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Apple Pay has become the go-to payment method for a lot of our online purchases. We use it to pay for everything from cinema tickets, to groceries, to beer, and now we can use Apple Pay with our favorite sports betting apps and sites.

If you have been wondering if there are any sportsbooks that accept Apple Pay? Then luckily for you, the answer is yes. Apple Pay is proving to be one of the highest regarded digital payment systems due to its seamless transactions and fast & secure payments. Sportsbooks are accepting that Apple Pay and other digital wallets are becoming the norm for online sports betting.

If you’re a player looking to use Apple Pay on a sports betting website or betting app then look no further. We are going to show you the best apple pay betting sites available right now on the sports betting market.

Apple Pay Betting Sites

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If you want to use Apple Pay to wager online, then these are the sportsbooks accepting the online eWallet:

Step-by-step guide to using Apple Pay with a sportsbook

The likelihood is that if you are here, you already have an Apple Pay account, however, if you don’t or you are struggling to make a payment to an online sportsbook with Apple Pay then please check out this step-for-step guide.

Apple Pay Sports betting sites

Initial steps

Apple Pay is easy to set up and gives you a simple and more secure way to pay and donate with the devices you use every day.

Step 1: Your Apple device

Apple Pay can only be set up using an Apple device. Before you proceed ensure that you have a certified Apple device that is not jailbroken and check that it is listed in the compatible device list below:

  • iPhone 6 or Newer (Any iPhone with face ID or Touch ID excluding iPhone 5s)
  • iPad Mini, iPad Pro, or iPad Air with either Face or Touch ID
  • Apple Watch Series 1 or newer.
  • Any Mac with Touch ID.

Is your device listed above but still can’t find apple pay?

Try to ensure that you are signed in to Apple via your iCloud account. When you open Settings on your Apple device your profile should say iCloud. If not click on your name and sign in to iCloud.

You may need to update your Apple device’s software to the latest iOS, watchOS or macOS. Do this by visiting your settings -> General -> Software update.

Step 2: Your card provider

Apple Pay works with many of the major credit and debit cards from the leading banks. Just add your supported cards and continue to get all the rewards, benefits, and security of your cards. If you are unsure if your card provider is compatible then check this link: Which US banks work with Apple Pay

Step 3: Activate Apple Pay

The next step is to head to your Wallet and select the + icon to add a card. Follow the steps provided to add your card. If you have previous cards that don’t work then click on them and enter the security code from the back of your card (usually the last 3 digits). After you have entered your card details click next. Your bank or card issuer will need to verify your information and decide whether you can use your card on Apple pay.

This part may take some time depending on your bank provider. Look out for emails or text messages from your bank provider or log into the relevant app to approve your Apple pay card.

Once this is approved you are ready to use Apple Pay on any of the sports betting operators listed above. One of the great things about Apple Pay is that it doesn’t need a password. Touch id or face id are used instead, increasing your security considerably compared to traditional payment methods.

Step 4: Log on to your favorite sports betting app

If you don’t have an account on a registered Apple Pay sportsbook you need to find a site that does. We can highly recommend BetMGM Sports as our #1 Apple Pay sportsbook of choice. Any of the operators listed in the comparison table above also accept Apple Pay and are all licensed and legal in several US states.

The iTunes app store plays host to most of your favorite Apple Pay gambling sites. If you want to use multiple apps without leaving your device then apple pay is perfect for your online gambling experience.

Step 5: Head to deposit and select your payment method.

Locate the deposit, wallet, or funds section or your favorite sports betting app. Choose to deposit funds and select Apple Pay as your preferred method of payment. Choose your amount, enter your password, thumbprint, or face ID, and boom it’s as easy as that. No more annoying security codes, bank transfer problems, or lost wallets are going to get in your way now.

Average time of Apple Pay for deposits and Payouts

The processing time for deposits on Apple Pay is almost always instant. Apple Pay is a ground-breaking payment method that can be used without clicking any physical buttons. There may not be a huge choice of operators who use this method currently, but it’s growing in popularity. The fact it is one of the fastest payout sportsbook methods is a real draw for customers.

