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What is a Double Chance Bet and How Do You Make One?

You may be new to betting and have come across the term ‘Double Chance Bet’ but not know what it entails. We take a look into how this betting strategy works.

Keen soccer bettors will have come across the term Double Chance Bet before, but if you are new to betting, you may have no idea what this betting strategy is. Don’t worry, we are here to explain.

Those who have experience in sports betting will have come across bet types such as moneylines, spreads, and totals, as they are available for almost every sport. However, it is always in your interests, as a bettor, to expand your horizons and learn about alternatives and other types of bets, so that you can maximize your potential to make money on betting sites.

One example of this is double chance betting. Double chance bets are particular and are typically aimed at those who want to place a Soccer bet online. However, there is a selection of online sportsbooks that will offer this type of bet for Hockey as well. In this article, we will analyse what a double chance Soccer bet is, double chance betting tips, how to win using this wagering method, and more.

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What Is A Double Chance Bet?

As we have mentioned above, making a double chance prediction is getting into slightly more complicated territory over placing a point spread wager or betting on the total goals in a game. Double chance is primarily a term that is used in Soccer, not American Football. Traditionally, when you bet the moneyline (or 1×2 line), there are three possible outcomes to the game. The outcomes are:

(1) The Home Team Wins

(x) The Game Ends in a Draw

(2) The Away Team Wins

Occasionally, players can give themselves more chance to win a bet if they pick a team to win or predict the game ends in a draw. A double chance bet means you select either the home team to win or draw or the away team to win or draw. Think of it as almost like a ‘draw, win, draw’ scenario. Home team wins are typically selected.

This sums up what a double chance bet is all about. It offers flexibility to cover two of the three possible outcomes with one stake. Although the odds are lower as compared to a traditional 3-way wager, it is a bet type, similar to multi bet and matched betting, that numerous sportsbooks offer. One of the significant reasons double chance bets are so popular is that a customer can bet in this market regardless of whether they back the clear favorite or underdog.

Double Chance Bet

Double Chance Bet Example

As mentioned above, most sportsbooks offer double chance betting, so whether you decide to use BetMGMDraftKings, or FanDuel Soccer, it is entirely your choice. Below we have provided a classic example of a double chance bet from an English Premier League game. Hopefully, if you were not sure how to bet on Soccer, the below example makes things a bit easier. In a game between LA Galaxy and the New York Red Bulls, here is an example of the moneyline that is offered:

(1) LA Galaxy -120

(x) Draw +275

(2) New York Red Bulls +330

On the 1×2 or moneyline betting, LA Galaxy are the clear favorites over New York Red Bulls, with the draw coming in at +275. If you think it’s worth the risk and feel New York Red Bulls could get a draw or even an away win, you would need to bet both results on the moneyline. Additionally, one would automatically fail before the match started since there can only be one outcome. Now, here are the odds on the double chance bet outcomes:

(1x) LA Galaxy or Draw -250

(12) NY Red Bulls or LA Galaxy +75

(x2) NY Red Bulls or Draw +100

Let’s see how they compare in a table.

Double Chance Betting Example
Moneyline Bet
Your BetLA Galaxy winsGame ends in a drawNY Red Bulls winsOddsReturn on a $10 Bet
Double Chance Bet
Your BetLA Galaxy winsGame ends in a drawNY Red Bulls winsOddsReturn on a $10 Bet

The first thing to notice is that the double chance betting odds are shorter than the moneyline odds. However, this is because you are reducing the risk by selecting two outcomes instead of one. If you were to bet on LA Galaxy to win or draw, then you will win your bet so long as they do not lose the game. It is a bet on the home team to win or the game to end in a draw. This is why it is referred to as a double result bet over a 1x bet, as it requires either 1 or x to come through.

Another thing you should consider regarding soccer betting, is that in tournament play or World Cup events, matches can be decided in extra time or via penalty kicks. However, operators will still offer double chance bets as in knock-out tournaments; one team wins, there can be no draws. Additionally, unless otherwise stated by the sportsbook, all bets on soccer matches apply to 90 minutes of play. Consequently, if you wagered on a team to win, but they won via penalties, the draw would be the winning bet. The wager is decided by what the score is when the match ends.

Placing a bet on a sports wagering app is easy to do. Just tap on the odds of the outcome you want to add the selection to your Bet Slip, then add in your stake.

Double Chance Bet Strategy

Double chance bets are offered at far shorter odds than moneyline bets. This is a big concern for bettors as they will not make as much profit, or would require bigger stakes to reach the same winnings they would get on a moneyline. However, the margin by which soccer double chance bets reduce the risk can make all the difference in the world.

