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Best Slots on High 5 Casino

Find out the best slots on the High 5 Casino site, including bonus information and RTP rates.

High 5 is a slot lover’s paradise. And it’s no wonder why, with a history of slot machine development stretching back all the way to 1995, High 5 has learned what works and what doesn’t.

High 5 sweepstakes casino doesn’t just stock their own games either, because after striking a deal with Pragmatic Play, High 5 has now added all of the European behemoth’s top online slot games to their library. Even better though, with the High 5 casino no deposit welcome bonus, you can get started for free at High 5 with 5 Sweeps Coins, 250 Game Coins, and 600 Diamonds when you sign up using our exclusive links. It’s pretty great. The only problem is, with 500+ slots — where do you start?

979 ratings
5 SC , 250 Game Coins and 600 Diamonds
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In truth, you can’t really go wrong with any of the slots at High 5. However, after polling all the members of our team and investigating the data, we’ve come up with our pick for the top 10 High 5 online casino slots.

With that being said, High 5 sweepstakes casino also features a “trending” section, and if you’d rather dive in right away to claim your exclusive welcome bonus — that’s a great place to start.

Best Slots on High 5 Casino

Otherwise, read ahead for our pick for the best High 5 slots.

10 Best Rated High 5 Casino Slots

High 5 is already established as one of the top slot machine developers in the US. But with the addition of Pragmatic Play slots to the High 5 Casino library, they’ve gone from good to great — and users can choose between a huge variety of games with different themes and mechanics.

You really can’t go wrong when you play games at High 5. Though after polling our expert team, we’ve come up with our ten favorite High 5 games slots. Some newer additions, like the Gold O’Plenty slot, are worthy of mention even though they did not make it into the final list.

🎰Slot🧑‍💻Developer💯RTP📈VolatilityProgressive Jackpot❓
Platinum Goddess Power BetHigh 596%Medium-High✅Yes
Hoot LootHigh 595%High❌No
Gates of OlympusPragmatic Play96.5%Very High❌No
Triple Double Da Vinci DiamondsHigh 590-97.1%Medium❌No
Madame Destiny MegawaysPragmatic Play96.56-96.67%High❌No
Dangerous Beauty Power BetHigh 595%Medium✅Yes
Betti the YettiHigh 596.2%Medium❌No
Green Machine SupremeHigh 590-96.9%Low❌No
Eagles’ FlightHigh 596.5%Medium❌No
Sweet BonanzaPragmatic Play96.49-96.6%Medium❌No
Shadow of the PantherHigh 596%Low❌No

#1 Platinum Goddess Power Bet

The next chapter of Platinum Goddess has arrived with High 5’s Platinum Goddess Power Bet. A classic 5×3 layout can make it look deceptively simple. But with High 5’s Power Bet feature, you’ll get the option to double your stake for a Wild Stack or triple it to activate the split reels feature.

Platinum Goddess Power Bet

With this feature, certain symbols on selected reels will double up, which in turn will double your potential payouts. It can be a tricky feature to get the hang of — turning the usually medium volatility game into higher volatility. But if you can get it right, it can lead to some massive payouts.

What makes these features even better though, is that if you can trigger the Platinum Goddess bonus by collecting the scatter symbol in reels two, three, and four, these Power Bet features will carry on to your free spins.

And if that wasn’t good enough — Platinum Goddess is also one of the High 5 jackpot games. So with any spin, you’re eligible for the jackpot prize. Combine all these features together, and it’s no wonder that the 96% RTP slot is a must-play game.

#2 Hoot Loot

Cartoonish graphics mixed with the standard five reel and three row layout can make Hoot Loot look pretty standard compared to other games developed by High 5. However, Hoot Loot has a secret with its 6th row Hoot Line. This line isn’t played on every spin, with only selected feature symbols eligible to show up on it — but when it does play, any wins get multiplied by x22.

2 Hoot Loot

This can turn what would usually be a meager win into a massive win.

Hoot Loot also has a unique bonus feature. Instead of winning free spins for collecting three scatter symbols, you instead get the chance to dig around in Hoo’s safe. With this feature, you pick one of the three scatter symbols to unveil a prize worth 5-25x of your stake.

Hoot Loot is a highly volatile game. So while most wins outside of the Hoot Line won’t win you much — when you do get that big win on the Hoot Line, it can be huge. A 95% RTP is definitely a little underwhelming. But if you’re up for the risk — hoot Loot can be well worth it.