Let Apple pay do the hard work. If there is any delay in deposits using Apple Pay this is usually down to your bank provider or the actual sportsbook, rather than a fault at Apple.

One thing we will point out is that Apple Pay can’t be used to withdraw money, Apple Pay is a payment system only. Don’t worry though you can still withdraw the money to the bank account you choose, including the one you have already set up on Apple Pay.

Unfortunately, Apple Pay sports betting operators still have their own individual terms and conditions so timings to bank transfer back your winnings vary. Alongside this, your bank’s terms and conditions will make withdrawal times vary dependent on your payment method.

Can You Trust Apple Pay? Some History

Apple pay has become one of the most trustworthy payment systems available for players looking to switch their payment methods. In 2014 Apple pay became one of the first digital wallet services to be massed produced. Apple Pay betting sites and Apple Pay compatible apps were soon to follow.

By 2015 Apple Pay grew increasingly fast as the sites that accept apple pay and the list of payment cards and payment methods linked to apple pay grew significantly. By the following year, Apple Pay was being tested and used as an online betting payment method.

Fast forward to today and sportsbooks that accept apple pay are flourishing, this is no surprise as in the U.S., Apple Pay remains the top mobile payment player, with 43.9 million users in 2021.

FanDuel & Apple Pay

FanDuel sportsbook is the biggest sports betting operator in the US, so naturally, you would expect them to take Apple Pay right? Well unfortunately not. FanDuel (sportsbook or DFS) does not currently accept Apple Pay as a way to make deposits. If Apple Pay (or Apple Cash) is your preferred way of funding your sportsbook, then you will have to choose another operator listed above that will accept this method.

Apple Pay FanDuel sportsbook

Using Apple Pay with Apple Cash

One great benefit of using Apple Pay is their brand new feature Apple Cash. Apple Cash is a simple and secure way to make purchases and send money to your contacts with your Apple device. Simply tap the Apple Pay button in messages, enter an amount and click pay. You can find your Apple Cash Balance on your apple cash card inside your wallet with the rest of your cards.

Again Apple is at the forefront of speedy and safe transactions and you can use this feature to deposit with your favorite sportsbook.

Pros of using Apple Pay

The main advantage to using Apple Pay as your deposit method with a sportsbook is the speed. If you already have Apple Pay set up, it’s very quick to make a deposit. You don’t have to worry about typing out card details, or remembering to carry your wallet with you when you leave. It’s also a very secure way to make a deposit and withdrawals are also very quick.

Once you have signed up with Apple Pay there is no better, or faster payment method to use on sports betting apps or sites that allow betting with Apple Pay.

Cons with using Apple Pay

  • One of the first disadvantages of Apple Pay is the lack of availability. As shown in our list choosing Apple Pay somewhat restricts your choice of operator and depending on the state you live in, your choice of registered online sportsbooks may be extremely limited.
  • Apple Pay does not allow for any withdrawal methods. Although payment may be instant, the withdrawal will still take as long as traditional payment methods.
  • Not all Apple products are compatible with Apple Pay. Apple, like other market leaders, is very well renowned for making their own products obsolete to push customers towards upgrading their product.

Are there alternatives to Apple Pay?

If you are looking for alternative payment methods to deposit on your favorite sports betting sites then look no further.

  • Debit cards and credit cards are the most common form of payment methods available to use across a wide range of betting sites. Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted forms of acceptable card payment methods.
  • PayPal and Venmo are good alternatives for sites that don’t accept Apple Pay.
  • Most online sportsbooks offer a pre-paid gift card that can be purchased on their respective website. If you are struggling to make a deposit with other providers then this option may be for you.
  • E-Check. The digital version of a paper check, if you have a digital check ready to send why not deposit it straight to one of our compatible betting sites.
  • Bank Transfer. Fast bank transfer sportsbook operators seem to be the first choice for players who need safe and big transactions.
  • If you find yourself with some spare cash lying around and are wondering how you can get that money onto your betting account then it is worth checking out your online sportsbooks’ available options. Some operators will let you deposit your cash into your online account in person.
  • Cash made even easier? PayNear me is a service that is already in place at 7-Eleven stores across the US. This service allows you to operate on a cash basis and in some cases directly transfer cash into your account over the counter at 7-Eleven stores.

