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bet365 Bet Boost – Read Before Claiming

bet 365 is a leading sportsbook in the US thanks to it’s great promotions. One of those is their bet boost feature that we’ll look at in more detail below

What is a Bet Boost?

Bet boosts, a.k.a. odds boosts, are exclusive sports promos that offer better value on certain markets determined by the sportsbook.

Finding the best odds is every player’s mission, and bet365 is a frontrunner in the line-making business. But even if some of the odds are better than the competitors’, the difference, without a boost, is negligible, as are the potential payouts.

An odds boost is essentially a better value for your bet for an outcome with a higher probability of occurring than the boosted odds indicate.

In sports betting, even minor statistical fluctuations related to teams and players can often drive the odds up if a certain outcome, statistically speaking, becomes more improbable. With a bet boost, you have a chance to bet on odds that are higher than the mathematical probability of the outcome. In other words, the sportsbook deliberately manipulates the odds in the bettor’s favor while the likelihood of the outcome stays the same as before.

Bet $5, Get $150 In Bonus Bets

How the bet365 Bet Boost Works

To use the bet365 bet boost, you must register with the sportsbook and make a successful first deposit. Once you complete the transaction, you can use the funds to place a bet boost.

Access the bet365 sportsbook page and tap on the game with the boosted odds to add it to your bet slip. After completing the details of your ticket, input the amount you want to stake and place your bet.

For example, if you wagered $50 on a match with, say, +150 regular odds and find a separate event with +150 odds that have been increased to +175, wagering on the latter event will, logically, pay out more, provided your bet wins.

Finding and Using bet365 Bet Boosts

bet365 Bet Boosts

bet365 promotes available boosts on each sports page. Select your desired sport from the left-hand menu, and you’ll see a banner promoting events with increased odds from that sport (provided any are available) in the middle of the screen.

If you don’t see this banner, follow the green arrow. Every event with its odds boosted will show a green arrow icon at the middle top of the coupon. You will also see the original line crossed out and the raised line right next to it.

bet365 Bet Boost Considerations

Bet boosts are not your typical promos, so you don’t have to concern yourself with wagering requirements, minimum betting limits, or other restrictions that apply to mainstream offers. In order to use the raised odds, you have to make a deposit, and bet365’s minimum limit is $10.

To underscore, if you see boosted doubles or trebles, you cannot add new legs to the ones already provided. Also, boosted odds are available for a short period, usually hours or up to a day at most, before the event starts.

You should also make a distinction between a profit (winnings) boost and an odds boost. Unlike the latter, the former may apply to a broader selection of markets rather than to prearranged events and may have slightly different terms of use.

bet365 Bet Boost vs Super Boost

Super boosts work like regular boosts, only adding extra price value to the line. If bet boosts raise the odds by an average of 0.3 to 0.5 points, super boosts can increase them to at least a point, and often more. Super boosts are designated with a yellow arrow to distinguish them from the regular line boosts, which feature a green arrow.

Also, unlike regular boosts, super boosts are provided on fewer markets and qualify only for single bets. Super boosts and winning boosts cannot be used in conjunction.

Bet Boost Requirements and Terms

Bet Boost Requirements

Arguably, the most favorable thing about the bet365 odds boost is its straightforward application. You can open the ‘Promotions’ page and tap on the Bet Boost promo to read its terms yourself. Here are the main points.

  • Only new US customers who meet bet365’s qualifying requirements are eligible for the promo
  • Bet boosts are available only on select events.
  • Any ‘Cash Out’ request on a ticket with one or more selections with boosted lines will calculate the payout based on the original odds.
  • You can’t add new legs to boosted doubles, trebles, or other multi-bet boosts pre-arranged by the sportsbook.
  • The soccer, tennis, and Multi-sport accumulator (acca) boost promos also cannot be used in conjunction with pre-arranged boosted multiples.
  • Unless stated otherwise, you can combine boosted singles with other bets.

bet365 Bet Boost Strategies and Tips

bet365 Bet Boost Strategies

The basic idea behind a bet boost is to offer a better price than the original odds and, consequently, a higher payout. The catch is that you don’t get to choose which markets have improved odds, and those that do may not be your first choice for betting.

A dilemma arises whether to stake on a boosted market with a more uncertain outcome or one with the original (and lower) odds but with a more likely outcome. The choice is yours to make, you also need to consider cash out scenarios.

However, as you can see from the image, bet365 can also boost the odds of improbable outcomes. These are the ones you want to avoid if you’re a low-risk player. An outcome with odds of 8.50 (+750) boosted to 9.50 (+850) is a longshot either way.

On the other hand, bet365 offers boosted lines on high-probability moneyline markets and straight bets. I advise picking boosted markets where the original odds and probability of winning are feasible.

Should You Go For the bet365 Bet Boost?

In lieu of a classic promotion, bet boosts are more than an adequate alternative to clench a bigger payout. You can use it on singles or stake your money on one of bet365’s boosted multiples that offer higher cumulative odds, albeit at greater risk.

The bottom line is you’re here to play, so why not make the most of the best odds available? Boosted markets augment the average odds, providing the most favorable lines possible on select markets, second only to the super boosts.

Bet $5, Get $150 In Bonus Bets