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Is Lightning Roulette Rigged?

Our team took a detailed look at the Lightning Roulette casino game to determine if it is legitimate and also provided some tips to help you win.

Lightning Roulette is an entirely fair and fun live dealer game from Evolution Gaming. Our expert researchers thoroughly examined this roulette title. Each one played it for about an hour, testing out the mechanics.

Lightning Roulette is a fun casino game because it has several exciting features. If luck is on your side, you can win a decent profit. The gameplay is straightforward: Place your bet, watch the wheel spin, and hope the ball lands in the right pocket.

The Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts features can enhance your win even with sizable multipliers on your bet. For further information on how to play live dealer games and how we know this one isn’t rigged, read on.

How Live Dealer Roulette Works at Online Casinos

Live roulette works differently than a traditional casino table game. You play with real players like at an Atlantic City Roulette table.  Typically, they have an actual croupier spin the wheel. However, in Lightning Roulette, it’s done with a computer, and the croupier triggers the extra features. The game is streamed directly to your device as the ball travels around and around.

There are several versions of live roulette, including NJ European RouletteAmerican RouletteFrench Roulette, and, of course, Lightning Roulette. Each has minor differences, but they all follow the same basic system.

Reality of Live Dealer Games

When you join a live roulette game at a casino, you’ll see the croupier and the roulette wheel. You’ll also have a chatbox that you can use to talk to your fellow players. You place your bets on where the ball will hit as the wheel spins. If you guess the winning number, you receive a payout. It’s straightforward, and one of the reasons we recommend roulette as the best casino game for beginners.

You can place several types of bets in this live casino game. The simplest is the straight-up bet, but other bets include split, street, and even moneyStraight-up bets are wagers on a single number. These wagers pay out 35:1 in most roulette games and 29:1 in Lightning Roulette.

If you place a split bet, it’s on the line between two slots. If the ball lands on either of these lucky numbers, you win. A street bet is on any of three numbers within a row. Even-money bets pay out 1:1. One example is high/low bets, which cover half of the wheel.

Fairness & Transparency Features in Roulette

Evolution Gaming makes Lightning Roulette fair and transparent for its players. The live game is licensed and regulated, ensuring a third-party authority keeps the company in line. The Lucky Number and Lucky Payout features use a random number generator (RNG) to give players fair and massive multipliers.

In the iGaming world, there are several live dealer software providers. Offshore gambling sites operate with shady live casino providers like Vivo Gaming, LiveBETV, Global Gaming Labs, and more. The latter has been even been caught having their real dealers draw cards in patterns in live blackjack to cheat players.

By playing at a legal US casino, players can be rest-assured that reputable providers will be powering and overlooking the titles. The actual casino has no say or fault if rigged games are apparent. Nonetheless, safe and licensed casinos can only collaborate with legit software providers.

Players who join any of the recommended sites to play Lightning Roulette rely on Evolution’s track record. The good news is that the company was the first to bring live dealer games online and has zero incidents concerning rigged games so far. On top of that, it has acquired NetEnt and Ezugi, another company producing top-notch live casino games. This only reinforces the legitimacy of Evolution and consequently its live dealer Roulette further. The only equally legit company is Playtech, which has yet to produce an equally fun and high RTP game like the Lightning variant. Other factors that ensure Evolution is 100% safe include:

  • Licensed by the UKGC, MGA, 20+ country-specific iGaming regulators, and all iGaming authorities in the US
  • Tested by eCogra for correct RNG and RTP calculations
  • Collaborates with gambling awareness bodies to protect players
  • Only works with legal and licensed operators within regulated jurisdictions
  • Owns 20+ licenses from testing and developing agencies (see here)

If you play using Bitcoin, Lightning Roulette uses a provably fair system. You can use this tool to verify each spin is fair and random. You can see the proof, hence the name “provably fair.”

Lightning Roulette vs. Video Roulette

With so many casino games, it can be easy to get them all confused. Video roulette and Lightning Roulette have similarities in how they’re played, but are actually quite different.

Video roulette machines are like a classic slot machine, using an RNG to select the lucky number to win. It’s a solo game, where you play against the computer. Lightning Roulette operates differently.

This game is hosted live, and you play with real players. A computer still spins the wheel, but an actual croupier triggers the bonus features. Lightning Roulette‘s random number generator is used for the Lucky Number and Lucky Payout.

