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Matched betting is one of the best sports betting techniques or strategies going. It’s 100% legal and a great way to make money with online sports betting.

Bookmakers in the USA can be traced all the way back to the 1930s. Despite always being a high-risk investment, the popularity of gambling has continued to rise in the states ever since.

Matched betting is a low-risk betting system when compared to regular gambling. The internet quickly recognized risk-free matched betting as one of the quickest and safest ways to make money online. However, you can lose vast amounts of money if bet matching is done incorrectly.

This article will guide you through the ins and outs of low risk matched betting USA and how to make money off it in as little as 15 minutes. Yes, make sure to follow all of the steps in our guide to be making money off no risk matched betting USA in just 15 minutes.

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The six biggest and most reliable sports betting sites that you can use when matched betting in the US are:

What is Matched Betting USA?

Risk-free matched betting is a technique that guarantees a profit from bookmaker free bets and betting promotions. It is not a magical way of taking the sportsbook’s money, but rather a low-risk betting strategy that uses simple calculations to turn the odds of sportsbooks against them. While there are no specific matched betting free bets available, you can see a full list of offers on our free bets page.

The matched bets strategy is simple. Use offers given by sportsbooks such as free bets against them. In this dummies guide, we will run you through exactly how it works.

Over the past 25 years, we have witnessed the emergence of betting and gambling sites due to the sheer amount of money these sportsbooks make off bettors. Due to high levels of competition among sportsbooks, gaining and maintaining new customers is a pressing challenge faced by all sportsbooks.

In a bid to permanently make a bettor a customer, sportsbooks offer many incentives, usually in the form of either free bets or matched deposit bonuses. Luckily for us, a few savvy bettors found a way to guarantee a small, consistent profit from these promotions.

Matched Betting USA

Some sportsbooks in the US offer bonuses as generous as a 200% matched bonus of the first two deposits made by new players in an attempt to entice customers. They do this because they are sure to gain the money back in the long run. While you’re here, you may also want to check out our guide to Arbitrage Betting in the US.

How Easy Is It To Make Money With Matched Betting?

Just one-in-a-million people win large amounts of money from online betting, most bettors lose sizable amounts of money when betting, making the bookies extremely rich, that is why they have enough money to offer those fantastic incentives mentioned earlier.

No-risk matched betting was created by a bettor who had lost a large amount of money to bookmakers and explored ways to regain his lost money. Thankfully, the founder was generous enough to share their breakthrough with people for free.

Lots of UK bettors who match bet have profited from this method, and so many more are still to benefit from it, especially in the USA where matched sports betting is quickly gaining momentum.

Matched betting USA is currently gaining a lot of traction thanks to the abolishment of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, otherwise referred to as PASPA, and I think every bettor should seize this opportunity of making money off these bookmakers.

How No Risk Matched Betting USA Works

The following paragraphs are a complete guide on how you can make money from matched betting. You need to understand that matched betting is not gambling in the conventional sense. There is no risk involved with risk-free matched betting, as it is all based on a number of easy calculations.

#1. Find a Sportsbook Offer

The first step in no risk matched betting is to find a fitting offer from online bookmakers. Like I stated earlier, some sportsbooks offer massive welcome bonuses to get your custom; the plan is to play along with the sportsbook. You will need to find such bookies and sign up with them; luckily, we have a free guide on the best welcome offers available in the states you can follow. Unibet sportsbook and bet365 are a great place to start for players new to matched betting.

For instance, if you have followed our guide and registered with bet365 USA offering a free bet up to $500 if you deposit $500

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Most sportsbooks will give conditions for their bonuses, such as winning a certain amount of money before players can request a withdrawal or placing bets on odds no less than 1.5. It would help if you always used decimal odds when matched betting. You can easily change the format your odds are shown at any bookmaker if they are not currently showing as a decimal, or use an online odds converter to do the work for you.

After checking over the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus and you are confident that there is no hidden gimmick by the sportsbook, you can proceed to the next step. You also need to find an event or game to bet on. Football is the best sport to bet on generally as most people have good knowledge of the game.

#2. Qualifying Bet

The second step to make money with no risk matched betting is to qualify for the welcome bonus the bookmakers are offering, which is $100 in our example with bet365 US.

When placing our qualifying bet, we would lose a small amount of money, called the qualifying loss.

Start by looking for a game to place your back bet on. This back bet should have odds higher than the minimum threshold of 1.5, as specified on the terms and conditions in the example given above.

