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What is Past Posting and Why it's Still Cheating

We look at the past posting gambling strategy alongside some other casino strategies with key information you need to be aware of before playing.

The casino industry in the United States continues to grow, and the industry has now seen growth in the online portion as well. This has caused several new players to get in on the action, and roulette is a popular game to play.

Past posting is a common cheating strategy that is used in commercial casinos, as customers try to take away the edge that the casinos have. If you have never heard of this term, then you are probably wondering, “What does past posting mean?”. It’s not only casinos where Past Posting happens it’s also popular in Horse racing betting as well.

This strategy means that a bettor is attempting to post their bets after the outcome of the spin is already known. Some bettors also attempt to use this past posting strategy when the ball is almost ready to fall out of the pocket, giving the bettor a huge edge. If you have ever visited NJ and seen Atlantic City Roulette being played, you may have seen past posting taking place.

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Even though this is one of the oldest forms of cheating when it comes to the game of roulette, it is also incredibly difficult to actually pull off. Anyone attempting this strategy must scout out different tables so that they can be sure that they are not getting detected when past posting. When you hear no more bets around a table, that is normally it and no more can be placed.

Past Posting

Casinos are aware of this past posting strategy, and they have employees that keep a close eye on the tables and are always looking for this sort of thing to occur. Still, people tend to use past posting as a way to try and beat the system when it comes to roulette, but there are plenty of better strategies to use. It is not a common thing you will see with an online casino as most of the games are run by software making it harder to cheat.

If playing online roulette in NJ, you can be safe in the knowledge that past posting won’t be used in an online game.

What is Past Posting?

People may not like roulette cheaters, but it is a fact that players out there are always looking to trick the House. Whether they are playing blackjack, a slot machine or any casino game, when you are wagering everyone is looking for an advantage. Things like card counting may be a more well-known cheating method than past post, but both are attempted by bettors.

Past posting is an attempt by a person to place wagers once the results of the spin of the roulette wheel are already known. By doing this, gamblers can be paid for winning wagers which they did not place before the spin.

In order to do this, players scout and look for a dealer who seems like they aren’t fully focused on the dice or their table layout. Thus, they may not be fully looking at the results when they come in. This type of dealer may also not notice if you have added another chip, or several more, after the fact. Anyone who is trying to cheat, whether it is past post or blackjack cheating will also want to avoid being detected by other players at the table. Some may feel the need to call out this blatant disregard for the rules.

Roulette Strategy

If you plan on playing roulette legally, then you are still going to need a strategy to use if you want a winning bet more often than not. You don’t ever want to simply sit down at a roulette table and start betting wildly because this will ultimately lead to plenty of losses.

There are many roulette strategies to try, but here are two of the most popular that you will see used in a casino today:

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy starts with making small bets at first, but it could lead to making large bets at a certain point. With this strategy, a bettor should place a small wager on even or odd, black or red, or 1-18 or 19-36.

If you are successful in your first wager, then make another small bet. If you lose, double your small wager and place another bet.

Simply repeat this process until you feel it is time to walk away because you have either won or lost enough money.

D’Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert Strategy is very similar to the Martingale Strategy at first, as making a small wager on one of the three options is the way to get started. What happens after your first bet is where there is a difference.

With this strategy, if you win your first bet, then you should increase your second bet by one. If you lose your first bet, then decrease the amount by one and try again.

You can always walk away from the table whenever you want, but this strategy should keep you in the game longer.

Getting Caught Cheating

You are probably wondering what happens if you get caught cheating in a casino. This can be a complicated answer, but none of the outcomes are going to be favorable for you.

If you are caught cheating inside of a casino, then you can expect to be kicked out immediately and probably banned from the establishment in the future. Legal action could also be coming your way, depending on how much money you have won by past posting.

If you are caught making a bet online cheating, then you will likely have your account frozen for a long period of time. Past posting is much harder to do in an online format, but there have been some attempts made in the past.

Roulette Past Posting

If you are someone that is playing New Jersey roulette online, it is best to do so in a fair and legal manner, and hope that luck is on your side. Past posting is simply not worth it, and it is not a great way to play French roulette or other roulette games. After all, it violates the terms of the casino and can land you in trouble. No one wants to be the player that only wins because they are a cheater.

House rules exist to protect the casino and sportsbook operations, and also to protect players as well so they know what are acceptable forms of gambling. You may occasionally see a casino employee in on the trick and the croupier may try and affect the outcome of the roulette game for the player.

Past Posting at MGM, Las Vegas

One of the biggest and most well-known cases of past posting happened in Las Vegas, with MGM and sports betting at the Bellagio casino. Nearly a quarter-million dollars in winning bets were reportedly placed in what is thought to be the largest past-posting loss for a sportsbook ever in the history of sin city. Lucky bettors managed to cash in some tickets before the sportsbook realized the error and was able to stop it.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has ruled in favor of the MGM sportsbook in a dispute over tens of thousands of dollars of past-posted wagers made at the Bellagio. The Control Board had decided to void over $200,000 in outstanding parlays that were placed on June 28 on baseball games happening in China and Korea where they were able to place a late bet after the game had actually started.

If you are wondering how such a huge gambling operator can make this kind of rookie error, well it’s down to human error. The wagers were allowed to be placed because the incorrect start times were posted on some of the games when they were being manually added. We are not sure what odds were used but they would have been quite generous given the payouts that were being requested.

Given the scope for gambling in Nevada, Las Vegas’s history is probably rich with stories like this, but they don’t always make their way to the public eye.

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