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Complaints Policy

Gamble-USA provides accurate, honest, and meaningful content to all our visitors. However, nobody is perfect. We naturally value your feedback, which extends to complaints about our service. We’re happy to resolve any disputes or shortcomings at our site. Below is our complaints policy, which explains how we deal with such issues.

What Are Your Concerns?

Firstly, you should establish whether you are interested in expressing a concern or initiating a complaint – they are different. When you express concern, we will listen to your opinion and attempt to resolve your dissatisfaction through communication cordially. Generally, concerns are relatively easy to fix.

How We Handle Complaints

At Gamble-USA, we consider complaints to be more pronounced, serious, escalatory concerns which must be dealt with. We take any complaints very seriously, so we will begin an investigation if one is lodged with us. You can submit a complaint via our website or customer support service. Please provide as much information as possible, as this will aid and speed up our investigation.

After receiving a complaint, we’ll gather all the evidence we have, consult with any relevant parties, and come to an outcome or resolution based on that evidence. This may or may not lead to a satisfactory conclusion. However, we’ll naturally do everything that we can to rectify the situation if we or one of our recommended sites are in the wrong and where a solution is legitimately possible.

General Feedback

As we’re always striving to improve our service, we’re also happy to hear any feedback you have to offer. While feedback won’t necessarily generate a response from our complaints team, you can rest assured that we’ll certainly take it on board. Whatever you have to say, Gamble-USA is listening and eager to learn from your experience.

Known Issues with Gambling Operators

Sometimes, casinos and sportsbooks can try to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. Our experienced team has been doing this for a long time, though. We can typically identify many common issues with online gambling sites, and we strive to mention anything suspect in our reviews when writing them, or we’ll simply not promote an operator where there are known issues.

That said, some issues may emerge later (after a review). Gambling laws and regulations may change, licenses may be revoked, and other issues may crop up. If this occurs, we’ll act rapidly to either clear up the confusion, blacklist a wayward casino or amend our review and recommendations accordingly to reflect the new situation.

How Can We Help?

Expressing concerns and complaints about Gamble-USA is your right; we take both seriously. They are learning curves and opportunities to improve and enhance our service to you.

If you’ve got something to say, here’s how you can reach out to our team today:

  • Contact our website by using the available options.
  • Clearly express whether you’re raising a complaint, have found something that concerns you, or are providing general feedback.
  • If you are issuing a complaint, please provide any relevant evidence and documentation to help us analyze your complaint, especially when it concerns a casino or sportsbook.
  • Please wait for us to respond. This may take some time, as we must contact partners or other parties. We take complaints seriously and will be doing our best to investigate in the meantime.
  • Once we’ve come to a decision, we’ll inform you. If any additional steps need to be taken, such as amended reviews or blacklisting operators, we’ll make sure that you know what is happening.