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Gamble-USA Terms of Service

Welcome to Gamble-USA. By accessing Gamble-USA, you acknowledge and accept our general terms of service. Should you disagree with the following terms, we’d ask that you refrain from using our service and visiting our website. The following Terms of Service rules apply when browsing our website.

What We Aim to Provide

Gamble-USA is committed to providing quality, meaningful content to our readers. We aim to help you find worthwhile, trustworthy, and safe online casinos and sportsbooks. We actively review, grade, and recommend brands in the hope of assisting you with finding the ideal site to join – your gambling experience matters, which is why we take this process seriously.

Our General Policy

There are a few things you should know about how Gamble-USA operates. Firstly, we believe in editorial independence. Secondly, we expect you to be responsible for your actions when gambling online. Finally, we strive to provide an accurate and faithful analysis of the brands we promote.

Ultimately, our general policy breaks down like so:

  • Editorial Independence: We do not tolerate outside interference or influence from brands, even those we represent. We rely on the freedom to examine, construct, and write reviews that reflect the experience we had and that you, as a player, will have when joining any critiqued casinos and sportsbooks. This information is provided for informational purposes and doesn’t constitute legal advice.
  • Responsible, Legal Gambling: Gamble-USA is not responsible for your actions as a player. We can advise you on where to play, where to avoid, and how to gamble responsibly. We are not encouraging you to gamble. Your actions are your own, and we are not accountable for what you do when betting online. By visiting our website, you agree to any applicable laws and regulations which may apply.
  • Accurate Information: All information provided at Gamble-USA is correct at the time of writing. We regularly revisit our content and material to update it. While we strive to provide you with the most recent details and information, we are not accountable should one of our operators or brands adjust their service in a way which adjusts the accuracy of our reviews. However, we will update them periodically or if this is brought to our attention.

About Gamble-USA Content

Gamble-USA’s content spans general articles, how-to gamble guides, strategies, reviews, and even user-generated content. Naturally, we aim to ensure that everything is up-to-date and as accurate as possible. We only provide opinionated and factual content. None of the material at Gamble-USA has been influenced by outside parties. It doesn’t constitute legal or professional gambling advice, nor is it intended to convince you to take up gambling.

The reliability and suitability of our content are subject to change, and we reserve the right to amend any of the material featured on Gamble-USA to provide you with a more accurate service.

Partnerships, Privacy Policies and Advertising

Gamble-USA does engage in partnerships with brands, operators and other third parties. These are regularly featured on our website. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we endorse those brands or their products. Should you choose to sign up and play with any operator, that’s between you and the brand in question.

We also can’t control the privacy policies of any external websites featured on Gamble-USA. We encourage you to explore the privacy policy of any site you visit before providing them with your personal details. The same is true for advertisements. We cannot take responsibility for pages linked to Gamble-USA via advertisements.

Promoting Legal, Responsible Gambling Options

Gamble-USA aims to promote responsible and legal gambling options to you. We strive to ensure that any information is correct at the time of writing, and we take considerable care to amend our reviews should anything untoward come to our attention. We also actively blacklist any casinos known to be untrustworthy.

We can’t cater to every player and the unique situations they find themselves in. Therefore, the act of gambling responsibly, checking terms and conditions at operators, as well as ensuring that gambling is legal in your jurisdiction, is down to you. We do, however, provide resources on responsible gambling, self-exclusion, and helplines to assist those who may need to contact a problem gambling service.

Copyrighted Material and IP Rights

All content, material and imagery found on our website is the intellectual property of Gamble-USA. It is protected by copyright, trademark, and IP laws and cannot be used, reproduced, distributed, or modified in any way without the official written consent of Gamble-USA. We won’t hesitate to act if our intellectual property and copyrighted material rights are infringed upon.

Amendments to Our T&Cs

Lastly, we must state that our terms and conditions, including our Terms of Service, may change at any time. We take care to inform you of any amendments made and publish all dates associated with changes. If you continue to use Gamble-USA following the date the most recent alterations occurred, we will assume that you accept any recent amendments to our T&Cs.

Help Us Improve

While we use industry experts to produce our content and editors review the content, we’re always eager to learn. If you have feedback, criticism, comments, or complaints, don’t hesitate to contact us. Gamble-USA is happy to be contacted and appreciates any assistance you can provide that helps us drive and create fair, accurate, trustworthy, and meaningful content for our readers.