#3 Gates of Olympus

Developed by Pragmatic Play, the award-winning Gates of Olympus is a favorite slot across both Europe and South America. Typically, US residents would be out of luck if they wanted to play it — but thanks to their partnership with High 5, this is no longer the case.

Gates of Olympus is a slot built around its bonus feature — as such, it’s about as high volatility a slot as you can find. The good news is though, Gates of Olympus gives two ways for you to increase your chance of reaching the bonus round. For an extra 25% of your stake, you can double the chance for scatter symbols to fall, or for x100, you can buy straight in. Regardless of how you play, the RTP stays the same at 96.5%.

Gates of Olympus

Once you’re into the bonus rounds, Zeus can call forth a bolt of lightning at any time to turn one of the symbols on the reel into a multiplier bonus. These multipliers stack throughout the free spins. So as the spins go on, you can be looking at x50 multipliers and even higher.

No paylines in this one — so all symbols are matched out on scatter-based mechanics. That’s not all though, because Gates of Olympus also features cascading symbols. So once you’ve matched enough symbols and have been paid — those symbols disappear off the reels, and new ones cascade down. So if you love bonus rounds, this online slot game will be for you.

️#4 Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds

Developed by High 5, Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds is one of the most unique online slot games that you’ll find. That’s because the RTP increases as you play. Starting at a measly 90%, as you play, the Spin-crease feature of the side of your screen rises.

Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds

And as it gets higher, so does your RTP — up to a maximum RTP of 97.1%. This means that while it may start off as lackluster, for patient players, it can quickly become one of the most profitable slot games available at High 5. Throughout all levels of RTP, the volatility stays the same at about a medium level.

The bonus game is triggered by collecting scatter symbols in the first three reels and awards ten free spins. While it may not be all too spectacular by itself, once the RTP starts rising, it gets better and better. There’s also a cascading mechanic, so when you match symbols, they disappear and new ones fall down.

Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds definitely isn’t for everyone. But if you’re willing to invest the time, it can be well worth it.

#5 Madame Destiny Megaways

It could just as easily be the non megaways variant of Madame Destiny here, but with an RTP of 96.56-96.67% — I’d say Madame Destiny Megaways just edges it out. You’ll notice that it has different levels of RTP. This is because like the previous Pragmatic Play game we covered, Madame Destiny has a feature to increase the chance of the featured scatter symbols dropping, as well as a feature to buy straight into the bonus round. Choosing either of these will increase its RTP to 96.67%.

But even if you don’t use these features, the game is plenty profitable.

Madame Destiny Megaways

Like most Pragmatic Play online slot games, the occult-themed Madame Destiny has high volatility.

Megaways means that while there’ll also be six reels, the number of rows changes on each spin. Add in cascading mechanics, and if you get really lucky — wins can stretch on and on. Because of this, even though it lessens the RTP, I prefer to play Madame Destiny Megaways without any of the bonus features.

Madame Destiny Megaways makes #5 on our list. But if you’re after a similar slot game with more straightforward mechanics, try out the standard Madame Destiny casino game.

#6 Dangerous Beauty Power Bet

Another Power Bet game by High 5, but this time it’s Dangerous Beauty. Again you’ll have the option of playing normally, playing with the split reels feature for triple your stake, or doubling your stake for the wild stack feature. The wild stack feature works randomly and will sometimes turn an entire reel (or multiple reels) into wilds.

Dangerous Beauty Power Bet

While cheaper than the split reels feature, the wild stack can be more valuable if you’re lucky enough to get two or three of the first reels covered in wilds.

All in all, Dangerous Beauty functions very similarly to Platinum Goddess — albeit with an extra row taking it to a five reel, four row layout. It has the same medium volatility as Platinum Goddess. Additionally, the bonus rounds are triggered in the same way by collecting scatters in your middle three reels and awarding seven free spins. And if you’re using the wild stack feature when you trigger the free spins — it’ll carry on to your free spins.

The only difference besides the layout and theme is that Dangerous has a slightly worse RTP at 95%. Though like Platinum Goddess, Dangerous Beauty is also eligible for the High 5 progressive jackpot.

#7 Betti the Yetti

With a 96.2% RTP and medium volatility, Betti the Yetti is another classic Vegas style slot brought online thanks to the High 5 team.