I advise you to use the Moneyline market in the NBA or any other sports where you are sure that the outcome will be either win or lose, no draws.

Assuming you place your back bet on a game with 1.9 odds, you now need to find the same game on a different sportsbook and check the odds for the opposing team; this will be called your lay bet. For the purposes of our example, let us say our odds for our lay bet are 2.0.

Next, you need to use a dutching calculator to find out what your stake on the second bookmaker site will need to be.

You will find that no matter the outcome of the game, you will only lose a small amount, around 50 cents at most. This loss, however, does release the free bet offered by the sportsbook.

How matched betting works

#3. Free Bet

After placing your qualifying bet at a sportsbook, you should qualify for your bonus as a free bet. Some sportsbooks will credit you instantly, while some will credit your bonus up to 48 hours after the end of your qualifying bet.

We repeat the same method but on an even with higher odds to ensure our profit is as big as possible. Ideally, you need a game with an outcome of odds at 5.00 to maximize the profit from your free bet.

Assuming we place our back bet on a team with 5.0 odds, and the second team that we are laying on the second bookmaker — has 1.18 odds.

We now need to adjust our dutching calculator because we are betting with our own money now on the second sportsbook site. The idea of a dutching calculator is to help you make calculations to make sure you get the same returns from the two bookmakers regardless of the outcome of the event.

Applying the dutching calculator to our example, it means we are going to bet our bonus of $100 from bet365 on the game with 5.0 odds and $423.72 on the second sports betting site with 1.18 odds. This generates a guaranteed profit of $76.26 regardless of the outcome of the event.

When we consider our qualifying loss of 50 cents, it means we still have $75.76 as the net profit in this real-life example at bet365.

Also, be informed that you do not necessarily need to place a free bet as high as $100 if you do not have the required amount to dutch on the second sports betting site as $423 is a substantial sum for most people. Maybe try with a $10 free bet to start with and get hands-on experience with matched betting. You can use the Caesars Online Sportsbook to claim your $5,000 risk-free bet.

Take your time to get a good idea of the amount of money you can afford to dutch before placing your free bet as any stake less than the required dutching/lay bet on the second bookmaker will see you lose money.

The two essential factors you need to be looking out for are first, make sure you do not go above any max odds if stated in the terms and conditions of the sportsbook bonus.

Secondly, the higher the odds on your back bet, the more profit you will make, and the more money you will need to deposit into the second website.

You now know how to join the growing list of bettors making a considerable profit from welcome bonuses offered on sports betting sites. Not so many bettors know about matched betting USA or double betting as some people know it.

#4. Match betting app

Mobile betting is now huge in the US and if you are serious about getting involved and making money online, you need to be able to carry out matched betting wherever you may be. That is where a betting app comes in useful. Thanks to betting apps, you can now bet anywhere in a legalized state.

Our choice for the 3 best-matched betting apps are:

Reload Offers Keep Matched Betting Relevant

A common question among new matched bettors is, ‘Can I make money after I have completed all the welcome offers?’ and to give that question a simple answer, yes.

Sportsbooks offer free bets to their existing member to keep them from joining rival sportsbooks. These free bets are called reload offers, and they make matched betting a sustainable way to make money online.

Typically, you will receive a notification or message about the reload offer, and they are usually along the lines of ‘Play With $10, Get A $10 Free Bet.’

You will need to replicate the same steps as for the welcome offers, where you will need to place your qualifying bet to unlock the free bet. Then, once the free bet has been released, you will need to repeat the process using your free bet to guarantee your profit.

The only issue for existing bettors is that the free bets offered are not usually as large as the ones you see offered to new players by bookmakers. Nonetheless, you are able to make a substantial profit from each bonus you receive.

Conclusion To Matched Betting USA

I hope you found this article regarding matched betting USA insightful.

If you follow this article step-by-step, you are guaranteed to make a solid profit monthly from risk-free matched betting.


Is Matched Betting Legal In The USA?

Yes! Although matched betting does sound as if it could be illegal, offering tax-free money by utilizing a sportsbook offers definitely does seem as though it could be a little suspect. However, matched betting is entirely legal in the United States!

Does Matched Betting Still Work 2021?

Although the days of making $3,000 every month are gone, you can still make a great side income of up to $1,500 every month, depending on how much time you are willing to invest. So, in my opinion, matched betting does still work in 2021 and is one of the easiest and quickest ways to create an additional source of income.

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