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DraftKings Rocket Gambling Game, RTP and Strategies

DraftKings Rocket is taking the gaming scene by storm, and now you can jump in on the action yourself; learn how to play DraftKings crash-style game and implement some winning strategies into your gaming.

DraftKings is one of the most elite online casinos and sportsbooks in the US. Since its launch, DraftKings has continued to push the boundaries of online gambling. One of its latest gaming expansions has been releasing its exclusive game, the DraftKings Rocket game. They announced this newest addition to their DraftKings Casino product suite in September.

Developing DraftKings rocket was done entirely in-house by the internal team members. When asked in a press release about their product, DraftKings vice president Jason March had this to say: “By developing DraftKings Rocket, our team continues to innovate our Casino offerings as we set out to create an all-new, one-of-a-kind iGaming experience for customers.”

The DraftKings Rocket game is one of over 500 different games and still finds a way to stand out. We found this game to be extremely addictive. It offers an engaging gaming experience alongside an interactive interface to keep you hooked for hours.

DraftKings is commonly associated with daily fantasy sports and sports gambling. When people think of the DK betting app they may automatically think of betting on significant sporting events such as the Super Bowl, the PGA Tour, and even eSports. However, the brand has also built one of the best online casino sites in the US, with Las Vegas style blackjack game variants, other classic table game options, and more. Now, the Rocket Game is drawing lots of attention as the DraftKings casino continues to grow.

If you are interested in playing, have read to see how this unique game works, known and unknown risks, tips on how best to counter this, develop a DraftKings Rocket game strategy, enter the Rocket League, and more.

$50 Casino Credits + $2,000 Bonus

What is DraftKings Rocket?

Let’s start with the basics of the DraftKings Rocket game. This is an online casino game that is exclusive to DraftKings and isn’t available on any other betting sites. It has an exciting graphic featuring a rocket sailing through the night sky bettors must try and predict how high up the rocket will travel before it explodes. A correct prediction will see you victorious, get it wrong and you will lose.

Every round you will put your money where your mouth is and bet on your prediction. If you win, you will get your stake back and more. The amount you win will depend on the height the Rocket reached before it exploded into pieces. It is a straightforward, fun, relaxing game to play as you try and boost that bankroll.

How to Play Rocket on DraftKings

Before jumping into the registration process, let us look at how the Drafting rocket works. The DraftKings rocket features a simple yet addictive crash gaming experience similar to Bustabit that works as follows:

The game starts with players placing a bet. After their bet is placed, a virtual rocket begins rising, which sees their bet value increase the higher it gets. The game’s objective is to withdraw your money before the rocket reaches its limit and crashes, which can happen at any given time. Bets can even be placed when the rocket counter has reached 0, and its path to the sky is in progress. 

The game is so captivating that players can see their winnings increase as the rocket rises. The only risk this game holds is the players’ greed itself. Seeing your rocket rack up winnings, it’s hard to pull out knowing it has a maximum multiplier of an x1000. It mimics the crypto market in a way that you can make quick cash, but it can all be lost with an instance.

If you wish to give this new and exciting way of gambling a chance, here is how to sign up, deposit, and play casino games on DraftKings:

To sign up for the DraftKings Casino, new customers must give personal information. This includes a username, email, password, and some personal details. DraftKings pride itself on making the registration process a smooth experience. After you fill in all the necessary information, you will need to verify your email, and then the process is done. Just as a reminder, customers need to be within the legal states DraftKings casino operates in and at least 21 or over to sign up.

New customers can start making real money deposits once the account is verified. DraftKings deposit methods are plentiful, so whatever option you prefer, we are sure there will be one available that suits your needs. By making your first deposit, customers will also be eligible for the welcome bonus (which we will discuss later). Once you have funds in your bankroll, head to the “variety games” on the DraftKings site. Here, you will find the rocket game amongst other games like Slingo that do not entirely categorize as typical casino table games or slots.

Where Can You Play DraftKings Rocket?

When DraftKings initially launched the rocket game, it was only available to players in NJ whilst waiting for regulators in other states to approve the game. Fast forward a few months and the DraftKings Rocket game is now available to play online and via mobile app in the following states:

  • Connecticut
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia

DraftKings Rocket Gambling Game Rules

Because this is a new game, people wonder whether it falls under regulated gaming rules, and we can confidently say it does. DraftKings Casino is an authorized gaming operator, so it must adhere to strict casino regulations. It is, by law, a safe and secure place to play classic casino games with real money potential payouts. The same holds true for DraftKings Sportsbook, across all states it operates.

Rocket Payouts

It is straightforward to understand and play the DraftKings Rocket game. After the virtual rocket launches, players can either eject and withdraw from the rocket manually or set an Auto Bail Limit to withdraw their winnings at a specific wager multiplier.

After DraftKings customers have placed their bet on an auto or manual bailing system, the rocket takes off. As the rocket rises, the prize pool increases. If no cashout multiplier has been set, the rocket will continue until it reaches the maximum x1000 stake value unless you withdraw it manually. This can be dangerous because there is no safety net for you to cash out earlier if your device disconnects.