Betti the Yetti

In this 5×3 slot, the bonus rounds are the main attraction. Collect three or more scatter symbols to win ten free spins and begin the steeping out bonus. In this bonus game as you collect additional scatter symbols, you’ll not only win multipliers for all wins in the bonus rounds, but you’ll also increase your Stepping Out bonus prize which can rise to x1,000 your stake size.

The bonus game is definitely the easiest way to win big. But with the colorful and cartoonish style of Betti the Yetti, even the base game is fun featuring regular wins. It’s no wonder why even 17 years after being developed initially, Betti the Yetti is still going strong.

#8 Green Machine Supreme

If you’re after a unique slot unlike any other, then Green Machine Supreme developed by High 5 is for you, based on the popular Green Machine Deluxe machine with a few extras. To start with, forget about matching traditional symbols. Instead, when you spin the 5×5 slot most reels will be empty, though those that aren’t will have GC or SC prizes in them — whatever the face value of those symbols is is how much you win. Free spins work in the same way. Instead of needing scatter symbols, certain symbols will instead just award you free spins. This alone would make Green Machine Supreme stand out in a crowd, but that’s just the start of it.

There’s an upgrade mechanic that carries over between sessions and allows you to permanently increase the value of certain symbols, thereby raising the overall RTP of Green Machine Supreme. This means that while the starting RTP may only be 90%, you can get it to 96.9% with persistent upgrades.

While you can play Green Machine Supreme normally, the optimal strategy requires you to play the Power Bet bonus by paying 15x, 30x, or 45x your stake. That’s because when you select any of these bonuses, the machine will automatically extend a row to a 5×6 layout and will continue extending for every 15 spins you play up to a maximum size of eight rows.

Green Machine Supreme

Green Machine Supreme won’t be a favorite of everyone. But if you’re after a completely unique experience and aren’t afraid of investing some time, then the Green Machine Supreme online slot game will be for you.

#9 Eagles’ Flight

With a classic Americana theme, Eagles Flight is everything that’s great about classic Vegas-style slots, though with a couple of added improvements.

To start with, the classic 5×3 layout of most online slots has been upgraded to include an additional row. But that’s not the only thing that has grown. Because while the top paying symbol of an eagle can come in its normal form, it’s just as likely to instead come in a two-headed variant which counts as two eagle symbols in one.

Eagles’ Flight

Collecting the scatter symbols in reels two, three, and four will also trigger the bonus feature which awards seven free spins. These free spins function much the same as normal spins, except that the single-headed eagle is now more likely to come in its two-headed form.

Stat wise, Eagles’ Flight is also very solid. Medium volatility and a respectable 96.5% RTP are the key stats. So while there may not be any bells and whistles to this slot, I think the classic Americana theme mixed with solid gameplay makes this one of the best High 5 games for both new and veteran players alike.

#10 Sweet Bonanza

Developed by Pragmatic Play, it’s easy to look at Sweet Bonanza as simply Gates of Olympus reskinned with a candy theme. Though while they may share some similar mechanics, they’ve also got some key differences.

To start with, Sweet Bonanza has a medium level of volatility. Secondly, while Gates of Olympus has a flat RTP of 96.5%, Sweet Bonaza’s RTP changes based on how you play — starting at 96.49% and growing as high as 96.6%.

Though the biggest difference is in the bonus game. While you can trigger it in the same way by collecting four scatter symbols and increase your chances of getting these symbols by paying an additional 25% of your stake to double the scatter symbol drop rate.

The bonus game itself is different. Instead of multipliers carrying on throughout spins, they only apply to the spin in which you collect them. While this might sound bad, the good news is that these multipliers drop more liberally — and when you factor in the cascading mechanics, you can get some massive wins.

Sweet Bonanza

Like Gates of Olympus, you can also pay 100x your stake to buy into the bonus rounds directly.

So while it may be lower on this list than Gates of Olympus, make no mistake — Sweet Bonanza is a great online slot game and could’ve easily featured in the top five.

List of Highest RTP Slots on High 5 Casino

If you’re looking to come out ahead, there’s probably no more critical metric than RTP (Return to Player).

The RTP stat determines what percentage of the player’s wager will be returned to them on average. The higher the number, the more you stand to win. Below, you can find the slot games with the highest RTPs available at the High 5 sweepstakes casino.

