Game On Card Explained – What is the game on card & how to use it


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Nov 11, 2022

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Online sports betting fans now have a new way to deposit at an online sportsbook and betting app. Step forward the Game On Card.

The online gambling markets across the US are booming. As more online sportsbooks launch across the states, players now have access to numerous betting options, sports markets, and payment methods. Using a pre-paid gift card is one of the latest ways operators are evolving to accept online deposits.

There is a new payment method available for players looking to wager on popular games in the Garden State playing at an NJ online casino or in the Keystone State at a PA online casino – The Game On card from Blackhawk Network. They are hoping this new multi-branded sports betting payment card will make it easier for players to bet online. It allows you to deposit securely and privately to your sports betting account.

Blackhawk Network Inc, a global branded payments provider, has introduced the ‘Game On’ card. It has been designed to be as straightforward as loading up a gift card. If customers ever encounter any problems funding their online accounts with credit or debit cards, the Game On card offers the perfect solution.

This card acts in a similar fashion to a prepaid gift card that allows players in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to turn cash into credit at NJ sportsbooks online or casino brands in each state. Players can think of it as providing the same function as a DraftKings sportsbook gift card or a FanDuel prepaid card. Numerous prominent NJ and PA retailers will soon be offering the game on card for their customers.

Vouchers and gift cards are popular for birthdays and Christmas presents. Many people may purchase a Visa gift card, Xbox gift card, a steam gift card, or other gaming gift cards. Well. there is now a physical gift card available for gamblers.

Game On Card

Where To Find The Card

Using egift the card will be straightforward. Think of using it like other exclusive promotions you may discover at a sportsbook.

Firstly, players must load funds onto a physical card at participating retailers. The Game on NJ card is now available at the following locations below and many more:

  • Stop & Shop
  • Acme Markets
  • Lowe’s
  • Foodtown
  • Tops

The Blackhawk Network, which produces the card, has plans to add more retailers to the above list. Once you have loaded funds onto the card, players can then deposit those funds to their online casino or sportsbook accounts. Many online sportsbooks and casinos have already integrated the cards into their websites and apps.

As all of the participating gambling brands will accept this payment method, players have the opportunity to split the Game on Card funds between each brand to whatever is most suitable for them. The gambling brands which will offer this card payment option include:

The card launched back in October, and players can find it in the same places they would find prepaid gift cards for other gambling brands. Locations such as grocery stores have the Game On Card available. The cards are also been available to purchase online at

You will also be able to use this card on the sportsbook apps. Android users can download betting apps from the Google Play Store, while iOS users can download directly from the App Store. Think of this as a gaming solution for gambling. But instead of purchasing something from the Playstation Store, or Nintendo eshop, this is a GameStop gift card for gambling.

Game On Sportsbook gift Card

Advantages Of Using Game On Card

People who gamble regularly will know how to set limits for themselves, so they are betting responsibly. Fortunately, this payment method falls into the responsible gambling category. For example, if you wanted to bet $100 a month on sports, you have the ability to load that exact amount onto a card and then transfer those funds to online wagering sites.

As customers are using that pre-determined amount to fund their bets and are not opening up avenues from their general funds, and risk of you losing a higher amount of money is reduced.

Another perk of using this payment method is that it comes with a high degree of privacy. There is no need to share bank account or debit card information online. Players can be safe in the knowledge that if security is compromised, their payment information will not be exposed. Additionally, it means the end-user does not rely on credit cards and bank accounts to fund online gaming accounts.

The card is only available in NJ & PA at the moment, but it’s hoped it will be available to use in other states like Colorado, Tennessee, and Indiana, which also offer online and mobile sports betting. It will make the perfect gift for anybody who enjoys online gambling and wants to benefit from some top deals.


Can I transfer winnings to my Game On card?

You will not be able to transfer winnings to your Game On Card. These funds will go to your personal account. If you wish, you can then load them onto your card.

How do I redeem my Game On card?

You can use your card for deposits into any betting platform that is listed on the front of the card. The card is not redeemable for cash and cannot be used at ATMs.

How do I check the balance on my card?

There are two ways you can check your balance. First, you can visit Alternatively, you can call 1 (844-694-3164).