Minimum bets are $1, and maximum bets sit at $1,000.

DraftKings Rocket Game Features

DraftKings Rocket Odds & Auto Bet Features

DraftKings Rocket fixed odds and autoplay

If you want to add some automation to your Rocket play then its worth considering the Auto feature, from here you can set up a fixed amount to wager per launch, as well as a winnings odds threshold where you will automatically bail (Auto Cashout),  along with the number of rocket launches you wish to play and a Profit and Loss stop threshold if certain limits are reached.

The Auto Cashout is a multiplier value based on your current stake size, so if you are betting $10 and set the cashout value to 10x you will then Auto Cashout at this level which equates to a $100 win, or in terms of odds a 10 to 1 win.

Whilst the same RTP is at play, setting up and playing rocket this way does give you the security of not missing out on bailing at specific points and utilizing some logical pattern to betting and auto-accepting the wins at various levels. Even with Auto enabled you still have the opportunity to bail early and claim a win, it just gives you that safety net of auto-collecting wins too.

Think of it as almost like autoplay on slots, with the difference being this mode can also fix the odds at which you decide to take a win from the machine.

DraftKings Rocket RTP & Technical Data

The most important aspect of the game is the wager amounts in relation to your overall starting bankroll size. Our team are experts in calculating casino game customer returns, and the DraftKings Rocket works no different from a modern-day online slot. What we mean by this is that online casino games work by using a random number generator. The rocket crashes are entirely random and are not based on or influenced by any previous outcomes and they have no regard for your bet size whether that is $1 or $1000.

Whilst there is no data revealed about things such as the average win multiplier (when it exceeds the bet size of 1x), with these sorts of games you can expect them to be low. The volatility will also most likely be fairly low overall also with the majority of wins being in the 0x to 20x bet range, although the maximum win is stated as 1000x this will be extremely rare and infrequent.

As for the return to player percentage, it stays the same. The game has an impressive theoretical RTP of 97%, which is much higher than expected but also backs up the notion that overall the volatility of this machine matches a low variance slot but with an outlier of a huge win. It boasts some of the best returns you will find in the casino when compared to high RTP slots, which, together with its exclusive iGaming experience, offers customers superior gaming entertainment with fair odds.

$50 Casino Credits + $2,000 Bonus

DraftKings Rocket Strategy – How to Play and Win!

As we said earlier, even though the game runs off a random number generator, DraftKings control the payout ratio (RTP) at the game design stage to give themselves a 3% house edge. This means sticking to smaller bets in relation to your bankroll will give you more chances of seeing the rocket reach higher levels, and much longer playtime as a decent proportion of the money is returned to players.

We encourage first-time players to always stick to small wagers, it gives you more time to see how the game plays, and there is always a chance of it hitting 1000x, which even on a small bet is a superb win. Those with a competitive spirit can increase their bets once they get a grip on the game and how it works.

It is essential to know that the game works on probability alone, there is no perfect or optimal way to play it, and over the long haul, you will lose, or at least the 3% on the RTP. Commonly a new player’s initial approach usually sees players betting differently based on previous results or trying to develop a foolproof winning strategy (such as a Martingale system on roulette). This does not work. Your future performance is not affected by previous results. Instead, the odds stay the same, and the game remains equally unpredictable.

Lastly, after a close examination by our experts, we concluded that players should start with manual cash-outs. When you play new games in a casino, it’s important to be fully involved. Leaving the cash out at a predisposed multiplier kills any of the “gut feeling” decisions. Even though it’s not guaranteed to work better, playing from your heart is at least a genuine and exciting experience and might even result in an unforgettable win.

If you want to employ some kind of strategy in this game, base it around sensible bet sizes and having a target relating to your winnings. For example, if you deposit $100 and double your money, you withdraw your winnings and stick to this self-imposed rule.

If you prefer to gamble on games less revolved around luck, maybe try casino table games like online poker or blackjack. For sports fans, DraftKings offers some powering sports options to bet on. Knowing your sports league players can increase their “luck” at sports betting.

Low Multiplier Strategies

Adopting a low multiplier Rocket strategy involves constantly betting the same amount, at a really low multiplier. You could go as low as 1.01x if you want to go this way. The difficulty with this strategy is that usually with a big enough sample size, you will likely get a minimum of one explosion prior to take-off. This means that if you are placing wagers worth $1 every time at an extremely low multiplier, for example, 1.01x, there only needs to be one pre-takeoff explosion to nullify the winnings generated from a big number of low multiple wins.

Some people use this strategy to get as close to breaking even as possible without risking much cash. This is a way of leveraging any bonus or promo that DraftKings is offering for Rocket. For example, if you receive $1 free casino credits for every $20 played in Rocket, you could employ a low multiplier strategy.