  1. Triple Tiger (Pragmatic Play) — 97.52%
  2. 888 Gold (Pragmatic Play) — 97.52%
  3. Gold Train (Pragmatic Play) — 97.16%
  4. ️Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds (High5) — 97.1%
  5. Caishen’s Gold (Pragmatic Play) — 97.08%
  6. Quad Cat (High5) — 97%
  7. Fort of Fortune (High5) — 97%
  8. Quadruple Da Vinci Diamonds (High5) — 97%
  9. Wizard Critters (High5) — 97%
  10. Irish Charms (Pragmatic Play) — 96.96%

While the above games are your best shot to win often, the low to medium volatility that most of these online slot machines have means that while you may win more often, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever win a massive amount.

Higher volatility games tend to have larger payouts. However, the biggest payouts are won through progressive jackpots — and if that’s what you’re after, read on to the next section.

High 5 Slots Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot slots are your chance to win big. With these slots, there’s an extra symbol that may appear on the reels called the jackpot symbol, and if you get that three of them, you’ll get the chance to spin the wheel for the chance to win one of the three Rapid Rewards Progressive Jackpots available at High 5.

With that being said, not all slots at High 5 are eligible for the progressive jackpots, and in order to have the chance at winning it, you must be playing one of the eligible jackpot slots. There are currently five of these slots available:

  1. Platinum Goddess Power Bet
  2. Dangerous Beauty Power Bet
  3. Feather of the Nile
  4. Buffalo Canyon
  5. Quadruple Da Vinci Diamonds

These slots all share the same progressive jackpots. The minor jackpot is the easiest of the jackpots to win, with a guaranteed purse of at least 10SC that must be won every hour. Next is the major jackpot. There’s one of these jackpots up for grabs every 24 hours, and while the prize may start off at 100SC, it usually swells to at least 500SC before it’s won.

Finally there’s the grand jackpot which has no time limit, but carries a prize pool of at least 10,000SC.

How to Play Slot Games on High 5 Casino

979 ratings
5 SC , 250 Game Coins and 600 Diamonds
  • 1200+ Games, Slots & Live Dealer Games!
  • FREE Daily Rewards
  • Authentic brand, Made in the USA

Playing the best slot games and other casino games at High 5 is easy. Free play is available via the Facebook slots page — but if you’re after promotional play with the chance to win real cash prizes, the best way to sign up for High 5 is by following our exclusive links.

That’s because when you register via these links, you’ll get a no deposit bonus of 5 Sweeps Coins, 250 Game Coins, and 600 Diamonds once you’ve completed your registration. You can also play at High 5 via iOS and Android devices by downloading their mobile app from the relevant play store.

How to Play Slot Games on High 5 Casino

Three currencies give you three ways to play. Below, we’ll cover the differences between them.

Free Games

Free games are played with Game Coins. These coins have no monetary value and can only be used for Fun Play. Though while Game Coins may not have any financial value, they do offer you the chance to play new slots without risking any of your other currencies. As such, we always recommend you start off playing with Game Coins.

In addition to our exclusive welcome bonus which will award you 250 Game Coins on registration, you can also collect 10 Game Coins for every four hours that you log in. You can also purchase Game Coins by clicking the green “Buy” button at the top of your screen.

Real Cash

Real cash prizes can be won by redeeming Sweeps Coins for a cash prize. Sweeps Coins are used for Promotional Play. Promotional Play works exactly the same as Fun Play — but instead of playing for the monetarily worthless Game Coins, you’re playing for the promotional Sweeps Coins. Once you’ve collected at least 100 Sweeps Coins, you’ll be able to exchange them for a real money prize.

On top of getting five free Sweeps Coins after completing your registration by following our links, you can also get one free Sweeps Coins for each day that you log in. Sweeps Coins can’t be purchased directly. But when you buy Game Coin packages, you’ll be given free Sweeps Coins as a bonus.

Diamonds in High 5 Slots

While most sweepstakes casinos only use a dual currency system, High 5 incorporates a third currency. This currency is Diamonds.

You can’t play casino games directly with Diamonds like you would Game Coins or Sweeps Coins, as they’re instead used to supercharge your Promotional Play games by giving you free spins at selected slots. To activate them, just head to the Boosts on Demand section and select which offer you want to exchange your Diamonds for. Once you’ve done this, go to your chosen slot for your free spins.

