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bet365 Edit Bet: How it Works

We take a look at the edit bet feature on bet365

Can you recall the days when having decent odds and a wide range of sports to bet on was enough to persuade you to sign up at an online sportsbook? Neither can we.

The sports betting industry is one of the most ruthless markets and requires constant innovation. Online sportsbooks are working overtime on inventing new exciting features hoping to draw new customers in. One of those features known for attracting thousands, if not millions, of bettors, is the bet365 Edit Bet feature.

This innovative feature allows bettors to add, swap, or remove selections and increase the stake on unsettled single bets and works for both pre-match and In-Play wagers.

bet365 can be accessed by individuals aged 21 or above in the states of New Jersey, Colorado, Ohio, and Virginia. The Edit Bet feature is an outstanding addition to bet365’s arsenal of innovations, and we have the utmost confidence that it will be a real game-changer for many of their customers.

Now let us demonstrate the functionality of the bet365 Edit Bet feature and guide you through its various segments.

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What Is the bet365 Edit Bet Feature?

We all had made a silly bet and realized it just a few moments after submitting it. Some of us had even placed a bet on Argentina, then stumbled upon the game-changing news about Leo Messi taking his well-deserved break just a few minutes later. Fortunately, bet365 offers a feature that allows us to wave goodbye to those troublesome situations.

The bet365 Edit Bet feature is a convenient tool enabling bettors to modify their existing wagers. Thanks to the Edit Bet feature, bettors can now enjoy greater control over their betting fortunes due to this unique capability to add, remove, or update selections in their betting slips.

It’s available for bettors who have the Cash Out option open for all unsettled selections within their unsettled bet and where the outcome of the bet has not already been decided. What makes it even better is that even if some selections in their parlay bets have already been settled, bettors can still take advantage of this feature.

Although using the bet365 Edit Bet feature is simple, bettors must understand that it is only available for unsettled wagers eligible for the cash-out option. With it, bettors can make multiple modifications to their betting slips.

The modifications include adding, removing, swapping, increasing your stake, and changing your bet type. They are all equally great methods for bettors to modify their wagers as the events develop and to enhance their overall betting experience.

When using the bet365 Edit Bet feature, any changes made to a bet will result in the new stake being equivalent to its current Cash Out amount. However, there are a couple of exceptions to this rule. The first exception is when bettors use the Edit Bet option to add a new selection to the bet slip.

Bet365 editBet

The second exception occurs when bettors employ the Edit Bet feature to boost the stake. However, this is only applicable if all the initial selections on the bet slip are still pre-match and there have been no changes to the odds.

How to Edit a Bet on bet365?

Available bet365 Bet Edit Options

The bet365 Edit Bet feature has enough options to keep plenty of bettors engaged. And while the edit options may vary depending on the specific conditions and limitations set by the platform, there are always enough options to help bettors in various betting scenarios. Check out some of them and see how it works in practice.

bet365 Bet Edit Options


The Adding option is one of the most popular options. It lets you expand your bets by including more options on your betting slips. Once you select the Add Selections option, you get redirected to the bet365 homepage, where you can explore the betting offer and choose from the large array of selections you can add.

Once you choose your preferred category and choose a selection from it, the newly added bet will be temporarily added to a betting slip visible at the bottom of the screen.

All the prices will be updated to reflect the current odds, and so will the new return amount.

Once you are happy with your new pickings, select Add to Bet to add the desired selections to your betting slip. To submit your Edit Bet request, choose Save Changes and press Confirm.


We all have been in a situation where we changed our mind about a bet just a few moments after submitting it, and we all know how annoying it can be. However, thanks to the Edit Bet feature, this nuisance won’t seem like a big deal.

Removing a selection from your betting slip is as easy as pressing the little X button on the left side of the selection. Once you click the X icon, the platform will strike out the selection you want to remove. The potential return will be recalculated, and all the prices will be updated to reflect the current odds. To submit your Edit Bet request, select Save Changes and then press Confirm. Pretty straightforward.


With the bet365 Edit Bet, you can swap a selection from your betting slip for an alternative option from the same market, which lets you have greater control of your betting fortune.

All you have to do is pick the selection you want to swap and once the Swap Selections pop-up hits your screen, pick an alternative option from the same market. After you have chosen your replacement selection, the bet365 platform will update all the prices according to the current odds. The amount of the new potential payout will also get adjusted according to the current odds.

If you are happy with the freshly updated potential return amount, select Done, click Save Changes, and then press Confirm to submit your request.

Can Anyone Use the bet365 Edit Bet Feature?

The bet365 Edit Bet feature only works on specific events, fixtures, and markets, both pre-match and In-Play for some sports.

The availability of this feature depends on a specific list of conditions and restrictions. The list includes factors such as the type of wager, the timing of the request to edit the bet, and the current status of the specific sporting event.

bet365 reserves the right to accept or reject any bet requested for any sport and competition when attempting to employ the Edit Bet feature. No bettor is guaranteed eligibility for this feature for all bet selections.


Can you edit a bet on bet365?

Yes. Bettors on bet365 can edit some of their existing bets using the Edit Bet feature.

How do I change my bet on bet365?

To change your bet on bet365, follow these simple steps:
  1. Sign in to your bet365 account.
  2. Enter the My Bets section and select Cash Out.
  3. Select the specific wager you want to change.
  4. Select Edit Bet.
  5. Once you get the Edit Bet view, pick the preferred modification you would like to make.
  6. If you are satisfied with the changes, select Save Changes and proceed by selecting Confirm.
  7. Once your bet is confirmed, the new edited selections will be displayed on your screen.

How does editing my bet work on bet365?

The Edit Bet feature on bet365 allows bettors to change an existing bet in a few different ways. The list of possible options for modification includes adding, removing, and swapping selections, plus increasing your stakes or changing the type of your bet.

Why can’t I edit my bet on bet365?

The list of reasons why you are not eligible to edit your bet on bet365 can include various explanations. Here are the most common ones:
  • Bet has been settled already
  • Restriction based on change of the odds
  • Ineligible betting types
  • Expiration of the designated editing period
  • Technical Issues
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