team Liquid finished third place in three major tourneys. Ivan Ivanov is one of the team’s star players. Ranked number 12 in the world, he is one of the best offlane players in the game.

Gaimin Gladiators

Gaimin Gladiators is another high-profile team that’s been on every Dota 2 fan’s lips after winning all three back-to-back majors. It has won Lima in March, Berlin in the month of May, and Bali in July. That’s over and above other big tournaments against top-rated teams.

Team Spirit

Team Spirit is another stellar team that hasn’t lost a single game at the International 2023. Led by Yaroslav “Miposhka” Naidyonov, the team has guaranteed itself a spot in the playoffs.  Plus, it currently has the highest prize pool. Better known as International Champions, Team Spirit also won the Arlington Major 2022 against PSG LGD, the Chinese esports giant that’s been on fire since securing a spot in The International 11.

How Dota 2 Gambling Odds Work

Gambling odds are the foundation of sports betting. They suggest the likelihood of a particular outcome in a sporting event and tell you how much you will pocket when your wager is successful. Understanding how Dota 2 wagers work is key to lucrative betting.

To set esports odds, Dota 2 betting sites rely on several factors. A good example is the team’s performance. It’s generally a good indicator of how it’ll perform in a game, which is why it can influence odds. That’s why most sportsbooks use past results to determine Dota 2 odds. The overall team strength also affects the odds betting sites award to teams. Teams with stronger rosters will naturally rank as favorites.

Betting odds are presented mainly in three formats; Fractional, Decimal, and Moneyline. The formats may be different, but they all mean the same thing. Most Dota 2 betting sites avail the odds as American odds, which feature a number in relation to 100. The numbers change depending on how likely it is for a team to win. A number with a minus sign (-) depicts the favored side. While a positive sign (+) represents the underdogs. For instance, if Team Liquid has odds of -120, it means they are the favorites, and betting $120 will get you a $100 return.

Responsible Gambling

Dota 2 betting should be fun and easy to manage. However, some bettors overindulge and end up in social and financial hardships. Players must cultivate responsible gambling to protect finances and avoid monetary loss.

Responsible gambling is also crucial for your mental well-being, as it helps prevent stress and depression. Having a firm grip on your finances should eliminate most gambling problems, which is why top esports betting sites encourage players to set limits for bets, deposits, and losses. Organizations like Gamblers Anonymous, Game Sense, and GambleAware provide plenty of tools for players to manage their gambling.


Can you bet on Dota 2 esports?

Yes, players can place wagers on competitive Dota 2 matches via online esports betting sites like BetMGM and Betway. The kind of Dota 2 wagers bettors make include bets on who wins a tournament or will make the first kill.

How can I start betting on Dota 2?

To start betting on Dota 2, players must identify a sportsbook with the game on its menu. After choosing an app, sign up and make a deposit, making sure to utilize the welcome bonus if available. When your funds reflect, go through the Dota 2 matches, pick one, compare odds, and place your wager.

Which Dota 2 betting site has the best odds?

Several sportsbooks might offer Dota 2 betting, but not all have the best odds. Different services set different odds based on several variables. Your best is to compare Dota 2 betting odds from a handful of betting apps before you choose one. BetMGM offers some of the best odds for the game on several markets.

Is Dota 2 betting legal in my state?

The US doesn’t regulate Dota 2 betting at the federal level. It's up to individual states to govern the activity. While Dota 2 betting is 100% legal for players 21+ in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming, some legal gambling states offer regulated access to esports betting. Check with the legal framework in your respective state to establish whether Dota 2 betting is 100% permitted.

What are the biggest Dota 2 esports tournaments to bet on?

The International is the biggest annual Dota 2 tournament hosted by Valve. It’s the Dota 2 world championship and has the largest single tournament prize pool. Besides The International, other major tournaments include The Bali Major and the Lima Major.