The aim might be to try and break even on the risk/reward of the actual game play, then take advantage of the $1 in casino benefit for every $25. Whatever strategy you decide best suits you, you must factor in the promotional benefits. If the bonus benefits outweigh the house edge it is something you must take into consideration. The rocket casino game offers numerous ways you can go about trying to win.

DraftKings Rocket Bonus for New Players

DraftKings Rocket Bonus

While the DraftKings Rocket game does not offer its own exclusive bonus or casino promo code, new customers can use DraftKings Casino’s mega welcome bonus to give you an edge on the game.

The welcome bonus is only available to new customers after making their first deposit. Currently, DraftKings provides a huge first deposit match of up to $2,000 and $50 in casino credits. All customers have to do is sign up and deposit, without the need for a DraftKings Casino promo code.

If you are an existing DraftKings customer, look for any active in-house promotions. For instance, there is a $100 bonus if you refer a friend to DraftKings. Be alert for any new information regarding these promotions and rewards, as they continuously update them.

What Makes Rocket Gambling Game Different

DraftKings’ collective mission is to provide its customers with the best and most innovative casino games. They are among the pacesetters for new games using groundbreaking technology, and the DraftKings Rocket game is definitely one of them.

What sets this game apart from any other casino game is the fact that it’s not a casino game itself. This crypto market-inspired rocket game provides customers a breath of fresh air. Besides being new to how online gambling is played, it also offers peer-to-peer interaction. Players can see other online customers’ wagers and where they cash out as a rocket flies between random objects floating around. This shared and interactive interface is something you only experience in specific casino games or social casinos.

It resembles a computer game more than your classic casino games. However, it’s built on the same fundamentals. Gamblers play the game of probability to guess when the rocket will crash.

With its overall simplicity, customers, new or old, should consider giving it a go.

Gambling Experts’ Concerns with DraftKings Rocket Game

Players compete alongside a multiplier that increases as the rocket rises, which at first glance looks easy. Gambling experts have a different view of how players see the game. It does not matter if the game works and plays differently or looks like a video game. The core fundamentals stay the same. It’s a game of chance, and it essentially comes down to luck regardless of your strategy. There is no way to predict when the rocket will crash, even if you decide to stick to small bets, certainly without them revealing the exact volatility or seeing data from millions of games. We cannot predict an optimal level of when to accept wins.

Players see it as gambling in a way where you can take control, rather than leaving the play entirely to chance, like slots. And that is where the concern from experts comes in. It is that “control” that players do not know how to manage. Seeing your money increase rapidly, your heart starts racing, and players always try to hold on till the last minute, which is too late most of the time.

The rocket will explode at a predetermined time, and players usually can’t control their excitement until the time runs out. This “control” creates hope amongst gamblers, which is not there. Players have the choice of when they want to withdraw makes it even harder for them.

Now I know we said to rather stick to manual cashout when you start. That is because if you put it on auto cash out, the game comes down to probability again, like slots. If you make one hundred $1 bets, you will walk away with $97 because that is how the game is built, and it is the return expected. But if you play the game yourself, you can try and break these predetermined results. Yes, it is riskier, but if you stay level-headed, you can get some good winning streaks, and the game will ultimately be way more fun.

Our best advice is if you do hold out on Rocket and are rewarded with a big win, then take that win, withdraw it, and walk away from the casino as a winner!

Final Thoughts on DraftKings Rocket

The crash rocket game is only the beginning of DraftKings’ new and innovative casino game releases. The gaming company created a unique experience that brings a whole new dynamic to the DraftKings marketplace. With today’s gaming technologies, customers can expect more of these casino games in the future, especially now that the rocket game was such a huge success. Another testament to its popularity is the rise of multiple casino games similar to DraftKings Rocket that have become available in the market.

The crash gambling style of games has become very popular in recent years with a variety of different takes on this simple yet addictive style of game, the benefit of playing this style of game at DraftKings is that you are guaranteed fair odds thanks to it being a fully licensed US casino.

The game was exclusively only available to DraftKings New Jersey players but is now available in all DK Casino states.

For now, all you can do is read articles like ours to help you prepare for the day the game becomes available for you to play. Once you get that DraftKings Rocket Game strategy down, you will be winning in no time.


What is the DraftKings Rocket RTP?

The theoretical RTP for the Draftkings Rocket game is 97%, making the house edge just 3%, which is a very small edge for any online casino game. This is the theoretical value determined in testing, based on millions of various crash outcomes, including all the results, such as an 0x instant crash and the maximum 1000x wins included.

Does FanDuel have rocket games?

No, FanDuel does not have the rocket game. FanDuel Casino has a wide variety of other exciting games such as FanDuel Wheel of fortune and the awesome range of FanDuel slots.

How do you win a Crash game?

To win any Crash Game, you need to accept your winnings before the crash, either by bailing from the ship in the case of Draftkings Rocket or ejecting in other games; this is similar to "Collecting" you win on a slot, but the decision of when to accept your win is left to the player, hold out too long and the crash results in no win. In Rocket, collecting your win can be done manually, or with the auto bet options, you can specify a particular level to claim any wins, such as a 2x stake.