Doing some research is vital before going into any betting situation. If you don’t, even the most impressive and effective betting strategy won’t work. With that said, there are some steps below you can follow which uses the flexibility sports betting provides to your advantage.

You can also use the double chance betting strategy with any of the bonuses or promotions available that sportsbooks offer to new customers too. A bonus bet is a regular promo, so use it in conjunction with this strategy to increase the chances of a good double outcome.

Look at the Team Form

If you know the recent history of both teams, which are playing well and which aren’t, your chances of winning will be better. For example, in soccer, if one team like Manchester United is in great form is clearly stronger than the other, it would be wise to stick to the standard 1 x 2 bet. Once you have established the stronger side, you can then back the home win/draw or draw/away win selection. Alternatively, you could also back the underdog due to the higher odds attached to them. In this case, the payout will be higher, so you may not need to bet a huge amount of money to see a decent return.

Evenly Matched Teams

If both teams are seemingly equally matched, going for the double bet is a more sensible strategy. By utilizing a double chance bet, it allows you to put money on your favorite to win in addition to putting money on a potential draw. Consequently, you are covering two of the most likely outcomes at once.

How To Win Double Chance Bet

As we have mentioned in the strategy section above, if you are willing to put in some time for research before you start betting, you have more chance of beating the bookmaker. By the nature of double chance betting, you increase your chances of winning by combining two of these possible options into a single wager.

Given the lower risk of double chance bets, the market is naturally advantageous for a lot of punters out there. Just make sure you capitalize on this advantage by doing your research and betting accordingly.

Make sure you choose the right double chance market and then place a double chance wager after doing some research. If you have no idea when it comes to betting on the Champions League is or you aren’t familiar with football betting, either research or avoid. It would also be helpful to see if you can get any double chance tips or favorable betting odds before wagering.

Double Chance Bet explained

Calculate the Odds

Having a double chance bet calculator to hand would be ideal. It is crucial customers know what odds to expect as it will help them understand whether an operator is offering the best bang for your buck. To calculate the odds, just add the selections to the bet slip, click on the slip and you can see the odds available.

Advantages Of Double Chance Betting

There are numerous advantages to placing a double chance bet. First, it allows you to cover two outcomes that you think could be the final result of the match. Consequently, you have more flexibility in your sports betting as you can “hedge your bets“. Hedge betting is one of the best ways to secure a profit when betting. Using our hedge bet calculator is a great way to see how much your bet can return should you choose to hedge your wager.

Next, when you take the opportunity to take a double chance bet, your a spreading your risk over two out of three available options. This means you are simultaneously increasing your chances of winning. The slight downside to this is that you will not win as much money, so you need to incorporate that into your betting strategy.

How to place a double chance bet

If you have your football tips to hand, have studied the betting lines and have decided this is your best bet, you may want to know how to create a double chance wager. If you are using an app to bet, follow the below steps:

  • Log into your betting account
  • Find the league and game you are interested in
  • Look for ‘Game Props’ or ‘More Wagers
  • Look for the heading ‘Double Chance’
  • Select the option you think is correct
  • Enter your stake
  • Check the odds and submit the bet

Doing this at a physical sportsbook is as simple as doing it online. This acts as your qualifying bet, same as when you bet to claim a bonus. The best football betting sites will have multiple markets and options for all types of sports bet. Make sure you take a look at our top betting sites, where there are plenty of double chance betting markets to browse through and hefty bonuses to help you get to the best possible start.


Is double chance a single bet?

Yes, double betting is there to give bettors a bigger chance of winning from a single event. For example, in Soccer, you can place a double bet to cover two of the possible three outcomes in just one bet. You can also use free bet stakes and and free bets when placing a double chance wager.

Can you lose a double chance bet?

The only way you can lose a double chance bet is if the outcome of a game is not one of the two you predicted. Double chance is a three-way bet in which you cover two of the outcomes, but if the game ends with the third outcome, you have lost your bet.

What is the difference between double chance and draw no bet?

Double chance is a three-way bet in which you cover three possible outcomes. Draw no bet is a two-way bet where you have to predict a game winner. Should the game end in a draw, then your draw no bet wager will be pushed, and your stake will be returned. Double chance bets come with shorter odds than draw no bet wagers.

What is a double chance 2X?

In double chance, there are three separate outcomes in a game: 1, X and 2. An X2 double chance bet is a bet on the outcomes X and 2, which translate to a draw or the away team winning. It is not written as "2X" but as "X2".

Can double chance be used in a parlay?

Definitely! you can form parlay bets on numerous events and include double chance bets as if they were moneylines or spreads. You may also form same game parlay bets, combining double chance with popular betting markets such as totals, game props and even player bets.