You can read more about Venmo sportsbooks, and PayPal sports betting sites with our dedicated guides.

How does Apple Pay work?

Using apple pay in the US is simple, secure, and becoming increasingly popular amongst betting site operators. For those players that are technically savvy, we knew that you would be interested in how Apple Pay has transformed the use of the traditional credit card and debit card. Two superior pieces of technology underpin the ease of using apple pay.

Secure Element

Apple Pay is underpinned by the Secure Element, the hosts to apple pay’s specially designed applet. An applet is a small application that performs one specific task that runs within the scope of a dedicated widget engine or larger program.

Credit, debit, or pre-paid card data is sent from the payment network or card issuer encrypted to these applets using keys that are known only to the payment network or card issuer and the applets’ security domain. This data is vigorously protected throughout the data transfer process, storage, and transactional elements by the Secure Element and its dedicated hardware bus.

Sports betting using Apple Pay

NFC controller

The NFC (near-field-communication) controller is the brains behind contactless payments that give Apple Pay its futuristic feel and solidifies that apple pay gambling is the future. The NFC controller ensures that apple pay can only receive payment requests from point of sale terminals that are close to the device ensuring the best apple pay results. Just two clicks of the side button and Apple Pay is at your fingertips for use: the traditional debit cards and credit cards are a thing of the past.

However, the NFC controller is not so relevant for sportsbooks that accept Apple Pay. But as you will be looking to use Apple Pay as the complete payment method it is useful to know of its function. Apple pay and its online betting app relationship are different to NFC transactions.

The NFC controller is not used in a Sportsbook transaction. and instead, payment authorization within apps and on the web are routed to the Application Processor, but only after encryption by the Secure Element to the Apple Pay server.

FAQS about Apple Pay Betting sites

Can you bet with Apple Pay?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay on several betting sites. Use Apple Pay to top up your accounts on your favorite betting sites.

Is there a charge for using apple pay?

No, there is no charge for depositing with Apple Pay.

Can I withdraw money with Apple Pay?

Not as such. Apple Pay does not allow you to withdraw back to your Apple Pay wallet at this moment in time, you can withdraw funds directly back to the original source.

We recommend using your traditional credit or debit card that is linked to your Apple Pay account so that you can keep track of your winnings.

Can I still claim the welcome offer when using Apple Pay?

By law, the operator is required to make sure that the money comes from the account holder. This can sometimes cause online betting players problems when it comes to sign-up offers or free bets. The payment method must make it clear that the money has come from the correct person in a legitimate way.

Apple Pay is strong when it comes to verifying money deposited. Apple Pay provides a much stronger opportunity to claim sign-up offers compared to its competitor e-wallets Neteller or Skrill.

However, each online operator may have varied T’s and C’s. It is best to check with each individual provider, before assuming you qualify for free bets or a sign-up bonus.

Is Apple Pay better than other payment methods?

There is no financial benefit to using Apple Pay. Charges that apply with other payment methods will still apply to Apple Pay. There should not be any charges when depositing with Apple Pay.

Can I use multiple cards on Apple Pay?

Yes. Apple Pay is a digital wallet that allows you to use and store all of your registered payment methods. The e-wallet will provide you with the option to use any of these cards to deposit on your favorite betting sites.

Can you use Apple Pay on DraftKings?

No, you can not currently use Apple Pay on DraftKings in the USA. Please check DraftKings Sportsbook review for alternative methods to Apple Pay available on Draft Kings.

Can you use Apple Pay on PointsBet?

No, PointsBet does not currently accept Apple Pay. They do however accept a range of options that you can read on our PointsBet review.