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When it comes to sports betting, nothing can be taken for granted. Our sports betting guides are here to help you understand how sports betting works, and explain the ins and outs, terminology, betting techniques, and more.

Our handy guides below are simple to ready with no confusing jargon. We break down the different types of bets available, different strategies and show you exactly what is involved to be a successful sports bettor. Improve your knowledge and get the lowdown on how to make successful bets and enhance your knowledge in the game to lock in those long-term profits.

Double Chance Bet

FanDuel Cash Out guide

How to make money betting on sports

How to read football odds

MLB Parlay Betting

Moneyline Betting


Alternatives To Offshore Sites Bovada & MyBookie

Is Bovada Legit?

Best Slots On DraftKings Casino

The Best Sports to bet on


Sports Betting Guides

We also have guides for when things don’t go to plan. Like all apps, sports betting and casino apps are prone to playing up and not working. If this happens, you can read our guides to get them back working.

BetMGM app troubleshooting guide

BetRivers app troubleshooting guide

DraftKings app troubleshooting guide

DraftKings Casino app troubleshooting guide

William Hill app troubleshooting guide

FanDuel app troubleshooting guide

FanDuel Casino app troubleshooting guide

What to do if your DraftKings account is restricted

Sportsbook alternatives

Sometimes we get fed up of using the same operator. Sometimes a sportsbook may offer better odds and promos. Whatever the reason you are looking to move, check out these alternative apps and site:

BetMGM alternatives

Closing a sportsbook account

Nothing lasts forever. If you want to close down your sports betting account, follow these simple guide:

Delete FanDuel Account

Delete DraftKings Account

Has your betting account been restricted?

If you have had your account suspended or restricted, read out guides to restoring your account quickly and easily:

DraftKings Sportsbook Account Restricted

FanDuel account suspended