Lightning Roulette also has some fun features you won’t find in a video roulette game. At least one to five Lucky Numbers are struck in each lightning round, adding a 50x to 500x multiplier to an eligible bet. This feature increases your chance of bagging a decent win.

Lightning Roulette Rules

Can Lightning Live Roulette Be Rigged?

There’ll always be a house edge in any online casino game, but Lightning Roulette isn’t rigged. The game is streamed through the gaming provider, and the online live casinos don’t affect the roulette game outcome whatsoever. This process helps prevent issues with shady gaming practices and ensures that random numbers are chosen.

While the roulette game isn’t rigged, a shady live casino can rig other aspects. For example, you may find that even if you beat Lightning Roulette, the site doesn’t let you withdraw your pay. You’ll find yourself waiting forever on payouts that aren’t coming. It encourages you to keep playing and potentially lose it all.

On sites like these, customer support is nonexistent. Even if you find a contact number or email, it’s unlikely they’ll respond. They may even cite a rule hidden in the terms and conditions and confiscate your pay.

You may think you’re safe if you read the terms thoroughly before signing up. However, live casinos like these change their rules frequently so that they can trip you up.

That’s why it’s crucial to only sign up at licensed gambling sites. Other sites try to scam you out of your winnings through unfair policies. Choose a live casino from our list of recommendations that we’ve fully tested for safety and fairness to prevent this issue.

Player Reviews about Lightning Roulette Being Rigged

If you’re wondering, “is Lightning Roulette rigged,” you’ll likely search Google to find the answer. In the results, you’ll find some reviews claiming that it is. The issue with these accounts is that they’re based on the player’s limited knowledge of how a roulette wheel works. Players have been asking if roulette is rigged for years, especially when playing online.

For example, one player claims that Lightning Roulette is a scam because they claim it’s impossible that the “speed of the ball gets higher” without outside intervention. They also complain about lengthy spins.

However, the issue with this claim is that they fail to account for the ball deflectors. When they hit the ball, the speed and direction change. Additionally, technology can randomly change rotor tempo during a game to prevent cheating while remaining fair.

As for long spins, this technique helps players. This user may be familiar with a standard European roulette wheel, but it’s common in American versions to have 20 to 25 revolutions per turn to allow time for betting.

Many players accuse Lightning Roulette of using magnetic balls because they bounce and land in ways that aren’t like “a traditional roulette table.” While the balls aren’t magnetic, these users are correct about one thing; they don’t bounce and hit like traditional balls because they aren’t.

Roulette games use various types of balls. Traditionally, casinos used ivory. Today, materials include nylon, Teflon, acetol, or phenolic. Each one changes the liveliness, causing the ball to react differently. As an ex-croupier pointed out, Lightning Roulette uses “a different type of bouncy ball.”

Lightning Roulette Wheel

Tips & Strategies to Rig the Odds in your Favor

Players can also use several approaches to reduce the house edge in Lightning Roulette. We’ve found the best strategy is placing straight-up bets. These bets are the only ones that can receive multipliers from the Lucky Numbers feature.

Some players try to win the Lucky Number multiplier by betting on every pocket. You’re guaranteed to win a bet once the spin ends. However, keep in mind that this betting strategy is risky.

Another Lightning Roulette strategy is doubling down when you win a bet. Players use this bet strategy to capitalize on winning streaks when they hit them.

Play Lightning Roulette at Legit Online Casinos

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Now that you know how to play this live dealer game and we’ve proven it isn’t a scam, you’re ready to sign up with a casino. Before you play Lightning Roulette, you first need to find a secure and safe gaming site.

Placing bets at other sites can cause lost profit. You may lose money before you even start playing Lightning Roulette games. To avoid this issue, sign up at a licensed USA casino that we recommend.

We played the games at each of the listed Lightning Roulette casinos and spent countless hours researching their safety. Unlike other sites, you can play Lightning Roulette at these casinos knowing you’re in safe hands. They all have gaming licenses from trusted authorities, within each state they operate. For example, the Golden Nugget live dealer casino is licensed by the New Jersey Gaming Control Commission in the Garden State.

No other sites have a better welcome bonus than those on our list. You’ll find excellent offers to boost your bankroll before playing Lightning Roulette and other casino games.

Register at one of our recommended sites today to bag a win and make a profit playing Lightning Roulette. Don’t forget to claim any casino signup bonus before placing your bet. We’re crossing our fingers that you’ll receive the Lucky Numbers multiplier!