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DMCA Disclaimer

At Gamble-USA, we have made it our business to provide informative content concerning casinos, sportsbooks and other gambling options that is relevant and up-to-date to our readers. We aim to respect the laws of the land, including the Digital Management Copyright Act or DMCA.

We take copyright claims seriously. By using our service, you agree to abide by the T&Cs in our disclaimer. Please read on to find out how we deal with copyright infringement claims and provide protection for intellectual property owners.

How to Submit a DMCA Notice

While perusing our site, you are welcome to submit a DMCA notice to our team if you suspect any of our content or material violates your copyright. We kindly ask that you provide us with all the details surrounding the alleged infringement, including the following:

  • Provide a list of all alleged infringed work and specify which parts are subject to copyright violation.
  • Explain whether you are requesting our content to be removed or you want to restrict access to it.
  • Provide Gamble-USA with a sample which showcases the source of the reported infringement and explains how you copyright that material. Be sure that we can access the original material.
  • Provide relevant contact details so that we can contact you once we have investigated your claim.
  • Write a statement or declaration whereby you claim that you believe the information in the DMCA notice is correct (in good faith) and that you, as the copyright owner, have not authorized its use.
  • Please include the signatures of any client or person you are acting on behalf of if you are not the owner of the copyrighted material.

What Happens Next?

That ultimately depends on the severity and validity of the DMCA claim. After providing the documentation above, Gamble-USA will always investigate your claim. If we find the strike valid, we will immediately remove the material from our website. Should Gamble-USA find no merit in the DMCA claim or have reasons to contest it, we will reach out to you and explain the next steps in the procedure.

Of course, this works both ways. We also regularly check to ensure our content isn’t used elsewhere. We have a strict policy surrounding copyrighted material. If any Gamble-USA original material is copied in part or in full by others, we reserve the right to take an appropriate response for content which is repeatedly flagged for violations.

Modifications to the DMCA Disclaimer

We reserve the right to change our DMCA Disclaimer in full or in part at any time. Naturally, we’ll update this page with any amended information should that occur. Your use of this website after such modifications have been made will be seen as accepting these amended terms.

Reach Out to Us

At Gamble-USA, our DMCA Disclaimer and notification process is streamlined and simplified. However, please contact us if you have any questions about the disclaimer or process at our website. If you require more information or want to submit a DMCA notice, or counter an existing notification, our team will assist you in any way possible.