Diamonds cannot be bought in any way. However, you will get 600 Diamonds for free when you sign up via our links. Plus, you can also get additional free Diamonds by playing with your Sweeps Coins or logging in once every four hours for 15 Diamonds.

High 5 Casino Slots Features

As a sweepstakes casino, High 5 is able to operate in states where traditional online casinos are not allowed. In fact, if you live in any US state besides Washington or Idaho, you’ll be able to sign up for High 5 casino via our links and claim your exclusive welcome bonus of 5 Sweeps Coins, 250 Game Coins, and 600 Diamonds.

979 ratings
5 SC , 250 Game Coins and 600 Diamonds
  • 1200+ Games, Slots & Live Dealer Games!
  • FREE Daily Rewards
  • Authentic brand, Made in the USA

High 5 Online Sweepstakes Casino Banking

Before making any purchase or deposit, we recommend you first play with your High 5 casino free welcome bonus. Once you do grind through your bonus though, you’ll probably want to make a purchase. Purchases can be made by clicking the green “Buy” button, selecting the Game Coin package that you want to buy, and then selecting your preferred payment method. For deposits, High 5 currently supports Credit Card, PayPal, and Skrill.

Redemptions are also easy to do at High 5. Once you’ve reached 50 Sweeps Coins, you can redeem them for a gift card. Alternatively, if you’d rather collect a real cash prize, you can do so once you’ve won at least 100 Sweeps Coins. Just click the “Redeem” button once you’ve collected enough Sweeps Coins and choose your preferred redemption method.

High 5 Casino Bonuses

In addition to the amazing High 5 welcome bonus, there are also some other bonuses to look forward to at High 5.

  • Daily Harvest Bonus — Log in once a day to collect 1 free Sweeps Coins.
  • Four Hour Bonus — For every four hours that you log in, you can claim a bonus of 15 Diamonds + 10 Game Coins.
  • Mail-In Bonus — Send a letter directly to High 5 to score 3 free Sweeps Coins.
  • Refer A Friend — If a friend signs up to High 5 by using your referral links, you’ll get a bonus of 200 Game Coins + 5 Sweeps Coins + 200 Diamonds.

Are High 5 Online Casino Games Fair or Rigged?

The legitimacy of sweepstakes online casino sites can be a confusing subject for new players. Illegal offshore casinos exist to try and scam you out of your money with their unfair games and other dubious methods. You should always stay clear of these casinos. However, in the case of High 5, you don’t need to worry about any of that.

High 5 started off their journey in the online gambling industry by producing slot machines for land based casinos — having been founded back in 1995. It’s rare to find a sweepstakes casino with such a legacy; and that alone grants them a mark of approval that few other sweepstakes casinos can compare to.

Though never one to rest on their laurels, High 5 has a lot of other features which certifies them as safe and legit. Their games are tested for fairness by independent gaming laboratories. Further, they operate as an LLC abiding by the strict laws of the state of New Jersey. Additionally, they also have a responsible social gameplay policy designed to help vulnerable players who may struggle with problem gaming. Add all these factors together, and it’s clear that the High 5 casino is 100% legit.


Which slots to play at High 5 Casino?

With a mixture of High 5 slots and Pragmatic Play games, you really can’t go wrong with any of the slots at High 5. However, the most popular slots at High 5 casino are Platinum Goddess Power Bet, Hoot Loot, and Gates of Olympus. Though honorable mentions also go out to Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds and Madame Destiny Megaways.

Can I win real money at High 5 Casino?

Yes. High 5 casino offers promotional play of all their casino games with their Sweeps Coins currency. Once you’ve collected enough of this currency, you’re eligible to exchange it for a real money cash prize.

Which High 5 slots pay the highest?

The slots with the highest payouts are the progressive jackpot slots. High 5 currently offers five progressive jackpot slots with Platinum Goddess Power Bet, Dangerous Beauty Power Bet, Feather of the Nile, Buffalo Canyon, and Quadruple Da Vinci Diamonds.

Which slots have the highest RTP at High 5 Casino?

The slot games with the highest RTP are Triple Tiger (97.52%), 888 Gold (97.52%), Gold Train (97.16%), Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds (97.1%), and Caishen’s Gold (97.08%).

Are High 5 Slots rigged?

No. With a legacy dating back to 1995, there are few sweepstakes casinos as trusted as High 5. Additionally, all of the video slot games available at High 5 have independently been tested by a third-party gaming laboratory to certify that their games are 100% fair.